Timeline - Phase 1

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Overall timeline of pre-game and game events.


1937 - Charles Xavier born

1940 - Cain Marko born

1954 - Erik Lehnsherr meets Charles Xavier.

Late 1970s - Mistra created.

1976 - Charles Xavier has a climbing accident in Switzerland, his injuries confine him to a wheelchair.

1980 - During renovation of the mansion into a school for mutants, Erik Lehnsherr lives in New York with Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. The three become active in civil rights and research into the newly-discovered "mutant gene".

1982 - Erik and Charles begin work on Cerebro and other technological advances in the mansion.

1986 - Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersis opened to students. Thirteen year old Jean Grey is the first.

1987 - Kevin MacTaggart is born.

1988 - Henry McCoy comes to the school.

1991 - Moira MacTaggart begins accepting private patients on Muir Island Research Facility.

1993 - Scott Summers comes to the school.

1994 - Eric Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier have a falling out and Eric Lehnsherr leaves the mansion forever. Kevin MacTaggart dies.

1995 - David Haller is brought to Muir Island.

1996 - Haller transfers to the school.

1997 - Nathan Dayspring arrives at Muir Island for treatment. Ororo Munroe and Warren Worthington arrive at the school.

1998 - Haller leaves Xavier's and returns to Muir Island.

1999 - Sam Guthrie, Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy come to Xavier's. Scott becomes leader of the X-Men.

2000 - Haller spends a month at Xavier's. Kitty Pryde, John Allerdyce and Piotr Rasputin arrive at the school. Pete Wisdom meets Charles Xavier. Morlock Massacre.

2001 - Jubilation Lee comes to the school. Pete Wisdom becomes British government liason to the school. Betsy Braddock blinded during a STRIKE mission.

2002 -

X2 and after

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