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Medusa Amaquelin arrived to attend college at Columbia and Sooraya Qadir made the move from the boat house to the mansion.

X-Force gained a new member in the form of Mark Sheppard and Remy LeBeau and Sofia Mantega-Barret struck a deal; Sofia would do field time and in return, everyone on the team would see her. Angelo joined the X-Men. During an outing with Sooraya, Nathan's powers reemerged and took on the shape of a firebird. When Laurie Collins went to Forge to help fix the portable air filter, he let her know it wasn't broken. Instead, it seemed her control over her powers was growing. Amara and Forge tested the limits of her powers, hitting a range of over 700 degrees. Amanda Sefton discovered a nice little shielding spell.

Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy weren't very good at keeping their accidental marriage secert, resulting in negative reactions from most of the people who found out. Doug Ramsey and Marie-Ange Colbert repaired some fences and Medusa brought Crystal a new friend: a puppy called Lockjaw.

Over in Europe, things took a turn for the interesting when Marius Laverne brought home Penance, the girl he bought, and once things calmed down used her powers to force his body to adapt. The group (Marius, Jennie Stavros and Manuel de la Rocha) upon realising that Marius' parents had cut off his finances, made plans to earn their own in Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, back home, a call from Marius' family revealed that Marius had not gone home after all, and that they had no idea where he was. X-Force got involved in the search for the two missing students, with Remy and Wanda Maximoff going to Europe, Amanda Sefton asking questions at the school and Doug and Marie-Ange examining security tape footage of casinos in Europe, discovering that the students were with Manuel and were using Jennie's powers to bilk money.

An X-Men team went to retrieve the group and when Kurt and Ororo found the unconscious Penny in the hotel room and assumed the worst when they realised Marius had been feeding from her. Ororo tracked down Marius, but a bar brawl and his panicked reaction when he realised they had found Penny resulted in the prodigals fleeing. A lucksnap, generated by Jennie's overuse of good luck, almost got her killed by a truck, with Manuel taking the hit and pushing her out of the way. An out of control Marius, convinced that the X-Men had hurt his friends, went beserk, with Nightcrawler having to beat him with a brick to bring him down.

Jennie, Marius and Penny were taken back to the mansion, with Manuel remaining in hospital due to the serious nature of his injuries. Charles Xavier discovered that Marius had taken on Manuel's empathy by feeding on him and had bound the three of them together in an empathic loop, resulting in the group reluctance to leave Europe and their irrational reactions to the team. He ended the loop, while Wanda explained to Jennie what had happened with her powers.

Nathan received word that his friend David was missing in Tajikistan and made plans to go help find him. However, when Storm found out that Alcatraz had been taken over by a mutant terrorist, she Cable was needed on the mission. After finding out an entire squad was wiped out going in by a specialized security system, Cable decides to call in Remy. With a hand from Kurt, Remy got into Alcatraz without the CIA knowing he was involved and disabled the security system so the team could follow through. Once inside, two teams were formed, one for the cell block and the other for the nuke. Before everything ended the way it should, they ran into some difficulties, with Remy being 'killed' as a ploy for David Langstrom and for Marie D'Ancato, a bit of time sharing her head with Logan again.

Guilty about the way he had taken Marius down, Kurt left, sending out several messages to people.

And lastly, Yvette "Penance" Petrovic finally woke up in the MedLab alone and confused. Startled by Tommy Jones she fled through the air ducts and after an encounter with Logan, Paige Guthrie managed to calm her down. After David Haller talked to her, it was decided to try and find her mother and let Yvette decide what she wanted to do after that. And Haller realized that he could do his job again.


Sep. 1 - Medusa arrives in the States. Bleeding: Marius arrives back at the hotel room with Penny in tow and Marius uses Penny's mutation. Later, Marius reappears looking physically better than he had before but with news that his parents have cut him off. The Gates: Nate and Angelo discuss goings on in the Czech Republic, plan to go to Tel Aviv and discuss Angelo starting team stuff.

Sep. 2 - Amanda and Amara get closure from Selene. Bleeding: Scott fills Crystal in on what's going on with finding Jennie. Nathan sends Ororo an email giving her a heads up about Angelo wanting to join the team.

Sep. 3 - Sooraya starts to move from the boat house to the mansion. Nate seeks out Haller to talk about San Francisco but gets Cyndi instead but finally finds out what happened from both of them. Remy comes by with an official job offer for Mark. Amanda asks Angelo to tutor her in Russian.

Sep. 4 - Angel and Sooraya finally meet as roommates. Crystal, Medusa, and their mother meet with Professor Xavier.

Sep. 5 - Crystal attempts to clear the air between her and Lorna.

Sep. 6 Remy tells Sofia that if she puts in field time, he'll make sure everyone is on her couch. Angelo talks to Storm about joining the team. Bleeding: On the home front, Xavier gets a message from Marius' parents about how he's been missing; Marius has a bad run in with a 'date' when in surprise his skin hardens enough to cut her; later, Jennie comes to realize how long she's been away and that something is very, very wrong with her situation.

Sep. 7 - Doug and Marie-Ange take a few steps towards repairing bridges.

Sep. 8 Sooraya and Haller test out a way to make communication easier for her. Later, Sooraya stops by Crystal's room to see if they could use it for the party but there are issues and the language problem doesn't help.

Sep. 9 - Nathan regains his powers and the firebird makes an appearance.

Sep. 11 - Scott finds out about Terry and Bobby's marriage and doesn't take it well. Crystal hosts a catered birthday party for herself and invites all of the students, one of her presents is a bulldog puppy named Lockjaw, given to her by Medusa. Bleeding: Haller emails Remy about looking for Marius.

Sep. 12 - Bleeding: Amanda seeks out both Crystal and Kurt to ask them about the missing students. Ororo finds out from Scott about Bobby and Terry.

Sep. 13 - Now Marie finds out that Terry and Bobby are married. Bleeding: Wanda ends up at the club in France, looking for Marius and Jennie, and gets information out of the owner.

Sep. 14 - Forge tells Laurie that she's probably getting a better hold on her powers. Later, Forge gets to test out Amara's powers in a blast shield so she can know the full extent of them.

Sep. 16 - Medusa finds out that pictures were taken when she was at Silver. Bleeding: Remy and Wanda meet back up in France to go over what information they have and Remy passes it onto Storm; meanwhile, Jennie and Marius are with Manuel in Monte Carlo, playing the house for all it's worth.

Sep. 18 - During dinner with Angelo, Nathan gets a phone call about David going missing. Bleeding: Wanda gets a note from Remy because Interpol has gotten involved and he's still wanted by them.

Sep. 19 - Forge and Crystal get into an argument and she accidentally starts a fire with her powers.

Sep. 20 - Bleeding: Over at the Snow Valley offices, Doug and Angie make a breakthrough: they know where Jennie and Marius are and who they are with; Kurt seeks out Ororo so he can go on the mission to get Marius and Jennie.

Sep. 21 - Bleeding: Kurt and Ororo arrive at the hotel room where Jennie, Marius and Manuel have been staying, but they don't expect to find a catatonic girl instead; Storm finds Marius in a bar and tries to convince him to come with her, it doesn't go to plan; Marius ends up teleporting back to Jennie and Manuel and convinces them to leave; back at the bar, Storm finds the patrons going nuts and has to resort to powers to get out; Nightcrawler and Rogue find that Storm isn't the only one under attack before at the club; Rahne and Wanda are on Jennie and Marius' trail but unfortunately Wanda has to deal with the luck backlash; when Jennie stops running, Manuel has to save the day and pays the price; when the rest of the team arrives, Marius isn't far behind and thinks the worst, attacking the X-Men until Nightcrawler has to take him out; later, Marie realizes that Kurt is very affected by what he had to do; Wanda and Rahne get the information about the teenagers' conditions and Ororo and Marie find that they have a new student to take home.

Sep. 22 - Amanda gets the news of what happened from Angelo and Marie-Ange.

Sep. 23 - Professor Xavier and Marius have a talk in the infirmary about what exactly happened; Xavier fixes the problem. In the room over, Jennie wakes up to find Wanda in her room and explanations are given.

Sep. 24 - After being released from the infirmary, Jennie returns to her room. She is vague about what happened while she was away and Crystal decides not to push.

Sep. 26 - Marius finally talks to Jennie and realizes that certain bridges can't be rebuilt. During a training session with Wanda, Amanda discovers a neat little spell. Forge hasn't been dealing well with...well, anything and ends up taking it out on Kyle. Terry finds herself performing jazz in the city.

Sep. 28 - X-Men Mission: Alcatraz: Storm finds out that a telekinetic terrorist has taken over Alcatraz with a nuclear weapon; when they get to San Francisco, Cable realizes that they're going to need help and calls in Remy; on the island, Remy and Kurt work together to get Remy inside without the CIA knowing; the team splits to hit the cell block and go after the nuke; things get hairy.

Sep. 29 - Mommy Dearest Redux: Kurt leaves several messages indicating that he will be leaving for a short while.

Sep. 30 - Penance(plot): Penance wakes up in the infirmary and startles Tommy who, in turn, startles her into flight; Logan tracks her down but she gets away again; Paige takes a different approach to bring the frightened girl back inside; Haller talks to her once things have calmed down and later he and the professor make a decision.



Mommy Dearest Redux

Penance (plot)

X-Men Mission: Alcatraz

The Gates

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