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Nathan Dayspring spent the start of the month being held captive by his uncle in Rio – clues left by his precognitive fits of the previous month allowed the X-Men to track him to at least the right city, if not the exact place. They explored several avenues of investigation while trying to locate him, including talking to local officials and searching out his last known whereabouts. The team finally located Nathan, being held far to the south in Ushuaia, and undertook a rescue. Dazzler, Jetstream, Juggernaut and Polaris attacked the house where he was being kept and managed to rescue him, but not without some encounters with his uncle’s goons and a spectacular explosion, as well as the deaths of Saul and Gideon Faraday and a final semi-resolution to the mystery of Askani and Nathan's mother. When they returned to the mansion Nathan had a lot of people to answer to.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Shiro Yoshida read a disturbing news article about the murder of a prominent Japanese official. Logan and Cain had an altercation in the Danger Room that ended up with Logan being taken off active team status, at least for a few days.

In Ireland, Theresa Cassidy was visiting with her father at the Keep. Her uncle Tom showed up and convinced her to go for a ride with him, effectively kidnapping her without her knowledge. Several people were offered jobs – Bobby Drake by Nathan, and Remy LeBeau by Pete Wisdom. Pete then went to Muir to offer Amanda a position as well. Alison and Haroun prepared for their move to the West Coast Annex and said their goodbyes to the mansion residents. Kylun went to Scotland to meet his birth parents for the first time.

Forge, Kyle Gibney and Jay Guthrie were attacked in an alleyway after Jay's gig by a mutant who disfigured them and left them in great pain. The mansion immediately began to investigate as the mutilations continue. Doug Ramsey and Marie-Ange Colbert were attacked while out asking questions of recent victims – Doug’s hands were disfigured. Ororo Munroe and Kurt Wagner began to move about town in hopes of locating the mutant responsible for the attacks, but it was only after talking to Kyle that they figured out the key to finding them. Unfortunately, they did so all too well, and Ororo was grabbed by the mutant’s minions and dragged into the sewers. The team went after her, capturing Masque, the mutant who attacked the students, as well as finding many other of his victims.

When everyone was brought back to the mansion the process of repairing the damage begins. Marius Laverne ‘borrowed’ Masque’s power and set to work righting the mutilations for the many victims that were affected. The stress got to everyone, however, and there were several altercations which resulted in unheeded discipline.

Several members of the mansion ran into Jane in various places, including Moira MacTaggart, Illyana Rasputin, and Remy. Terry eventually turned her uncle in for theft and returned to the mansion to confront Bobby. Scott Summers went to the hospital after it was discovered that he had an ulcer. Kyle attended a ring fight in town and was invited to come back, this time as a competitor. He did so and participated in a test fight, which went well. Charles Xavier was contacted by the mother of local student Laurie "Wallflower" Collins, arrested after a powers incident caused a near-riot at a local high school. Nathan agreed to become her counsel in court.

Amanda, Pete, Remy and Betsy Braddock met to begin planning their rescue of Romany. There was another encounter with Jane, this time by Jay, and he discovered some information that led Scott to believe that something was afoot. He went to visit her and ended up being thrown in jail, though he is bailed out by Sebastian Shaw, who revealed the ‘truth’ to him and asked for his help. With this new information, Scott plans an infiltration of the Hellfire Club to bring Jean Grey back. Ororo, Logan, Sam and Kurt accompanied him, and they managed to get her out and back to the mansion safely.


Apr. 1House of Wind: Nathan tries to escape from his uncle’s facility in Rio.

Apr. 2House of Wind: The team continues their search in Rio. Full Metal Mutants: Shiro discovers a disturbing Japanese news article.

Apr. 4House of Wind: Things come to a head in Rio, and Nathan is finally rescued; Saul and Gideon both die in the process.

Apr. 5 – Cain and Logan have an encounter in the Danger Room. Logan is reprimanded and taken off active duty.

Apr. 6 - Scott and Logan discuss the flashback of the day before and his amnesia; later Ororo and Logan discuss the same thing. Haller and Angelo discuss Nathan-restraining methods in the wake of the return from Rio. Rahne and Nathan discuss what happened.

Apr. 7 – Cain discovers where Cameron Hodge has been hiding and vows to go see him. Emerald Isle: Terry’s uncle shows up at the Keep and surprises her; Tom takes Terry away without telling anyone, causing several people to worry.

Apr. 9 – Nathan offers Bobby an official job with Elpis. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete offers Remy a job. Logan is put back on active duty.

Apr. 10 – Alison says goodbye to mansion residents. Emerald Isle: Terry and Tom continue to travel through Ireland.

Apr. 11Masque: Forge, Kyle and Jay are attacked in an alley after Jay’s show; they wake up the next day physically altered. Kylun meets his parents for the first time. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete goes to Muir to make a proposal to Amanda. Alison and Haroun continue saying their goodbyes.

Apr.12Masque: Doug and Marie-Ange encounter the mutant who attacked Jay, Kyle and Forge while out asking questions; Doug is altered as well.

Apr. 13 - Masque: Ororo tries to draw out the attacking mutant, with Logan as backup, but without success.

Apr. 14Masque: Ororo and Kurt search the town for the mutant responsible for the attacks, to no avail. Kitty and Jamie enjoy Spring Break at Mirror Lake.

Apr. 16Masque: Finally the problem mutant is located; unfortunately, his minions manage to grab Ororo and drag her to the sewers; a rescue ensues, and Masque gets his comeuppance.

Apr. 17Masque: Marius borrows Masque’s powers to begin repairing the damage done.

Apr. 19Masque: Masque attacks Marius while the young man is taking marrow.

Apr. 20Not So Plain Jane: Moira encounters Jane in the city. Scott confronts Logan about his behavior during the mission, and ends up in the infirmary. Haller and Betsy spend a night together.

Apr. 21Emerald Isle: Terry sets up her uncle to be caught by the police. Shiro reads another disturbing article. Not So Plain Jane: Jane runs into Remy in New Orleans.

Apr. 22 – Scott goes to the hospital for observation. Terry returns to the mansion and confronts Bobby.

Apr. 23Mutant Fight Club: Kyle attends a ring fight and gets invited back as a participant. Not So Plain Jane: Illyana meets Jane.

Apr. 24 - Operation: Opening Salvo: Amanda, Pete, Remy, and Betsy meet in London to start planning their rescue of Romany.

Apr. 25Law and Order: Westchester: Laurie Collins’ mother contacts Professor Xavier after a riot at the local high school. Operation: Opening Salvo: Betsy and Remy locate two of Romany’s kidnappers.

Apr. 26Not So Plain Jane: Jay encounters Jane and finds out she is with the Hellfire Club; Scott goes into the city to find Jane, and ends up meeting with Sebastian Shaw; back at the mansion, a plan to bring Jean home is formed.

Apr. 27Law and Order: Westchester: Nathan meets Laurie Collins at the courthouse.

Apr. 28 – Cain offers Nate the use of the boathouse as a residence and office. Operation: Opening Salvo: Wanda, Marie-Ange and Doug stage a rescue, of Homily.

Apr. 29Not So Plain Jane: Scott, Logan, Ororo, Sam and Kurt attend a party at the Hellfire Club and manage to bring Jean back at the end of the night.

Apr. 30Mutant Fight Club: Kyle has a test fight at the club.


House of Wind

Full Metal Mutants

Emerald Isle

Masque (plot)

Mutant Fight Club

Not So Plain Jane

Operation: Opening Salvo

Law and Order: Westchester

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