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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Jane Doe
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Portrayed by Natalia Vodianova
Codename: None
Affiliations: Elpis
Birthdate: Formerly unknown, discovered to be October 23, 1987
Journal: x_cloud
Player: Available for applications

An amnesiac discovered naked by the side of the road and christened "Jane Doe", Jane is an innocent, sweet girl, searching for her history. Having discovered part of it, she has moved to the Elpis office in Tel Aviv to try and find direction that doesn't involve Nascor Associates.


Character Journal: x_cloud

Real Name: Formerly unknown, discovered to be Miribelle Azure Hemmings

Codename: none

Aliases: Jane Addams, Jane Bartlett, Jane Calvin, Jane Davies, Jane Everson, Jane Fields, Jane Gale, Jane Hildebrandt, Jane Iorio, Jane Joplin, Jane Killian, Jane Leighton, Jane Mathers, Jane Nesmith, Jane Oppenheimer, Jane Petrie, Jane Raleigh, Jane Silvanis, Jane Tremontaine, Jane Uva, Jane Van Volkenberg, Jane Westerberg, Jane Xanadu, Jane York, Jane Doe #31

First Appearance: March 30, 2004

Date of Birth: Formerly unknown, discovered to be October 23, 1987

Place of Birth: Formerly unknown, discovered to be New Hope Health and Science Center, East Eden, Vermont

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Formerly unknown, discovered to be (Mother) Linda Taylor Hemmings, (Father) David Hemmings

Education: GED

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Richard Malcolm.

Occupation: Employed by Elpis

Team Affiliation: None



Jane had no memory of her childhood, her family or even her real name. On November 1, 2003 she was discovered wandering alone and naked on a highway and confined to a mental institution for the interim. Leonard Samson discovered her there and decided it was no place for a young mutant and arranged for her to be transferred to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jane settled quickly into the school and made many friends. Her roommates were Amanda Sefton and Paige Guthrie, both of whom were protective of the extremely naive older girl. She got involved with the Red X program and assisted in the evacuation of Stonewall Farm. She began a relationship with Bobby Drake, although he was frequently absent at this time. The kidnapping of many of the students, including her two roommates to Asgard was extremely traumatic for the girl who had no memory of having friends before.

In December 2005 Jane left the school to try and discover more about her identity.

On the Road

Jane spent approximately eight months trying to track down clues about her past. Going on a series of leads provided by Charles Xavier and Leonard Samson, she spent a lot of time becoming acquainted with various county clerk offices, hospital medical records units, and the occasional police station as she traveled more than halfway across the country. Unfortunately, not being armed with a mutant ability to conduct research, Jane eventually ran out of leads and money in Helena, Montana.

Taking on a job at a newly built Guava Hut shake shop, Jane found herself a flat and decided to try to make it on her own while building up a small nest egg of funds to finance another round of research. Two months later, she met a senior sociology major from the local college named Mike. Two months after that he moved in with her. Nine months after that the Guava Hut folded and Mike had disappeared with all of the money in her savings account.

Broke, brokenhearted, and unemployed, Jane decided it was time to go home and start over.

Back at the Mansion

Jane returned to the mansion to find it much different than when she left, most of her peers having moved on to higher education and/or employment, and was notably thrown to discover that former boyfriend Bobby Drake had married. This, coupled with a distinct lack of direction, caused Jane to be mildly depressed. Jane did, however, found a fast friend in Yvette Petrovic and picked up a job working at Elpis and began participating in Red X's leadership program.

Discovering Herself

In the fall of 2008, Jane renewed her search for her true identity. Through a combination of lucky chance and research assistance from Amanda, Jane learned that she had been part of a program that cultivated mutants with beneficial powers to provide aid and assistance in developing countries and areas of need, but that many of the program's practices were suspect in nature. While Jane was invited back to the program, she learned that her mutation was considered to be undesirable, and further, that her memory loss and subsequent abandonment was caused by a telepathic security guard who worked for the program's parent organization. Jane declined the invitation, but not without some misgivings.

Jane is coping poorly with the concepts of being perceived a failure and having been part of an organization with such shady dealings, even if she doesn't remember it. At this time, Jane has not decided what she's going to do with this information and is actively avoiding having to make a decision.


After the events of Day Zero, Jane began to crack slightly from the stress that had accumulated over the previous two months and spent several weeks working at the Elpis office in Tel Aviv 'decompressing'. While there, she began dating Richard Malcolm. In February 2009, Jane was injured in a building collapse while volunteering at a Red X reconstruction project. She recovered from the accident with no apparant trauma, although she focussed more on her Elpis work than Red X afterwards. Her relationship with her roommate Carmilla Black developed into a strange kind of friendship, with Cammie letting Jane drag her out to be social and allowing herself to be mother henned over when injured.

Something continued to be missing for Jane, however, and in February 2010 she decided to join her boyfriend Richard at the Elpis office in Tel Aviv in hopes of finding direction. With the mystery of her origins only partly revealed, however, this may only be a temporary peace.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Blonde

Other Features: Jane has an aversion to clothing, although she’s become more appreciative of it as a social construct in recent years.


Jane has the ability to transform herself into a small cloud. As a cloud, she is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium and contains no significant amounts of oxygen. She can suffocate people by engulfing them in her oxygen-less cloud form. She can emit lightning-like electrical discharges, but she cannot produce rain. In cloud form, Jane can also separate into smaller clouds while her consciousness maintains control over all of them. Jane can move about in her cloud form even when there is no wind by mentally redistributing partial pressures within herself. Also while in cloud form, she can mentally project her thoughts into other people's minds so that she can communicate without a speech apparatus.




Jane doesn't like clothing, and generally does not see the point of wearing them. She can generate a a veil of mist around herself for modesty if needed.

Jane is working her way through surnames alphabetically, in order to find one she likes better than "Doe".

When Jane splits into multiple clouds she numbers them, the dominant cloud being the last number of the series (to help remember how many there are.)

Jane does not drink alcohol due to what can best be described as allergies.

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Player Icon Base: Natalia Vodianova

Meta Trivia

Jane was introduced by Tara, based on a Defenders character: Cloud and adopted by Sarah in October 2007 and played until February 2010.