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The mansion's bad luck continued in spectacular fashion, with most of the student body and some of the staff being taken hostage by members of Selene's cult. The Vegas group found themselves trapped in Murderworld, forced to rely on themselves and each other to survive; Arcade, designer of the deadly 'game', became an unknown ally as he began sabotaging his own game in order to help the younger members of the group. The bus run was also hit, Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa, Danielle Moonstar and several students being taken by Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau and exchanged for the stones taken from Nova Roma. Dani and the students escaped, but the stones were handed over in return for Angelo - Amanda, had been removed and taken to Louisiana where Candra, former apprentice of Selene, planned to use her in a ritual to hijack Selene's power. The stones were to be used to raise Selene, a ritual the X-Men disrupted, whilst X-Force stormed Candra's plantation and rescued Amanda, but not before she was rescarred as part of the ritual. Amanda spent most of the month recovering, the incident causing tensions in her relationship with Angelo that they didn't begin to address until Medusa Amaquelin's engagement party on Attilan.

Crystal Amaquelin and Medusa left the mansion, before graduation and Parent's Day, glad to go home. Parent's Day raised some complications in the face of the recent abductions, with parents raising concerns. Laurie Collins also returned home, until Jennie Stavros was able to convince her to come back. Old faces returned - [[Jonothon Starsmore and Paige Guthrie came back from Muir Island Research Facility, Jono half-successful in recreating his body. A new teacher, Amahl "Shadow King" Farouk also arrived, a psi seeking Xavier's help with a mysterious ailment.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers received some 'interesting' news from Doug Ramsey, whose regular sweeps of various security networks uncovered Robert Haverford in the company of Daniel Lyman. The two were eventually stopped in Peru, in the process of stealing various artifacts which Haverford mistakenly believed would grant him super powers. Jean and Scott apprehended them and handed them over to the police, facing several personal demons in the process. Nathan Dayspring continued to try to track down the mysterious Tara Trask, with Wanda Maximoff providing her location as the result of a most unsettling lunch. Finding Nathan had known about the woman and her strange knowledge of Askani for some time, they fought. The next day, Nathan collapsed and it was discovered Trask had been astrally projecting herself into Askani's future. A small team of X-Men discovered a secret from WWII that the Japanese would have preferred remained buried, spurring Shiro to consider methods to make amends for his country's war crimes. Monet St. Croix had a strange encounter with a homeless man during a visit home.

The engagement party of the century - between Medusa and Blackagar Boltagon - had a shocking postscript in the shape of the royal plane crashing and the entire island disappearing, taking Forge with it as well as the Attilani alumni. Residents of both the school and Snow Valley were rocked by the news, with no clue as to what had happened.


Jun 1 - Illyana and Marius meet in the kitchen and exchange denial of trauma. Julio announces his departure for his family wedding. Jennie plans to go to her father's for the weekend, but has trouble leaving the mansion; Forge and Marius go with her. Voodoo Child: The Las Vegas group arrives; that evening, they are all drugged in various ways.

Jun 2 - Voodoo Child: The bus run is hijacked by assassins; Amanda and Angelo awake and discover Belladonna is behind their capture and Angelo is beaten trying to stop them taking Amanda; Dani and the students are confronted by Belladonna and shown a video of Angelo's beating to ensure their good behaviour; Remy wonders where Amanda is when she doesn't show for a delivery job; Belladonna calls the school and makes her demands - the bus people for the stones taken in Brazil; Ororo alerts the team; in Vegas, the staff and students awake to find themselves in Murderworld; the Vegas group's disappearance is discovered; Remy, Pete, Scott and Ororo discuss options; the bus group discuss possible escape plans and wait for the right time; Forge emails Scott and Ororo from Jennie's father's house and lets them know they're safe and will stay put; Remy outlines the situation to the Snow Valley team; Arcade begins sabotaging his own Murderworld and the captives begin to make their escape from their individual rooms; Forge and Marius deal with the situation by getting drunk.

Jun 3 - Voodoo Child: Amanda is taken to Selene's former apprentice; Dani and Crystal make escape plans and they and the other students escape, with the help of Sooraya, who wasn't captured and hid in the van; Cain Marko|Cain makes the swap, only to find Amanda isn't part of the deal and Angelo has been badly beaten; Scott lets Cain know the girls are safe and he goes to pick them up; in Murderworld, the captives are drugged and split up again, this time in two groups; Snow Valley tracks the stones to a Manhattan highrise and start trying to track Amanda; Wanda and Illyana discover what the stones and Amanda are to be used for - resurrecting Selene; Remy discovers where Amanda has been taken and that Belladonna is involved; the ritual begins, with Candra carving up Amanda's back again; X-Force gathers to make preparations; Dani emails the bus girls to tell them how proud of them she is; Angelo posts that he doesn't want to see anyone.

Jun 4 - Voodoo Child: Remy emails Scott and Ororo the information regarding the stones' location and the ritual, and asks them to help as X-Force has to go save Amanda; Logan emails Sarah, wishing her luck; Garrison posts about receiving a Jack in the box with GPS coordinates to the location of the Vegas people; Scott and Ororo make the gameplan for the Manhattan mission; in Murderworld, the X-Men and older graduates confront Heinrich and his men, whilst the students escape the collapsing building and everyone is brought home by the West Coast Annex team; the X-Men infiltrate the high rise and disrupt the ritual, leaving Karl Mordo and his people to be arrested by the FBI for theft of national relics; X-Force storm Candra's stronghold in Louisiana; with the ritual disrupted, Belladonna leaves, just ahead of X-Force's attack; Candra is killed and Amanda brought back for medical attention. Forge, Jennie and Marius return to the school. Laurie is checked over by Jean and then goes home to her mother's house, where she remains.

Jun 5 - Crystal tells Yvette she is leaving for Attilan for good on Thursday. Yvette visits Kurt to make sure he's all right. Jean treats a skittish Nathan. Angelo visits Amanda at the clinic and finds her very drugged. Jan demands a redo of her birthday. Kyle posts his return note but doesn't want to discuss things. Monet responds to her trauma by getting drunk. Crystal gives Forge the broken inhibitor, and Forge gives her a farewell gift of a toy car done up in the style of his car after the prank. Jean and Scott have downtime after the crisis. Julio posts his return. Sofia updates people on Amanda's status. Angelo and Nathan talk and it's clear Angelo isn't coping. Jan provides snacks to all comers. Angelo emails Scott his leave of absence from the team.

Jun 6 - Monet emails Illyana about her obsessive cleaning. Immram: Nathan has very vivid Askani dreams. Jono manages to mostly rebuild himself and he and Paige decide to come back to the mansion. Crystal notified the headmasters of her intended departure. Scott talks to John about his actions in Murderworld and John tries to shrug off his good deeds. Amanda has nightmares and Angelo is there, but guilt gets in the way. Crystal says goodbye to Nathan with one last Farsi lesson. Jean and Charles talk over the Ahab (plot) matters with Nathaniel Essex and doubt is cast on Essex' past villainy.

Jun 7 - Laurie calls Angelo and asks for him to come visit Amanda with her. Scott talks to Angelo about his absence from the team and not being able to do everything. Illyana leaves a thank you card for Sofia. Crystal leaves the mansion, leaving a note for Pietro and almost has one last argument with Jennie about the team; Crystal runs into Logan on her way out and things remain peaceful, if icy. Jono and Paige come back. Shiro and Alex go on a date.

Jun 8 - Laurie's mother gives Laurie and Angelo a lift into New York to visit Amanda, and Laurie's guilt over leaving them behind comes out. Yvette meets Jono in the music room and they bond over being different. Forge takes Jan for a ride in his car. Parents' Day: Julio and Nathan pick the same hiding place; Julio breaks up with Angel; Scott talks to Jennie's father about the X-Men; Monet's mother arrives and Marius has a dilemma. Scott posts to the school journal, asking the students to make the choice about staying despite the risks put to the school by the X-Men's presence. Sarah comes to see Jono.

Jun 9 - Jennie visits Laurie at her house and convinces her to come back to the school. Kurt and Monet talk about what happened and how it's affecting her. Parents' Day, part 2: Jono comes across Yvette and her mother arguing about Yvette staying at the school; Kyle's mother is rather ignorant at Kurt and Kyle has to rescue him; Kyle's mother proceeds to terrorise a number of staff and students; Forge and Dani hide from the parents and talk. Laurie comes back to the school. Clarice runs into Monet's mother and confuses her. Kurt visits Amanda in the clinic. New Renaissance Man: Doug finds something of interest to Scott on his regular information sweeps; Scott talks to Jean about what Doug found - Haverford in the company of Lyman.

Jun 10 - Graduation Day - Jennie announces she has graduated (pending final assignments in summer). Amanda is released from the clinic; John emails her. Angelo comes across Rachel, who has snuck away from her mother. Nathan and John discuss Elpis. Laurie talks to Nathan about the team. New Renaissance Man: Jean and Scott go through the travel itinerary for Haverford and Lyman, and Ororo points out they're going to places Charles visited for study purposes.

Jun 11 - Laurie announces muffins for breakfast. Dani complains of strange noises from the basement and Cain discovers Jono playing his guitar in the old boiler room. Forge discovers Angelo isn't dealing with things so well. New Renaissance Man: Jean asks Wanda about the sites being visited and they work out a potential next spot. Ororo and Nathan go climbing at Yosemite.

Jun 12 - Laurie shaves Angelo's head whilst he's asleep and gets punished by Dani for it. Dani has a frybread making spree. Julio shaves Kyle's cat to look like a lion and goes to Jean for treatment of his scratches. Jennie and Kyle tell Shiro about joining the team. Scott announces the new trainees - Jennie, Kyle, Marius, Forge and Jan. Clarice requests team uniform designs for the new trainees. Ororo and Nathan continue their climbing trip. Pietro returns to the mansion. New Renaissance Man: Jean emails Betsy about an emergency hair dying job. Clarice and Jono catch up. Paige announces her return on the journals. Laurie and Marius discuss being medlab volunteers. Sound of Silence: On Attilan, Crystal and Maximus discuss her time at the school

Jun 13 - New Renaissance Man: Jean and Scott go to Peru to wait for Haverford and Lyman. Ororo and Nathan discuss decisions. Doug references "Zombie Blog Day". Laurie posts about her first day of punishment detail doing Angelo's chores.

Jun 14 - New Renaissance Man: Jean and Scott spy on Haverford and Lyman and discover they are going to the Temple of the Moon. Ororo and Nathan climb El Capitan, camping halfway up, and Nathan has an Askani nightmare. Amanda mourns the loss of her leather jacket.

Jun 15 - New Renaissance Man: Jean and Scott ambush Haverford and Lyman and turn them over to the police for artifact theft; later, they discuss matters. Laurie continues her 'enforced servitude' posts. Clarice has free time. Haller and Jono talk about being 'normal'. Marie goes to Amanda's apartment and surprises her with beer, pizza and gossip. The second day climbing El Capitan, Ororo and Nathan save a climber in trouble.

Jun 16 - Laurie emails Scott, Ororo and Jean about becoming a trainee and field medic. Ororo and Nathan return home. Krakoa: On a Pacific island, Japanese troops die mysteriously as they set foot on land, where only one living being has survived since WW2. Doug takes Angelo out for Mexican food and straight talking.

Jun 17 - Laurie makes another enforced servitude post, and the subject of Amanda's underwear comes up. Charles receives an email from Amahl Farouk, a new teacher. Amanda has a bad day and she and Kurt discuss mortality. Krakoa: The X-Men are requested to investigate the island of Krakoa, and Scott asks Cain to lead the team, much to his consternation. Mondo announces he is returning home for the summer. Yvette's mother goes back to Kosovo. Jennie complains about her makeup work.

Jun 18 - Remy drops by Amanda's apartment to leave something, and there is a rather distressing scene. Yvette says goodbye to Mondo. Laurie and Garrison talk self-defence. Krakoa: Juggernaut, Blink and Sunfire go to Krakoa, the Pacific island, on request from the Japanese to discover what has happened there; the team is disturbed to realise the island was the base for wartime experimentation on POWs; the team find an old man, survivor of a microwave bombing, whose mutant power makes him toxic to everything and everyone; at his request, they give him the means to kill himself and leave; the team make no report of what actually happened. Sound of Silence: Maximus and Fabian Cortez - Phase 1 meet to discuss their plan to kill the royal family and Maximus seize the throne. Amahl Farouk arrives in New York. Marius brings brunch to Ororo and they discuss his education.

Jun 19 - Jono asks Paige to go for a drive. Nathan tosses Angelo in the lake for moping and gives him relationship advice. Laurie's punishment detail ends. Kyle posts about his first Danger Room session - dodgeball with Cain. Angelo, Sarah and Jono go out to get into trouble for old time's sake.

Jun 20 - Marie introduces Jennie to the Danger Room. Yvette is curious about the new face in the halls. Sound of Silence: On Attilan, Crystal encounters Maximus and Cortez and is curious. Farouk introduces himself to the other staff. Yvette cloud watches with Laurie, and then gets clothing help from Clarice for the engagement party. Nathan announces Rachel has an ear infection in both ears and thus he will miss the party in Attilan; he emails Medusa with the same. Jan asks Kyle out for cookies, and Tommy to a BBQ. Jan meets Garrison in the pool and he teases her about what happens to trainees. Nathan tells Kyle his parole has been altered to allow him to travel overseas with a responsible adult.

Jun 21 - Laurie emails Scott about becoming a trainee when old enough, and doing preparatory work. Amanda emails Angelo telling him she'll be going to Attilan the day after him due to a medical appointment. Marie-Ange visits Forge to return his shirt and has a minor precognitive moment. Clarice mentions throwing up on a Japanese Parliamentary member on her journal. Marie and Garrison go to Cuba for a break. Clarice visits Amanda with a gift.

Jun 22 - Paige responds to Jono's suggestion. Amanda arrives in Attilan and she and Angelo work out at least one of their issues. Sound of Silence: Maximus pretends to have just manifested to convince Crystal to drop her shields and uses his Cortez-amplified telepathy to control her mind; the Teen Girl Suite have a slumber party in the palace; Jean runs into Crystal wandering the halls. Laurie is impressed by the palace.

Jun 23 - Amanda and Angelo agree to go away somewhere as a break. Monet and Yvette play tourist. Sound of Silence: Crystal takes Scott flying, and talks with Pietro; Medusa and Marius bond poolside, and Jennie is traumatised by Marius' speedo; the engagement party is held, and is a big success.

Jun 24 - Sound of Silence: Yvette goes to say goodbye to Crystal, and finds her rather unfriendly. Jan leaves for a pre-arranged trip with her old school friends.

Jun 25 - Sound of Silence: Yvette emails Medusa with her thanks, and expresses concern for the odd way Crystal was behaving; Medusa discovers Crystal missing, and she and Blackagar go looking for her, missing the flight with the rest of the royal family; Blackagar encounters a Cortez-amplified and Maximus-possessed Crystal about to bring the royal plane down and in the battle uses his powers against her; the blast is deflected and hits the plane and the shock of nearly being crushed by a crashing plane pushes a young mutant teleporter to use his powers in a most unexpected way; everyone in the last departing plane is horrified to see the royal plane crash and the island of Attilan vanish completely; Yvette and John see the news report and raise the alarm at the school; the response is one of shock and dismay as it is realised Forge was on Attilan as well as Medusa and Crystal.

Jun 26 - Sound of Silence: Farouk ponders the wider repercussions of the disappearance; media reports no sign of the island and the apparent death of the royal family in the plane crash immediately before the disappearance; Snow Valley goes into action to investigate, but there is little to find; the students are distressed by the disappearance; Mark alerts Amanda and Doug that Marie-Ange hasn't been to work and Amanda goes to check on her; Ororo announces the apparent deaths of the Amaquelin girls, and the disappearance of Forge with Attilan; Rahne and Nathan go through office photographs of Medusa and mourn; Jennie throws a lamp through her window. On Attilan itself, time goes by much faster and the island's inhabitants try to cope with finding themselves mysteriously isolated.

Jun 27 - Ororo calls Remy to check on investigations, and is disturbed to discover he is apparently shopping for explosives for a mysterious job to do with the Guilds. Scott SMSs Pietro, asking him to check in during his own investigation of the Attilan matter. Cain talks to Shiro about the lack of repercussions for the Japanese government in regards to Krakoa, and prompts him to take action himself. Logan finds Yvette in the woods, mourning her lost friends. The Snow Valley crew admits defeat on the Attilan matter. Carmen Animi Vermium: Monet invites Marius to come back to Sydney with her to watch rugby.

Jun 28 - Carmen Animi Vermium: Marius accepts Monet's invitation and notifies people of his impending absence accordingly. Immram: Wanda meets Tara Trask at a university function and receives an invitation to lunch. John is hard at work in the Elpis offices and Nathan invites him to do more. Terry emails Clarice, asking about the Attilan disappearance. Lorna encounters Laurie in the kitchen and suggests she go talk to Dr. Samson. Tabitha finds a spooky book in the library and emails Amanda for advice. Monet emails Kurt to check on him. Farouk introduces himself to the school at large. Shiro talks to Nathan about the Unit 731 victims and hits upon a plan to help them. Sound of Silence: Crystal proposes creating a mutant school on Attilan.

Jun 29 - Nathan gives Angelo his birthday present - a car - early, with the hopes Angelo will take that vacation. Immram: At lunch, Wanda is shocked to discover Trask and her students speaking Askani and escapes through the bathroom window; Wanda confronts Nathan with her news and discovers it's not really news at all. Kurt offers comfort to Yvette. Amanda comes down to the library to collect her magic text.

Jun 30 - Carmen Animi Vermium: After the rugby game, Monet has an odd encounter with a homeless man, not recognising her brother, Marius St. Croix. Immram: Nathan collapses whilst getting Rachel's breakfast and she telepathically screams the mansion down, raising the alarm; Jean and Charles discover Tara Trask in Nathan's mind, trapped by his shields, and Jean helps him remove her; Jean and Wanda confront Trask and discover she has been astrally projecting herself into Askani's future and has misunderstood the philosophy. Farouk and Haller talk about Haller's DID. Angelo visits Nathan in the infirmary and is pleased to hear a vacation has been enforced for him. Laurie visits Angelo and Amanda and gets some advice about dealing with grief and anger. Sound of Silence: Blackagar and Medusa decide to have the wedding as a way of bringing the lost nation together.


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