Stemming the Tide

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Part 10 of the Genosha Arc - Stemming The Tide
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Dates run: May 25 - June 2, 2012
Run By: Dex
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“We’re too close to what they laughingly choose to call civilisation in this country. Some more distance would lower the risk of patrols reaching us.” She finished her current sweep and raised her eyes to the group. “The Genoshans have plans for us. I can’t get enough details but the troop movements make it obvious that they don’t intend to leave us alone."

Escaping the trap set by the Genoshans, a small group of mutants flee to the forests and determine what to do next.


Emma Frost, Wade Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Molly Hayes, Sharon Smith, Warren Worthington, Meggan Szardos, Marius Laverne, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Matt Murdock, Fred Dukes, Megan Gwynn, Lorna Dane

Mutate 105, Jan Grual, Mutate 557

Jayresh Patel, Genoshan Resistance


May 25 - June 2, 2012

Plot Summary

As the sun came up the morning after the disastrous raid, four small groups of mutants made for the hills - Catseye, Molly and Meggan in a purloined ambulance; Wade, Jean-Phillipe, Matt, Megan and Fred, having met up in the streets and stolen a truck; Wanda, Marius and Emma in a stolen helicopter; and Warren and Lorna under their own steam. The ambulance met up with the truck on the road, initially panicking Catseye into thinking they were being pursued but radio contact proving they were in fact friends in the other vehicle. The two vehicles drove up into the forested hills as far as they could go, before being hidden and reunions taking place. The helicopter fared less well, having taken damage during the escape, and Warren and Lorna, investigating the crash, discovered the crew were also friends. As they discussed their next steps, a local man, Jayresh Patel, appeared out of the trees and offered to help them to a safe place in exchange for payment.

Once the two groups had met up at the rendezvous cache, the younger members of the group set about setting up camp and exchanging news of what had happened to them while the older mutants discussed their next move. Plans made, checking up on the kids was done, with the survivors definitely not okay. Molly especially, without her powers for the first time since she manifested, was extremely disturbed.

The next morning, the group moved out, with Jayresh leading them to a hidden camp for mutants and their families fleeing the Genoshan Government. The camp was at least two days' hike away, and during the journey, there were many discussions about what had happened - and what might still happen, especially given the mix of X-Force and X-Men, with their conflicting views of killing.

On the second day, a Magistrate patrol came across Matt, Meggan and Molly, apparently straggling behind in the jungle. It turned out to be a trap, with the three leading the patrol into a "welcoming committee" of Fred and Jean-Phillipe. Catseye and Wanda took out the guards at the nearby command post while Wade killed the commander and Emma wiped all memory traces of their presence. They made off with weapons and maps, with Warren, Lorna and Megan bringing down a chopper, disarming its Magistrates and making them high on Pixie dust.

The group finally reached the refugee camp where they were given tours and stories were exchanged; Marius and Molly met a refugee child called Zoe and they were given a tour of where they would be staying and end up talking about bugs and powers; while Wanda, Meggan and a young mother, Miranda talk about Genosha and what it has become over the years.

The peace was short-lived: Matt and Wade encountered an advance patrol of a Magistrate attack on the camp and Wade had to kill a Magistrate in front of - or on top of - Matt. As the camp was attacked en mass by the Genoshan forces, Marius and Wanda used chaos blasts to defend the camp, until Wanda has to absorb a hex bolt from a furious Marius to prevent him killing someone, breaking her ribs. Lorna, Catseye and Molly, trying to keep safe and protect the refugees were shocked when they were attacked by Mutate 557 - Callie. Molly, approaching her as a friend from the school, was poisoned by Mutate 557's thorns.

Warren and Pixie, patrolling the skies while Meggan kept watch in a tree, saw the Magistrate reinforcements coming in, too many to fight. Still-powerless Meggan was trapped in the tree by Mutate 557's powers, with Lorna dividing time between getting her free and fighting back the mutate while Warren took Molly to safety. Pixie and Catseye joined in with the fight, Pixie's dust useless against Mutate 557 but an ingenious use of Flying Cat Death From Above a bit more helpful. Finally, Warren had to resort to fire-bombing Mutate 557 in order to get everyone clear, dropping several fuel drums around her and setting them alight.

Elsewhere in the camp, Emma, Fred and Jean-Phillipe were making good headway against the invasion until they ran across Mutate 105 - Yvette, at the scene of a slaughter. Wanda and Marius joined Emma's team, the group working to take down Mutate 105 with a new application of Jean-Phillipe and Emma's powers. Fred, unwilling to leave the unconscious mutate behind, had to be 'encouraged' by Emma to leave her behind as the group evacuated the area.

The Magistrates retreated, but only to clear the ground for an airstrike and the Xavier's people were advised - none-too-gently by Jayresh - to go join the others at Petrova.

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By unspoken agreement, those that witnessed the carnage Mutate 105 had wrought agreed not to include it in any reports where Yvette might see it. She still does not know what she did.


Plotrunner: Dex, sub-runner Rossi

This arc is the X-Project version of the epic canon storyline X-Tinction Agenda.

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)