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Continuing his efforts to find his lost adopted son, Kurt Sefton engaged the services of the new detective agency. Despite following up on Nick's extended family and former school friends, little new information was found. Laura Kinney was approached by the group, to assist in the more old-fashioned style tracking.

Remy LeBeau used Carmilla Black as unwitting bait in an attempt to track down her birth mother, still attempting to retrieve her wayward experimental offspring. Cammie didn't appreciate the move, but showed she was capable of more than just bar fights.

Bobby Drake, still moping over his stalled marriage to Theresa Cassidy, sought out distraction from his friend Amanda Sefton, resulting in a playful sparring match in the Danger Gym, a broken iceslide and an almost-kiss that she firmly put the brakes on. Their shenanigans had wider consequences, as the next morning various members of X-Force complained about the flooded gym and Amanda and Bobby were sent down to clean up and provide a mundane explanation to the old man living downstairs.

Tabitha Smith continued her inquiries about the Hellfire Club, talking to Warren Worthington as the best example of a wealthy playboy she knew. His response surprised her.

Jean-Phillipe Colbert joined the X-Men and "Sparky's" first mission, a search for a pyromanic pyrokinetic in Chicago, turned out to be his first experience in being kidnapped as the team was ambused by private mutant hunters, M-Squad. A rescue team was sent in and found themselves hard-pressed against the mercenaries hired by the group's corrupt 'manager' Tony Masters, until the M-Squad turned against the man who had been using them and released the captured X-Men. Doreen Green also began asking about joining the team.

And finally, on the eve of her birthday, Nico Minoru was plagued by a disturbing dream, in which a woman called Arcana claimed her as her own.


Oct 1 - Jean-Paul visits Vanessa and they talk about her new alt and various things as they eat Mexican.

Oct 2 - Kurt e-mails Vanessa, to request X-Factor's help with finding Nick. Vanessa posts to the X-Factor journal comm to let them know about the new investigation.

Oct 3 - Artie has his check up with Jean and she talks to him about his inability to talk and possible health issues.

Oct 4 - Jean helps Meggan find her notebook after class and they talk about Meggan's plans for the future.

Oct 5 -

Oct 6 - Laura realises to her horror she can't remember her last shopping trip and organises one with Jan and Meggan.

Oct 7 - Dori gives advance notice she'll be sick in bed on December 7. Meggan and Laura go Halloween costume shopping.

Oct 8 - Julian texts Nico for some 'alone' time. Garrison runs into Amanda at a cop bar and they talk about their respective relationship issues.

Oct 9 - Jubilee announces she is going to the movies, should anyone want to join her.

Oct 10 - Angelo remembers to let people know he got into law school. Vanessa announces she is going to investigate Nick's old school and asks Jean-Paul to go talk to his extended family; Jean-Paul lets Kevin know he'll be gone for a few days.

Oct 11 - Fianchetto: In her quest to find out more about the Hellfire Club, Tabitha talks to Warren.

Oct 12 - Garrison and Piotr have manly bonding time over hockey and beer. Looking for Lex, Vanessa runs into Piotr and they talk about training methods.

Oct 13 - Vanessa reports from Wisconsin that none of Nick's old high school cohorts know much about him and nothing about his whereabouts. Jean-Phillipe mentions a particularly dumb question asked by a student in the anthropology class he is taking. Garrison gives Angel costuming advice for her first college party.

Oct 14 - Jean-Paul reports neither side of Nick's extended family know anything of his whereabouts. Garrison brings Hank's junk food delivery and lectures him about holing up in the lab too much before taking him out for a drink.

Oct 15 - Jared mentions his bar-tending course is taking a lot of his time lately. Kyle is confused about the football results and complains his feet itch after having to wear shoes all day. Wanda finds herself dateless and asks for Friday night company.

Oct 16 - Jean and Jean-Phillipe chat in the kitchen and Jean-Phillipe asks about becoming a trainee.

Oct 17 - Angelo and Kyle watch football and indulge in a bit of guy talk about their girlfriends, ex and current.

Oct 18 - Jean-Phillipe announces he is a trainee on x_team; Kyle emails Laurie about tormenting her new trainee roomie with early morning runs.

Oct 19 - Vanessa updates on x_factoragency about their findings in regards to Nick; Vanessa emails Kurt to find out if he wants them to keep looking, which he does.

Oct 20 - Vanessa approaches Laura about doing some tracking work to try and find Nick. Laurie and Kyle torture new trainee Jean-Phillipe with an early-morning run.

Oct 21 - Jean-Phillipe and Yvette discuss college after meeting up by accident after class.

Oct 22 - Julian invites various friends to a showing of Paranormal 2. Yvette asks about Halloween plans and invites the students to a movie marathon in Salem Center. Nico runs into Remy again at the Brownstone and they briefly discuss how the search for her parents is going and what their fate might be when found.

Oct 23 - Julian and Angel catch up with each other and Julian is typically Julian.

Oct 24 - Still moping over the lack of communication from Terry, Bobby spends the night at Amanda's and a play-sparring session in the Danger Gym results in a broken ice slide and an almost-kiss that Amanda firmly squelches.

Oct 25 - Wanda expresses her wrath over the slush puddle in the Danger Gym, Bobby and Amanda apologise with coffee and food, various people weigh in and Kyle discusses the difference in bagels to his tastebuds; Remy emails Bobby and Amanda to tell them they've flooded the apartment of the old man downstairs and they need to clean it up with a suitable non-mutant excuse; Amanda calls on Angel to do a quicker drying job on the Danger Gym to help. Eamon drops by to surprise Laurie and Vanessa with a visit and finds Laurie baking.

Oct 26 - Jubilee aks for partners to do some parkour in New York in lieu of a workout given the state of the gym, plus demands new socks. Dori seeks out Hank to ask about becoming a trainee. Cammie goes out to distract herself from her birthday and winds up being kidnapped for the reward on her head; Remy frees her, explaining he used her as bait to find out who the people looking for her might be and where they're lurking. Dori tracks down Kyle and ambushes him to tell him her news about joining the team.

Oct 27 - Laura finds out about Cammie's birthday and outs her on the journals; Kurt takes Cammie out to meet some of the extended family who are visiting and to give her a family birthday. Jean makes a rather cryptic post on her journal.

Oct 28 - Who You Gonna Call?: Kane calls the team in for a briefing about a new mission; Piotr, Yvette, Laurie, Jan and Paige meet with Kane in the situation room and are told they will be heading to Chicago to deal with the rescue and pick up of a young mutant pyrokinetic; Yvette lets the students know that she will be out of the mansion until the weekend, and makes a request for Kyle and Amara to collect her school work; en route to Chicago on the Blackbird, Kane pulls Jean-Phillippe aside and warns him to be on his best behavior; Kane informs the team to start running down leads in the area as soon as they touch down. Vanessa hunts down Hank for information on Natalie Gleason's whereabouts.

Oct 29 - Kane and Piotr attend the police briefing and are introduced to the M-Squad; determining that they are complete loons, Kane makes the decision to find the young mutant, Raymond Thomas Maxwell, before the M-Squad does; hoping to narrow down their search, Kane sends out a text message to the X-Men containing Ray's cell phone information.

Oct 30 - Who You Gonna Call?: The team in Chicago tracks down their arsonist but are captured by M-Squad; Kane sends out an emergency message through the communications board; suspecting an attack on the group and being unable to establish communication with their teammates in Chicago, Jean assembles a rescue team; the team leaves for Chicago, aware powers inhibitors might be in play; the captured X-Men discover that M-Squad is being duped by their 'business manager', Tony Masters as a means of supplying the mutant black market; the rescue squad find the warehouse where M-Squad has set up operations, but find it tough going against Masters' mercenaries; M-Squad is convinced they are being used for evil and release the captured X-Men, who join in the fight; Masters and his men flee, and the X-Men hand over their arsonist to M-Squad for arrest; Garrison visits Jean in medlab and explains she was hit with an overdose of anti-psychotics. Julian announces his return from D.C. The Gift: The night before her birthday, Nico has a disturbing and ominous dream about a woman calling herself "Arcana Minoru".

Oct 31 - Who You Gonna Call?: Logan visits Jean in her room and tries his own brand of 'comforting' which doesn't sit too well.



X-Men Mission: Who You Gonna Call?

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