Excelsior East

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Excelsior East
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Dates run: April 1-4, 2013
Run By: Al
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The security guard all but frog marched him away from the table and through a door marked 'staff'. Artie found himself mentally checking the projections that covered his hair and skin and wished that he could turn and run as the guard opened the door to an office. He'd been careful! He'd only used his powers half the time!

It wasn't fair!

When Artie is caught ripping off Arcade, things go from bad to worse and X-Force gets involved.


Artie Maddicks. Remy LeBeau, David North, Wanda Maximoff, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Jubilation Lee, Amanda Sefton, Carmilla Black, Sarah Morlocke, Ororo Munroe, Emma Frost, Wade Wilson

Arcade, Lorina Dodson ("The White Rabbit")


April 1-4, 2013

Plot Summary

Leaving the mansion following the revelation of his true parentage - and the fact his father was not very upset to lose him - Artie wound up in Atlantic City. It was the perfect place for him to practice his various scams using his powers, or it was, at least, until he was caught red-handed by Arcade's security staff. Arcade, recognising Artie as one of the Xavier's alumni, offered him a deal - in return for not being horribly killed, he would break into the casino run by Lorina Dobson, one of Arcade's competitors, and steal a hard drive that Dodson had stolen containing information on Arcade's casino. Without many options, Artie agreed to the theft - only to be caught red-handed by Dodson's security staff.

Arcade contacted Snow Valley, telling them Artie was in trouble and exchanging the knowledge of Artie's whereabouts in exchange for the return of his hard drive. Knowing Arcade wouldn't take no for an answer and that Artie's life was in the balance, X-Force agreed and set a team to Atlantic City.

X-Force infiltrated Lorina Dobson’s casino by simulating a particularly nasty breakup. From there, Cammie used her toxic powers to clear the bar with a particularly noxious smell which set off the fire alarms, while Ororo and Sarah distracted security with a catfight. In the confusion, Amanda, Wade and Wanda, dressed as staff, sneaked into the back rooms and retrieved Artie; Remy, North and Jubilee fought their way to Dodson's office and acquired the hard drive. Arcade was satisfied with the return of the drive and relinquished his claim on Artie - provided Artie paid back the money he had swindled.

Days later, Marie-Ange hunted Artie down in the sewers and questioned him about what his plans were to deal with the aftermath of the incident. Since hiding in the sewers forever was not an option, Artie agreed with Marie-Ange to work full-time with X-Force, and began his life as a spy.

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Arcade and Dodson were actually in an on-again, off-again relationship, punctuated by breaking into each other's casinos and stealing things. After this incident, they made up and planed to have dinner while figuring out ways to create a security system that could beat X-Force.


Plotrunner: Al