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Moment of Awesome - Alani Ryan/Loa: Poolside, Alani meets Molly Hayes and there is mutual fangirling over powers.

The weather was almost exactly like home and it was lovely, as far as Alani was concerned. But bigger matters were at hand, and she stared at the mansion’s pool, brows furrowed as she stared into the clear waters. She couldn’t put to rest the feeling that there was something she was forgetting something. At the sound of footsteps she looked up, bringing up a hand to keep the sun out of her eyes. "Howdy, you here to beat the heat?" She questioned, grin sliding across her face with ease.

Molly was wearing a purple swimsuit and metallic green sunglasses with a fish scale print. She grabbed her towel and put it on a nearby chair.

"Nope, trying to soak it in," she said. Visiting ice world and becoming an involuntary snowcone made her appreciate the sun. She extended her hand.

"I'm Molly!"

Alani sat up as straight as she could muster, beaming at Molly and taking her offered hand. "Holy fuck. You're Molly?"

"Oh my god, this must seem a bit weird to you. But I have heard about you, and your moose, and your super strength. Okay, I mean, I heard about them all from Angelo, but also, dream power, so I have wanted to meet you, haven't, and now I am. Oh, and I'm ranting. I promise I'm not always like this, but you have been at the top of my 'need to meet' list from almost the moment I got here."

She released the other girl's hand and stood up, chuckling as she took stock to make sure she hadn't ruined her seat. Luckily it didn't seem any worse for wear.

Molly blinked repeatedly, taking off her sunglasses. "Dude," she said with a giggle. "I totally don't know what to say."

She'd never really had someone excited to meet her before. It was pretty cool and didn't at all make her sheepish at all. Nope.

" you have dream powers or super strength is a dream power?" she said, pointing one way, then another as she tried to figure it out.

"Well, hopefully I didn't ruin any chance I had of befriending you with my lapse into motor mouth." Alani chuckled as she sat back down, still smiling cheerfully.

"Oh, good question," she pointed in the direction Molly had assigned to the latter. "My dream power would have been super strength, if I had a choice. Not that I hate what I got, but, I would love to do that thing from cartoons where you pick up the couch and vacuum beneath it, ya know?"

Molly grinned. "I totally do that," she said proudly. Sometimes with people on it. It was kinda (okay super) fun. She usually got permission, of course.

"But I bet your power's cool too! What do you do?"

Alani clapped at the statement, smile pulling back on her lips. "Yes! That is amazing!" It was nice to have a semi-normal conversation about fun matters.

"Oh, I don't know go through things but they don't go back together, and, well, I can do underwater stuff. Which is new and funky fresh." She made a face, nonetheless, at the statement.

"What do you mean?" Molly said, unable to hide her curiosity. Tilting her head, she hopped up out of her chair. "Ooh! Can you show me? If that's totally okay with you, of course."

One of the fun things about being around other people with superpowers was that everyone did something different. It was fun to see and, well, if they were ever fighting a bad guy together then it'd be good to see if they could use their powers to work together.

Molly's excitement was infectious, and a smile tugged back at Alani's lips. "Yeah, sure, um, I probably shouldn't use the chair, that costs money." Unfortunately it wasn't like there was a pile of things laying around with a 'all good to destroy' sign above it, so she snatched up her crocs, held them up for Molly's view, and sighed as she began to slide her hands through the shoes. The pink light she'd become accustomed to illuminated the area around her hands, and the resin began to crumble into pieces. With just the pieces, she looked back to Molly.

"Not gonna lie, I'm going to be so embarrassed if you meant you wanted to watch me sit on the bottom of the pool for, like, an hour." Alani laughed lightly, though she flushed.

Today in XProject:

March 7

2004: Manuel comes to see Nathan and it does NOT go well - he triggers a telekinetic fit and Nathan ends up collapsing. Nate and Moira form a psychic link. Moira, Charles and Hank are invited to the Friends of Tesla dinner.

2005: Dani brings Hank some food and discusses her pregnancy. Paige has her first session with Dr. Samson, which turns out to be a complete wreck. Amanda brings Hank food, and he awkwardly tries to apologize for his attempts to prohibit her from using her powers. After speaking with Amanda, Hank visits Nathan to set the record straight about he and Moira.

2006: Not So Plain Jane: Jane meets Terry as the girl finishes up her audition in the city: when they idolize you, it's so easy to hurt them. Jay, Forge, Marius and Kyle decide to blow off some steam with the time-honoured tradition of co-ed schools - a panty raid. Right up until Wanda catches them. Lorna catches a bug from swimming in the lake. Wanda thanks everyone for the help in bringing her back. Tommy declares the mansion too quiet. Wanda sleeps in the greenhouse, feeling too claustrophobic for her room. Kyle tries to claim asylum in the boathouse from the girls and their angry boyfriends.

2007: Laurie asks people for their favourite foods. Kaiten: Pete notifies Nathan about the possible Preservers at Silver and Nathan shares the news of the human bombs; Scott calls a meeting of the X-Men COs and XOs to discuss matters. Sam is embarrassed at not knowing what 'Arenques Rojos' means. Sooraya asks about the new Spiderman movie. Mark gets excited about new fiber optics. Angelo gets growly about Logan training Amanda, and they plan Operation: Shoe to get Doug to stop hanging back about Marie-Ange. Kurt meets Dr. Pierre Marcel, who knew Yvette in the refugee camps and actually named her. Forge asks Marie-Ange out. Pietro and Terry talk music. Crystal checks up on Angelo.

2008: Angel stays up late watching zombie movies and burns bagels at breakfast, leading to an impromptu hockey game with Kyle and Yvette; Yvette is frustrated about Crystal's response to the hockey game suggestion. Jubilee talks to Amanda about Farouk. Laurie has a counselling session with Samson, and they talk about apologies and not listening. Training Nori in her powers, Scott has a suggestion as to who could work with her on the super-speed; Scott emails Crystal to see if she's willing to try helping Nori. Medusa encounters Angel after a training day at the fire station. Scott welcomes the start of Spring Break. Julio asks Lorna for help making chocolates for Nori. Jean-Phillipe meets Mark at Silver and they wind up having sex in the bathroom; Marie-Ange is not impressed when she meets Mark's new 'friend'.

2009: Jean-Paul confronts Cammie about the death of her boyfriend and Cammie reacts badly, hitting him; Jean-Paul reacts badly to her toxins and Cammie has to drag him down to medlab; Jean questions Cammie about what happened; Kurt finds Cammie about to run away and takes care of her; Scott asks Jean-Paul what happened and tells him not to try again; in the morning, Manuel comes across Jean-Paul, back in his suite, and makes him tea; Kurt talks some more to Cammie when she wakes up and convinces her not to leave; Kurt lets the staff know Cammie will be staying with him for the meantime and to not push her; Cammie apologises to Jean-Paul for nearly killing him; Lil emails Cammie, wanting to know where she is and if she wants to go out for a little while; Cammie tells Lil the whole story of what happened, including her Homecoming manifestation. While Cammie is at lunch, Amanda drops in on Kurt to check on him after his post about Mystique. Doug wonders who watches the watchmen. Garrison and Adrienne go to early Jays training and Adrienne gets to see true social power at work. Jane reminds people that daylight savings is starting. District X: Inferno: The trap is sprung, with Bishop's powers going out of control an unexpected complication; the X-Men take down the two gangs whilst X-Force makes their exit before the police arrive. Nathan checks on Jean-Paul and spring break plans are made.

2010: Kurt and Logan play 'tag' in the gym.

2011: John returns from the Sudan at three in the morning and there is talk of Amara with Angelo before he steals his roommate's bed. Jubilee leaves Marie-Ange some ninja crochet octopi. Wade serenades Tabitha in the library. Tabitha announces it's her best Monday morning ever. Marie-Ange emails Garrison in the medlab to check on him and is treated to Garrison on painkillers. Angelo posts, asking how to remove John from his bed. Jean-Phillipe totally fails to cook dinner for Jean-Paul and take-out is ordered. Yvette is allowed back to her room from the medlab. Vanessa and Warren talk about their not-relationship.

2012: Sooraya and Yvette talk about the Attilan incident and Sooraya considers joining the X-Men.

2013: Maddie posts that her birthday celebrations will happen after the musical that she is in. Adrienne posts that someone has been screwing with her computer.

2014: Hope finds Clint in the library and she starts a conversation which he doesn’t mind finishing. Maddie makes a journal entry reminding everyone of the impending Junior Prom and selling tickets for the same. Wade sends Doug a text about the arrival of the Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.

2015: Matt and Julian meet in the kitchen and it ends with Matt joining Generation X.



2018: Gabriel posts about the storm hitting New York. Operation: Salt the Earth: Felicia and Wade lead the infiltration of the FSB monitoring facility outside VECTOR as the first step in their plan; Marie-Ange and Jubilee take the second part of the attack on the FSB facility, securing it; Domino, Wanda and Kevin begin their infiltration into VECTOR under their cover identities; Emma and North make their way into VECTOR as well.

2019: Garrison and Rogue indulge in beer and gossip one night.


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