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Moment of Awesome - Clarice Ferguson/Blink: In the aftermath of the nanite invasion, Clarice checks on an injured Doug Ramsey and gives him his new phone - and personally chosen phone case.

"Oh good, you're awake," Clarice came into his field of view, her hair in a messy top knot on her head, held back with a sequined scrunchie. The scrunchie matched her scrubs, because that was how she rolled. She also looked like she'd pulled back to back 24's over the past however-many days. That was only partially true, but she and the rest of the medlab staff were all many hours negative on how much sleep they needed due to their patients and medlab requirements to put things back together. "Pain levels?"

A slight shift to try and get more comfortable was a very bad idea. Even with whatever pain meds he was still on, Doug definitely felt it and he hissed a drawn out breath. "Somewhere north of 'my pain is not fucking around' but not quite to 'why is this happening to me'. It's definitely getting there, though."

"Let me know if you reach the point where I need to 'give your wife your regards as the plane goes down,'" she retorted, though really, his pain should never reach that level. "As for 'why this is happening to you,' it's because you did the stupid," not the bad or the wrong per se, but the stupid. Stupid was practically its own pandemic around there though, including the med staff, so really, that wasn't too bad. Not that he had actually asked that question. "Any real questions for me though?"

"I mean, from a medical standpoint?" Doug had plenty of questions, but most of them weren't likely to be the sort Clarice could answer. He shifted again and winced. "How about we start with how long I should expect to be in here?"

"A few more days. Not more than a week," Clarice answered matter-of-factly. It helped that he lived a few floors up, but they needed to make more repairs before releasing him into the wild. "We'll wean you off the good drugs and get you up and moving. But you'll be so full of regret by that point, you won't try any shenanigans for a while. And of course, you'll have to start OT and PT. We're getting that arranged." By necessity, it would be in town.

Oh goody, now to add 'medically recommended torture' for his body on top of the massive amounts of talking he was going to likely be doing with Dr Grim. Doug grunted in acknowledgement. "Okay, second question. What are the odds of getting a really enormous plate of food in here?" He was famished.

"I can send someone. You get a choice. Oatmeal or soft soup. Be nice to your body," she wasn't heartless though, they would be flavoured. Just not a lot of hard stuff. Between the amputation and the meds, his stomach was likely to be sensitive for a couple days, "And you gotta poop later."

Today in XProject:

September 17 - Quentin Quire's birthday


2004: When Amanda feels down about her own ability to become a new person, Terry offers chocolate and Dogma to cheer her up. Angelo tests the limits of his powers with Moira, and then learns a bit about Illyana from Jamie after she gets a rise out of him because of her view on atonement. Madelyn cajoles Betsy to come down for a check-up after the latter confesses her insecurities on the x_staff board, Lorna writes a letter to Betsy to ask for forgiveness, and then with Alison’s prodding, asks out Brent on another date.

2005: Nathan tries to comfort Alison. Nathan is put on mild epilepsy medication for his 'fits'.


2007: Family Portrait: Laurie isn't coping with her mother's illness or her father's refusal to help, and Julio tries to comfort her as best he can. Tabitha approaches Scott about rejoining the team and he announces her return on the comms. Remy emails Ororo about coming to Chicago with him on a job and she poses as a New Orleans Guilds| Thieves Guild member to discover Remy is apparently Thieves Guild Guildmaster. Jono swallows his pride and asks Forge for help pulling himself back together after his explosion in Afghanistan.


2009: Atomic Angel: Shiro meets with Charles, who believes he has pinpointed the cause of Shiro's problems and offers a solution. Operation: Man of Stone: Sarah and Emma interrogate Professor Phobos about his work with 'Krasnoe Dinamo'.

2010: Red X Mission: Firestorm: Jean lets the staff know she is in Canada as well; Jean-Paul meets a hot and sulky Yvette at the water station and gets her spare pair of gloves for her when she discovers hers are lost; Laurie and Monet work together to save a moose. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about her nationality, the conversation with Angelo raising some doubt and the conversation ends with a suggestion that Jean-Paul work off certain frustrations in the bathroom; Jean, who is sharing the room, texts Jean-Paul to tell him to stop it; Jean and Jean-Paul awkwardly talk and wind up keeping each other company in the face of insomnia. Laurie complains about Monet's beauty products taking up the whole of their shared bathroom. Jake drops in on Wanda with wine, chocolate and massage to help with her headaches.


2012: Sarah V. asks Catseye to help her make a treat for Layla before texting Layla to inform her that Sarah has a surprise for the other girl. Sonatorrek: Jean informs Xavier that although Garrison is physically healed he refuses to wake up, which he concludes is linked to the events in Aitkins. Jean-Phillipe stops by to talk to Angelo about X-Corps and the visit turns out a little differently than he had expected.

2013: Laurie lets people know about a local spoken word poetry evening and provides a sample. Adrienne lets the staff know that neither she nor Tandy will be in classes that day, due to Tandy’s nightmares coming back after the breakup. Kyle mentions an advertisement with a Squirrel Wave of Death in it and tells Dori Monkey Joe isn’t allowed to get any ideas.

2014: Not So Amazing: The NY Times prints a newsflash about the murder of up-and-coming mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation; Miles makes a vow to bring Carnation’s killer to justice; Adrienne texts Garrison to express her nervousness about the fashion designer killing; Megan emails Adrienne to tell her she’s worried about security at eVolution in the wake of the Carnation murder. Higher Than Hope: Amy emails Hope asking for help convincing her mother to let her take an internship; Hope emails the Professor asking if she can go to Michigan this weekend to help Amy; the Professor emails Laurie about accompanying Hope to Michigan. Clint posts about being assaulted for being a mutant at Catseye’s deli. Cecilia and Rogue discuss the weirdness of returning to the mansion. Lorna and Longshot meet in a grocery store parking lot. Jubilee posts about being invited for a threesome by a creep and giving his girlfriend the number of a nice guy she knows.

2015: Maya apologises on her journal for being a brat. Hope and Monet are chatting when Monet gets a call from her father, allowing her to return home to Australia. Jubilee announces her return from Egypt. Cecilia meets Hank in the library and has her own frankenberry cat moment; Jean meets Hank and acquires a new lab assistant. Megan texts Tandy about their trip to London for Fashion Week. Billy and Rogue have a mishap with her powers; Rogue texts Adrienne to apologise for missing a work meeting after the accident with Billy; Rogue posts to her journal, apologising to Billy and complaining about her lack of control. Tandy emails Julian and Adrienne before leaving for London. Jubilee texts Amanda with a minor freakout over the new Hank and the lack of warning of his arrival.

2016: Quentin and Gabriel sneak out of the party early for a date in a hotel room where neither of them plan to get much sleep. Doug emails Laurie, Wade and Marie-Ange to let them know that he’s going to be out of town with Hope for a few days. The Dulcet Sound of My Voice: Doug and Cara (a mutant friend of CJ's) work to figure out the identities which Scanner and Garrulous are using; CJ and Hope try to brainstorm out the most likely targets for the villains to have talked to; Hope and Darcy then search through the media for a likely candidate; after that Darcy and CJ check the backgrounds of the politicians to see who would make a viable target; Doug and Hope hack a phone looking for confirmation; Doug then hacks into the appointment books of the politicians under suspicion; Hope convinces Cara to access her own resources to check into staff members who might have been approached; Darcy and Cara prepare some footwork for a honeytrap, but end up just talking about their favorite restaurant; Doug teaches Darcy to connect phones.

2017: Green-Eyed Monster: Sue emails all teams with updated info on the green jewels that was making people sick. Psi War: Rogue visits Jean while she is recuperating from the Shadow King battle in the Box and tries to cheer her up. Angel posts to her journal about wanting to travel the world in search of ridiculous food. Darcy makes a journal post about the internet having reached peak awesome.

2018: Topaz leaves Clea a T-shirt as a birthday present. Jean leaves Quentin an Omega symbol necklace and a dozen cupcakes as a birthday present. Jean-Paul posts about one of his art classes where a visible mutant is acting as an art model.


2020: Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend: Kevin holds a meeting with the rest of X-Force regarding the recent murders and parts of his past; he tells the rest of the story to Emma later.

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  • Operation: Dewey Deceptional System: X-Force goes on a good old fashioned heist to retrieve a dangerous book from the Hellfire Club during a star-studded gala.

  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

  • Potomac Calls to Chesapeake: Rains of seaweed and frog spawn, damaged property and improbable drownings on dry land - what is going on in Baltimore? Team Magic go to investigate and discover the city is rather... crabby.

  • X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel: The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility.

  • Tayammum: One X-Man deals with the consequences of a mission.

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