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MoA Iceman.png
Moment of Awesome - Bobby Drake|Iceman: With nanites invading the labs, Bobby joins forces with Matt Murdock, Natasha Romanoff and Monica Rambeau to freeze them in their tracks.

"Ok, can we fry what's inside here and then, like, lock the door, keep whatever's left trapped inside?" At the very least it'd buy them some time, perhaps. Bobby didn't know much about these things but he was guessing it wouldn't be as easy as simply shutting a door. "I can try and freeze it as solid as possible if that'd help." It was all he could think of at the moment.

"When in doubt, try everything," Nica said at last. "Matt, grab that fire axe over there and start chopping. Natasha and I will work on frying circuits as you separate the pieces, and Bobby can freeze everything at the end. Hopefully that ought to do it."

This was be destructive. Hefting the axe, Matt grinned, "Bustin' makes me feel good," he murmured, turning and opening a hole in the wall so the nanite things could pour out so they could get fried and frozen. Maybe they needed popcorn shrimp after this? Something about this made him think of popcorn shrimp. Maybe he was just hungry? "Think I have a future in construction?"

Natasha scanned the room while Matt was hacking and spotted one of several fire extinguishers scattered throughout the room. She raced over to grab two from their slots then placed herself in a position with clear aim at the haphazard hole being carved into the wall. "Maybe, but you won't win any design competitions."

As the nanites began pouring out, she scattered a few Bites within reach of the wall for Nica to use as an electrical spark and sprayed the fire extinguisher at the ones headed toward them in hopes they'd end up frozen or at least stunned. "We have a few tanks of liquid nitrogen in the back if someone wants to grab them!"

"Don't worry about the liquid nitrogen, I've got this," Bobby said. He raised both arms and closed his eyes, drawing in his energy before letting it flow out of him, quickening the stream to a torrent and then an all-out avalanche of cold. He hadn't drained himself like this in some time, and he fought to drop the temperature as low as he could, covering every inch of the room in ice that grew whiter and thicker before their eyes. It looked like it was working, but he couldn't tell from the snow and ice flying through the air. It would slow them down at least.

Today in XProject:

October 23

2003: Emma takes Jono and Sarah to Maine on a training retreat.

2004: Amanda thanks Alison for her help with Manuel. One To The Chest: Doug gets shot at the blood drive; a series of time-delayed emails goes out in the event of his death and there is an uproar. Alison asks Madelyn for more information about Haroun's cybernetics. Sound and Fury prologue: Magneto hatches a plot to do with Miles.

2005: Marius wakes up from his second coma of the week and finds he's absorbed Rahne's powers by feeding on her. Marie-Ange trains with Nathan in the Danger Room and learns the value of asking for help. Jean is cleared to rejoin the team and picks the name "Phoenix". Upgrade: Haroun finally walks out of the medlab under his own power. The staff discuss Tommy's fate.

2006: Marie reports back from Kosovo that Yvette's mother, whilst overprotective, is happy to have her daughter back. Laurie checks up on Jennie. Angel meets Shiro after he accidentally burns down a tree. Operation: Flesh Mechanic: Remy summons the Snow Valley team to Russia. Terp Attack: M.O.N.S.T.E.R. meets at Clarice's college and decide to approach her again about joining, which doesn't go well. Kurt has his first session with Jack Leary.

2007: Wanda goes to Washington for a conference. Crystal is mysterious about a package. Terry mourns Pietro's departure. Kyle talks first to Ororo, and then to Haller, about the possibility of college.

2008: Doug has an early morning call on Saturday and so rearranges his and Marie-Ange's date night to Thursday instead of Friday; during their date, he asks Marie-Ange about her broken precog and why she didn't tell him. Crystal announces she has photos of her nephew to show those interested. Yvette visits Callie in the infirmary and they talk about Karolina.

2009: Jubilee posts a cryptic message in her journal, asking why. Nico seeks Adrienne for a job at her store and confesses that she didn't have a resume and is directed to get help from Kurt. Hank requests volunteers for a Danger Room practice run, wanting to test the limits of the room and anyone interested should contact him. Manuel emails Adrienne about being fitted for his Halloween costume next week, an email to Doug about arranging a costume for him and a final email to Wanda, Amanda and Callie, explaining that he needs a babysitter for Halloween. Callie walks into work and presents Angelo with her finished work and winds up with a potential assignment with Alvorecer Novo which is more along her line of interest. Nico takes up Bobby's offer of Terry's old clothes and they talk about the X-Men and her magic. Nico seeks Kurt to help her with her resume and he assures her that Amanda was only trying to protect the mansion when sensing black magic. He encourages her to prove that she means no harm to anyone and together, they focus on her resume preparation. Catseye finds a crying Dori with Monkey Joe in the treehouse and they talk about why Dori is upset.

2010: Julian and Angel catch up with each other and Julian is typically Julian.

2011: Amanda gives Nico, Matt and Meggan presents for Parents' Day. Wade emails Adrienne about the Halloween party. Adrienne and Jean-Paul share a late night conversation.

2012: Jubilee gets the Gangnam style song stuck in her head and decides to share the pain. Hope comments on the wedding dress of the Belgian Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy.


2014: Kyle says that there is a cheeseburg donut. Wade texts Marie-Ange asking if they would need a WWII era tank. Scott asks the team on what happened to the Danger Room the night before. Clint asks if anyone wants to go to a book signing by Arthur Centino next Tuesday. Sue and Clint are having lunch when they are photographed. Julian texts Clint welcoming him to the drama. Julian and Angel talk about his issues with Clint. Rogue and Adrienne have a conversation about money, employment, and putting jello in people’s beds.

2015: Rogue emails Emma saying she will take up her offer from April and emails Adrienne saying she will need tomorrow off but will promise to make it up. Clea posts about homecoming week and asking if anyone else is looking forward to it. Clint texts Natasha and asks if she is awake. Clint texts Jennie and asks if she could help transport his stuff tomorrow with promises of breakfast and caffeine.

2016: Bobbi posts about Halloween candy being evil and that she’ll have to put in extra Danger Room time to work off the calories. Maya has another horse riding lesson with Sooraya.

2017: Felicia posts up a instagram post noting how coffee makes her happy the day after her birthday. Miles posts to let people know the dreaded Midterms are here again. Kyle turns the Danger Room floor into "lava" as a way for people to relieve some stress.


2019: Topaz posts some friendly reminders for the Halloween season.


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Welcome back Emily who will be bringing in a Phase 2 version of Marrow, Sarah Rushman!

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  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

  • X-Men Mission: Lone Sentinel: The Brotherhood of Mutants resurfaces with an attack on a government facility.

  • Tayammum: One X-Man deals with the consequences of a mission.

  • Potomac Calls to Chesapeake: Rains of seaweed and frog spawn, damaged property and improbable drownings on dry land - what is going on in Baltimore? Team Magic go to investigate and discover the city is rather... crabby.

  • Monster Mash: It's Halloween at the mansion, which means ANYTHING can happen. And this time is no exception.

  • The Colour of Horror: The mansionites rally in the aftermath of Halloween to save the artifacts from Avalon before everything is lost.

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