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Moment of Awesome - Namor the Submariner: Namor was just wanting to restore himself in the lake. He didn't reckon on a purple cat-girl and the Queen of Limbo.

Anatomically impossible or not, Sharon discovered Namor's wings had one unambiguously effective quality: speed. Falling she had been prepared for. She'd fallen many times, and from many things. This, she quickly discovered, was an entirely different experience than plunging into a lake at high speed while hanging from the waist of a stranger like a complaining fanny pack. Sharon let go.

The ability to twist your own skin to get all four feet aligned with the ground had limited utility when there was no ground to land on. The end result was Sharon's first experience with both a large body of water and performing the feline equivalent of a belly flop.

Illyana, on the other hand, wasn't going to take a chance with missing her own portal. Or worse, ending up falling from some height into the dust of Limbo because she wasn't focused enough. Water, at this point, was probably inevitable. "Will not yield," she finally replied. Her voice was resolute, and she hooked her legs and arms more securely around Namor. "Will take you down with me, Majesty."

"Wrahhhh," Namor elegantly bellowed as the other two hit the water. If anyone was paying close attention, they might notice that his neck flexed to expose a set of gills that sighed with their own relieved breath of air. The water immediately moisturized his skin, whitened his teeth, and cleared Namor's cloudy disposition in an instant.

There were, of course, other things going on.

Illyana shrieked into Namor's ear just before they hit the water, clinging to him like a limpet as the water surrounded them. It was partially fear, since she couldn't swim at all, but that just meant she wasn't shy about digging fingers and nails into flesh as her hair floated out of the very loose ponytail she'd thrown it into.

Sharon's head broke the surface of the lake, her yowl of outrage already fully loaded.

"Wet!" Sharon shrieked, arms flailing as she speedran the process of discovering the mechanics of the dog paddle. "You have made me wet!" Her hindlegs got the memo and engaged, leaving her tail to thrash to and fro, arcing lakewater across the sky.

Namor emerged, bright and refreshed, flipping his hair back behind him in a glorious, cinematic spray of water. "Wet," he concurred.

"Wet," Illyana groused. "You okay, Sharon? That did not look like fun fall." Funny, and the only reason she hadn't ended up laughing was the speed at which she ended up in the water herself. Speaking of... she poked Namor in the abs. "Cannot swim, please take to shallow area," she requested politely. "Will get you back for this, one day."

There was a burbling wrrrowllll from Sharon, who had managed to synchronize all four legs and was paddling for the shore as they spoke. She was using her tail as a rudder in a way that somehow managed to convey deep personal offense. Soaked and stinking with lake-water, Sharon crawled to shore and glared at Namor as he came stroking up behind her with Illyana in tow.

"I am a cat," she said in the same accusing tones one might say 'you punched a baby'. Sharon started to shake, then did a double-take as she noticed the gill slits around Namor's neck.

"You have branchiae also?" she squawked. "Avian and aquatic adaptations? That is it. Jail! Jail for illogical fish man! Jail for one thousand years!"

Turns out it is remarkably easy to beat a cat to shore when one has wings. Illyana was deposited extremely gently on the shore, having been fished out of the water quickly upon her request. Those illogical, fluttering wings continued beating in soft, rhythmic mockery as the fish man landed nimbly near Sharon.

"We were in suspended animation in near five thousand of your years, Cat." Namor, completely nonplused by any of Sharon's accusations, ran a hand through his hair to shake off any water. "No human jail would be able to hold me."

Today in XProject:

December 7th

2003: A concerned Moira asks Angelo's roomates, Alex and Shiro, to drag him down to see her about his depression. They take her rather literally and throw him out. Angelo spends the night on the rec room couch. Haroun posts from Marrakesh, having left the school.

2004: Remy's Eleven: Nathan gets to roust the Remy's Eleven girls out of bed for early-morning training, under much protest. Terry and Nathan chat while scoping out the casino and he invites her to Muir Island for the holidays.

2005: Haroun goes to Nathan for some perspective on his situation, and gets some advice he doesn't want to hear. A jet-lagged Nathan falls asleep on the couch and leaves the door open, upon which Rachel decides to go for a float. After Rachel's adventure, Nathan and Moira put her to bed. Her parents retire to the living room to discuss how they seemed to have managed to spawn evil incarnate. Manuel runs into Dani late at night in an effort to avoid people. This works well since Dani is also avoiding people. They talk about recent events and Manuel's moving out. Dani manages to not go crazy but only barely. Bobby initiates a mansion-wide snowball fight. Doug runs out of Tante Mattie's jambalaya, and has hot chocolate instead. Shiro moves to a new suite. Terry emails Bobby to try and fix things.

2006: Haller has a meltdown post-Xorn and Lorna makes him cookies. Garrison comes to Snow Valley to pick up Marie-Ange and encounters Doug; Doug reacts badly to the knowledge Marie-Ange is dating again and drags Amanda out drinking; Amanda and Doug end up in bed together.

2007: Jishin Da! Laurie decides to drag Julio out sightseeing with herself and Noriko and emails accordingly; Julio runs into Kyle in the park; Angel and Jennie go for sushi and Angel gets a lesson in not being a spaz. Mark says hi to his new friend, a mutant by the name of Victor, as he buys breakfast at the cafe he works at.

2008: Amara announces her return. Ktenology 101: Christian Kane comes to the school with a plan for Marie; Marie, on her way to leave with Christian, runs into Angelo and promises she'll stay in contact; Marie emails Scott to let him know she and Christian are going to look for the people who attacked Garrison's car. Manuel comments on the new student and the security of the mansion in his own special way and Karolina adds to the fire with her own complaints. Julian and Kevin play basketball and Kevin fills Julian in on the mansion. Nathan gets a surprise visit from Rachel and Moira. Jane emails Amanda with gossip, asking when she'll be back. Jan reminds people of the resources available for people to talk. Kevin emails Yvette and takes her out ice-skating to avoid the stress of the discussion on Manuel's journal and he tells her about his potentially leaving; later that night, she falls asleep on Jean-Paul and he has to ask for rescue from Nathan. Jubilee teases Remy about his issues with Manuel and he responds by putting her to work. Morgan congratulates Laurie on dealing with Karolina sanely. Karolina takes off for a while, leaving her phone behind. Clarice decides David Bowie movies are better than debates on safety and winds up having a discussion with Manuel about his point any way. Scott reassures the school all is being done to keep them safe. Kyle noticed Karolina leaving and texts Jan; Jan raises the alarm on the staff comms. Zanne and Jennie hide from the chaos and celebrate Zanne's new status and talk about Jennie kissing/biting Marius. Manuel emails Morgan and they wind up agreeing on the powers sharing experiment for his control. Monet abandons the mansion for a night of drinking and debauchery and on her return, she and Morgan flirt. Julian meets Catseye in cat form and assumes she belongs to the student he talked to on the journals.

2009: Manuel helps Julian with his resume and puts an offer on the table concerning a job. A question from Laurie about killing people sends Garrison storming wordlessly out of the Situation Room.

2010: Yvette sends an email out to the Elpis group in order to find out more information about her father. Jean and Jean-Paul work on using anger as a trigger for his concussive blasts but have trouble finding a way to make him angry that won't damage their friendship.

2011: John resurfaces and demands introductions from the newcomers and returnees; Wade emails Doug about his touchiness on the thread in John's journal. Maddie sends Sarah V. a coded email about meeting for a prank. Wade posts about watching the Disney version of Robin Hood.

2012: Jubilee posts a video about Fraggles as a gift. Sharon makes a post about a mansion snowball fight on Saturday and about volunteering for the holiday season. Professor Xavier announces that he has rented a chalet December 30-January 2 for the students, staff, and guests. Maddie texts Billy about a meat thermometer, glitter glue, and pancake mix. Matt gets Adrienne to figure out a Christmas gift for Sue for him.

2013: Adrienne posts a picture of a young Tandy with an interesting hairstyle.

2014: Clint posts that he’s in a relationship on Facebook. God is a Gun Marie-Ange and Doug are attacked while they’re at lunch; Amanda posts to inform X-Force that Doug and MA were attacked; Amanda also sends an email to Charles, Scott and Jean letting them know about the attack on Doug and Marie-Ange; Wade takes Molly out to buy a comic but they are also attacked; Angel posts to X-team telling them what happened; Kurt and Scott head into the city to pick up Molly and Wade; Wade texts Marie-Ange asking her about Doug; Cecilia assures the medical staff Wade is ok, but asks someone to check on Molly; Clint texts Cecilia to ask her what’s going on; Jean texts Clint to find out where he is; Clint texts Clarice asking for a ride back to the mansion; Wade texts Doug to check in on him. Impossible Odds: Cecilia receives a phone call from the supposedly dead Arthur Centino. Cecilia texts Scott and Jean about the phonecall and asks someone to go to Nevada to pick up Arthur.

2015: Maya texts Xavin to not be in their suite tonight, as she’s reacting badly to the accident. Darcy lets Clint know she has a birthday gift for him. At the last bar of Clint’s birthday pub crawl, he and Gabriel have an awkward moment; a very drunk Clint texts his thanks for his birthday on xp_staff; Kyle accidentally outs Clint and Matt as mutants to Matt's friend Foggy Nelson. Jean leaves Kitty a Hanukkah gift. Julian texts Tandy asking if yesterday’s accident really happened. Hungover Gabriel needs an egg sandwich or five. Hungover Natasha texts Clint demanding bacon and being glad of the gift of Chinese food provided by Angel. Xavin posts to xp_generation_x to let Maya know they aren’t going to be roommates any more and an online brawl ensues before Nica steps in. Wade asks Sharon for help with Maya, given their shared heritages and Sharon’s military background.

2016: Matt makes a journal post to wish Clint a Happy Birthday. Miles makes a journal entry about his girlfriend’s lowkey racist father. Tabby makes a journal entry asking for help with algebra.


2018: Amanda discovers Pete Shelley, a member of Buzzcocks, has died. Jean posts an article about how the centre of the galaxy smells like rum and raspberries.

2019: Natasha texts Clint wishing him a belated birthday.



2022: Gabe asks if the Hellfire Gala is a required attendance thing. Darcy posts the World Cup Quarter Finals chart.

XProject Announcements and News:

Congrats Jeff on new character Inez Temple and Tink on taking on Illyana Rasputin!

Welcome to new player Evy! We look forward to seeing your Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat soon!

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  • Town Called Malice: When the X-Men investigate a pocket cell of Clan Akkaba, they instead uncover a new foe... and an old face.

  • X-Men Mission: SummersSlam: A series of deaths across the country indicate the perpetrator is making a bee-line for New York. The explanation is out of this world.

  • Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand: A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.

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