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The new year saw new opportunities for several: a much calmer Logan returned to the mansion and tentatively began reconnecting with the residents and the students; Molly Hayes, stood up to her parents and began to make progress with her memory issues; Layla Miller left for Attilan for further study and Yvette Petrovic and Fred Dukes finally went on their first date. X-Factor lost another member, with Vanessa Carlysle going on an extended job in Vancouver, while Artie Maddicks sought the help of Amanda Sefton and Jennifer Walters in searching for his true history.

The New Mutants were targeted by the Slendermen, before only known as an internet meme - the reality was much worse, with the group forced to face grotesque mockeries of friends and families, designed to bring out their strongest emotions. With X-Force called in to provide an exit, the students escaped, somewhat worse for wear. Tandy Bowen increased the frequency with which she asked Topaz to drain her fears, to the point the powers abuse was discovered and both girls found themselves in deep trouble. Billy Kaplan's issues came out in a more humorous way, as an attempt to summons something that wasn't eggs for breakfast resulted in several days of randomly appearing potatoes.

Betsy Braddock, erratic after the Genosha incident, mysteriously appeared in Jean Grey's bed, unwell and confused, leading Jean to insist she stay at the mansion until they sorted things out. "John Doe", bothered by flashes of memory, emailed Kurt Sefton about a purple cat he kept recalling.


Jan 1 - On the ski trip, Topaz and Amanda hide from the crowds and talk magic and the past. Laurie posts about having a hangover.

Jan 2 - Doug posts about wanting to go to the Taco Donuts palace with Wade.

Jan 3 - Wade texts Doug back that the road trip is not really possible since something is going on with Molly.

Jan 4 - Auld Lang Syne: Molly's parents decide to take her away with them, but she convinces them to let her stay at the school; Wade texts Marie-Ange about wanting to kill Molly’s parents.

Jan 5 - Haller emails Artie and Amanda about the attack by the Serpent Society. He also emails Paige about the tape.

Jan 6 - Maddie posts about Les Miserables, one of its actors and her wanting to have kids with him through a surrogate mother. Auld Lang Syne: Charles posts about being careful what to tell Molly since she lost her memory. Jean runs into Logan at the airport and they talk briefly. Scott finds Logan at the mansion and the two have a peace offering beer and talk.

Jan 7 - Sarah V. posts about the crazy things autocorrect does and starting university.

Jan. 8 - Hope A. posts letting everyone know she has just received a new book, and will be busy reading for a while. Maddie and Tandy "discuss" Tandy's relationship with Clint, and the consequences of Tandy hurting him. Tandy texts Clint asking if he's talked to Maddie recently.

Jan. 9 - Layla posts complaining about packing and going to Attilan tomorrow for her study abroad. Vanessa posts to x_factoragency to let her co-workers know she's still searching for an abducted kid, and she'll be heading off to Vancouver. Hope A. posts apologizing for being distant during class, as she was up late reading, and says it was a an interesting book.

Jan. 10 -

Jan. 11 - Wade texts Doug telling him to meet him in the gym. Tandy texts to Topaz asking if they can meet. Angel posts looking for someone to hang out with. Adrienne posts about a Miss-America-watching part for the next night. Wade makes good on his threat to come drag Doug to the gym, and refuses to let up on getting Doug to talk about things. He also refuses to let Doug's issues get in the way of their 'epic bromance'. Lorna and Logan have a meeting in the Danger Room.

Jan. 12 -

Jan. 13 -

Jan. 14 - Lorna leaves a plate of Nutella filled donuts for Molly at her door with a note telling the girl to enjoy them. Angelo posts on the forms asking if he just saw Logan. Clint texts Billy betting him twenty bucks and a plate of nachos that Clint can make it back to the room before Billy does.

Jan. 15 - Angel makes a post for the New Mutants reminding them that they are expected to be at the NYC Free Clinic this Saturday to help with the food and clothing drive. Angelo and Fred catch up while having drinks at Harry’s. Jennifer Walters makes a post introducing herself as one of the new lawyers working alongside Warren. Artie emails Amanda thanking her for what she did to save his life the other week. Logan makes a post stating that he is back. Wade texts North asking if he should be concerned with Logan's memory issues as Wade recognized Logan's other alias of Wolverine. Tandy makes a post stating that she and Angel made a quick run to Count Donutula's for some evening donuts. Angel texts Kyle telling him that kids these days have no appreciation for weird-tasting donuts. Maddie is introduced to one of the most important (and terrifying) parts of using her powers: altered memories and how to fix them.

Jan. 16 - Logan emails Professor X and Scott about training Clint with one-on-one. Maddie names her pimple Bob and ask if anyone has a cure to getting rid of Bob.

Jan. 17 - Laurie links a youtube video and ask if anyone would want to watch it with her when it comes out.

Jan. 18 - Jubliee asks if anyone would come over and entertain her from writing reports. Logan and Yvette have a little fun putting their skills to the test in the woods and then catch up. Adrienne makes dinner for Tandy and the two discuss how Tandy is doing and after dinner Adrienne accidentally Reads Tandy’s ring and has many questions that need answering. Adrienne emails Scott, Jean and Garrison about her new codename, CoverGirl. Adrienne emails Haller about what she had seen regarding Tandy’s ring that she Read and asks for advice. Kurt stops by Wade’s suite with a bottle of homemade liquor and their conversation turns serious.

Jan. 19 - Adrienne emails Jean asking if she prescribed anti-anxiety medication for Tandy. Kurt apologizes to Lorna as well as Kyle, Logan, and Matt for the smell of burning in the kitchen and the mess in the oven after a failed attempt to make chicken and waffles while drunk. Jean leaves a note for Warren with three tickets to the opera for his birthday.Something Slender (and Awful): Clint’s father’s place get ding-dong ditched and then a visitor appears on the fire escape; Clint and Billy are concerned, but Maddie is not buying it; Hope A., Tandy and Topaz go out for a proper British Tea when they are interrupted by an unwelcome and persistent visitor who really wants the girls’ attention; Matt and Sue’s brunch date is ruined by the sense that something is not right, and a man with no heartbeat who smells like funerals; Molly and Renee’s plans for waffles is interrupted by an unwelcome encounter; Tandy runs back to find Jean-Phillipe to tell him what had happened by he doesn’t believe her as Slenderman are an internet meme; Matt tries to call the mansion but Jennie is distracted by a tiny kitchen fire; Molly texts the New Mutants asking if she can punch the man following her and Renee; Topaz texts Billy asking if they could meet somewhere to talk about what they could do to keep the things from following them; Billy and Topaz put their heads together and decide that maybe they should do something to keep them and their friends safe; in the Women’s bathroom stall at McDonalds, Topaz does her best to protect Tandy, Hope A. and Molly, fuelling the ward with her own emotions and the best they can do is hope it works; The boys get together in the Men’s stall and Billy does not have confidence about his artistic abilities at all; Sue and Maddie are skeptical about it and Maddie thinks her friends are cray-cray; Hope A., Matt and Renee lose their friends while in the subway; Topaz and Maddie are fine but everyone else has disappeared, they get up to the city and find that it is just as empty as the train; Clint and Molly make it to the station but they also lose their friends and classmates as well; Tandy, Billy and Sue manage to get separated from the group while riding on the same car as everyone else; after arriving home, Clint's foster fathers are not welcoming and have a message from Clint’s brother; Topaz is not afraid of the dark just the voices lurking in the dark; Hope A. confronts her mother and gives into anger; Billy has his own encounter with a Slenderman and the unpredictable nature of his powers; Matt is on trial by Dishonorable Judge Slenderman for being a failure, a loser and a general waste of space; Tandy faces her worst nightmare -D'Spayre; Molly did not do her homework and Professor Slenderman is not happy about it; Renee finds out that Firefighter Slendermen are not really in the field to rescue; Maddie is proven to be very wrong and does not land on her feet; Sue is pulled under and cannot save her brother; Billy and Clint find each other and Billy tries to summon his stick and gets a hammer instead; Molly is a self-rescuing Princess and does her best to save Tandy; Billy and Clint find Molly and Tandy where they work together to save Tandy from the Lickyimps; Maddie, who has made it back to the real world, goes straight to X-Force hoping that they will believe her about the Slenderman; Matt saves Topaz from the dark and from the voices; Sue, Topaz and Matt help Hope A. break out her cycle of anger and abuse by showing her that a Slender!mom has been toying with her; Sue, Topaz, Matt and Hope A. save Renee as the Firefighter Slenderman won’t do it; Amanda puts an all call for the rescue of the kids from the Slendermen; X-Force come to the rescue and the Slendermen meet something scarier than them - Gambit; Amanda, Maddie and Jubilee hold the portal; Marie-Ange and Wanda decide that they really need to be paid more for their jobs as they enter the Slenderman world; Marie-Angie arms herself - and everyone else - as Matt and Molly make a break for for the portal; Wanda wreaks havoc to rescue Sue; Maddie finds Billy and Clint and they make it to the portal out; Renee and Nico’s powers are creepy but nothing compared to Remy’s; Doug tries to keep the Slendermen off of Tandy and Hope A. but ends up the girls keeping the Slendermen off Doug; Topaz gets to see Amanda cut loose and kick ass and Jubilee gets her snark on while blowing up Slendermen; Doug texts Wade about beer and skatepuke and that he just got back from some craziness; Topaz asks if this sort of thing happens often; Doug posts to x_snowvalley stating that the New Mutants were taken by the Slendermen and that they were brought back safety but that the Slendermen are indeed real and that there will be files on them in the morning; Wade texts Marie-Ange asking is she is okay after the rescue; Tandy texts Clint saying she doesn’t want to be alone; Jean posts to the X-Men stating the events that had happened to the New Mutants and that it will be mandatory that everyone will be see Charles, Haller or herself so they can provide proof that Slenderman’s exist from their influence; Jean posts the same thing to the staff at the school; Wade texts Molly asking if she is okay; Tandy texts Adrienne that she is okay and that she is going to be hanging out with Clint for the evening. Jean texts Betsy asking how she is doing. Wade texts Sharon asking if she could check on Molly. Billy texts Topaz asking if they should tell Amanda about the whole tattoo thing or not. Adrienne leaves Warren a Gucci long-sleeved dress shirt with room for his wings and a birthday card. Adrienne emails Wade and Logan asking if they know where she can get her hands on a Montreal Canadian jersey. Haller emails Jean asking if she could prescribe something stronger than an aspirin for Betsy. Angel texts Lorna about the state of the kitchen. Wade texts Logan about taco trucks in ten minutes. Molly is having some cope failure after the Slendermen encounter and Topaz tries to make her feel better by doing magic. Hearing it go awry, and being tasked by Wade to check up on Molly anyway, Catseye investigates.

Jan. 20 - Matt posts about getting about the colleges he got into and didn't get into. Topaz emails Amanda about the wards that they used on the New Mutants during the Slendermen incident. “John” emails Kurt asking if he ever had a purple cat while he lived at the mansion. Artie visits Molly and they discover they have more things in common than they realized. Yvette and Fred talk about something that happened while they were taking down Christmas decorations; Yvette emails Angel and Sooraya asking for help on what to wear to a first date. Something Slender (and Awful): Billy posts to the kids' journal asking if there is a proper way of saying thank you to people who have rescued you from an alternate reality and if anyone wants to hang out. Billy emails Maddie if he could bring her a Tylenol or something. Hope A. emails Topaz, Sue and Matt thanking them for helping her yesterday and that she apologizes for her behavior; Hope A. also emails the Snow Valley team thank them for saving the NM from the Slendermen. Tandy posts about a change in movie plans from classic horror to The Goonies for Sunday night tradition. Billy, Matt and Clint try to think of a non-eggy breakfast and wind up summoning far too many potatoes; Lorna catches Billy smuggling potatoes into the pantry. Maddie pays Sarah V. a visit to see how she's doing, bringing donuts and a plan along with her. Molly tries to cheer up Matt after his college rejection.

Jan. 21 - Clint posts about magic-users being dangerous because of potatoes. Logan emails Clint about training. Topaz runs into Haller by the lake and senses his shift from Cyndi to Jim; when she nearly tells him this, he tries to learn more about her powers. Doug emails Marie-Ange about her odd powers incident over the weekend being similar to one she had during Genosha. Lorna emails Sue about shopping for a wetsuit in relation to surfing lessons. Tandy and Topaz have another emotion-draining session. Clint texts Billy about studying with Maddie. Tandy posts about wanting a personal Yoshi while watching the Super Mario Movie. Logan and Wade meet up for drinks and discussion of their pasts takes place before a bar fight breaks out and they realize they've got some friends in common. After her run in with evil Professor Kyle Slenderman, Molly decides to confront her fears by going to see the real Kyle.

Jan. 22 - Wade emails Korvus and Logan about restoring a classic car. Kyle posts a picture of himself holding potatoes for Billy. Lorna introduces taco baked potatoes for Taco Tuesday to cut down on the number of potatoes around the mansion created by Billy. Topaz talks to Hope A. about Hope A.’s buried anger, but Hope A. turns the tables on her by asking about her own anger issues. Tandy texts Topaz about ‘hanging out.’ Logan texts Kyle about entering a taco eating contest with Wade. Tandy posts about wanting someone to help her make a pizza.

Jan. 23 - Clint trains with Logan in the gym. Tandy texts Topaz about meeting up. Haller and Betsy practice some yoga moves that look intimate to an intruding Hope A., who runs away but is retrieved by Haller to meet Betsy. Sue texts Tandy about meeting up to watch a movie. Jean leaves a mug for Tabitha for her birthday. Hope A. texts Billy to tell him about a potato she found.

Jan. 24 - Clint texts Sue asking if Tandy is alright. Logan posts asking for surplus potatoes so he can put them to use on the weekend. Billy texts Topaz anticipating that their magic lesson will be about potatoes. Tandy asks Topaz for help. Sue texts Tandy after Tandy stands her up for a meeting in the library and Tandy mentions wanting to cut her hair. Sue texts Clint about Tandy wanting to cut her hair. Clint texts Maddie asking why a girl cutting her hair is a big deal. Amanda checks in on Matt after the Slenders and finds him on the gymnastics high bar.

Jan. 25 - Tandy emails Adrienne about feeling under the weather and missing classes for the day. Clint texts Tandy to ask how she’s doing. Angel posts a picture of her ferrets and Lorna’s dog. Clint emails Laurie about learning archery. Clint brings Tandy something to eat and encourages her to see a doctor, but she declines. Clint and Johnny talk about their powers and training after playing Frisbee. Logan emails Scott about his findings regarding Clint’s mutation during their lesson. Logan runs into Matt and they have a training session. Amanda checks up Billy, and they discuss long jumps, potatoes and chaos in general. Artie talks to Amanda and Jennifer about the possibility of tracking down his birth parents.

Jan. 26 - During an encounter with Tandy in their suite, Maddie realizes Tandy has been getting Topaz to drain her emotions during their meetings. Maddie confronts Topaz and threatens to expose what’s going on if Topaz does not confess on her own, but Topaz dismisses her. Maddie emails Haller, Adrienne, Amanda, and the Professor, asking to meet with them. Haller meets with Topaz after talking to Maddie and they discuss Topaz’s powers and the danger of Tandy’s dependence on them, before Haller sends her off to talk to the Professor. Adrienne meets with Tandy after talking to Maddie and they discuss the danger of Tandy’s dependence on Topaz’s powers, as well. Amanda talks to Topaz and offers more support than chastisement. Tandy emails Haller about getting help. Hope A. texts Tandy about the shouting she heard earlier.

Jan. 27 - As a consequence of Genosha, Jean finds Betsy asleep in Jean’s room looking very ill and not remembering how she got there, so Jean vows to help her get to the bottom of things. Kurt visits Topaz to console her. Kurt has consoling words for Tandy as well. Tandy texts Clint asking to meet so they can talk and Haller to announce her impending arrival for their session. Topaz emails Amanda asking if her brother is mad. Taking Jean’s advice, Betsy emails Haller to tell him she’s moving into her own suite. The Frost sisters get together to discuss such topics as Molly, parenting, Tandy, tattoos, drugs, being worshipped, Court relations, business, and taking over the world. On the eve of their first date, Fred gets clothing advice from Angelo and Sooraya and Angel calm down a jittery Yvette; Fred and Yvette go on their date and have a great time.

Jan 28 - Angel and Sooraya gently ambush Yvette when she returns from her date and demand details. Maddie looks for Clint and the two have a discussion.

Jan 29 - Sue stops by Angel’s suite to giver her a shiny belated Christmas present. Matt posts a picture of his ‘6 months sober’ token and writes about his determination to stay clean. Tandy emails her suitemates about her decision to move out. Angel visits Doug with donuts and friendliness.

Jan 30 -

Jan 31 - Topaz and Tandy have a late night encounter and make tentative steps towards friendship. Clint emails Topaz offering to bring her on a trip outside the mansion.


Auld Lang Syne

Something Slender (and Awful)

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