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Old face, Cecilia Reyes, returned to the mansion, having had to leave Latin America when things got too dangerous for Doctors Without Borders and not having a lot of other options. It was still the madhouse she remembered, including meeting the famous Jean Grey back from the dead and a lot of new faces. Strangely, she fitted back into things even better than before. Less successful was Namor Mazur, who got into a fight with Matt Murdock at a West Pace university party and coming off second best. He was more successful with Amanda Sefton, who was reminded of old boyfriend Manuel de la Rocha, despite the unexpected - and unexplained - jolt of mystical energy she picked up from him.

Catseye, busy with her new restaurant, stood down from RA duties and passed the job on (temporarily) to Angelica Jones, as well as hiring Fred Dukes as a security guard, given the amount of vandalism the site was suffering. Fred also became the school's latest driving instructor, with Topaz one of his first students.

Topaz, whose empathy was still completely under control after the incident with her father, had a bad interaction with roommate Molly Hayes; the younger girl, suffering a series of nightmares based on her experience in Rachel Kinross-Dayspring's "world" got caught in a loop and wound up jumping out of the window to escape her nightmares. Fortunately, Molly was not hurt due to her invulnerability, but it was decided that Topaz should switch rooms and stay with Madelyne Pryor and Hope Abbott, both more experienced psis.

And finally, after months of tiptoeing around each other, Sam Guthrie and Tabitha Smith went out on an actual, for reals, date.


Feb 1 - Cecilia returns to the mansion (which she's surprised to find she thinks of as home). Garrison's kind enough to update her on a few points. Cecilia introduces herself on the journals.

Feb 2 - Matt explains why Cecilia isn’t funny, and Cecilia explains why she's back at the mansion. Matt and Namor meet at a West Pace party, and their personalities clash almost instantly. Clint stops by with leftover pizza for Matt and notices something's not quite right. Clint texts Namor about wanting to throw stuff at him.

Feb 3 - Clint posts wondering what everyone's favorite Super Bowl ad was. Tandy posts about the musical at the public high school being Legally Blonde. Tandy texts Sue about shopping.

Feb 4 - Wade finds Cecilia cooking and decides to partake in eating. Catseye emails Angel about taking over RA duty for a little while and Fred about being a guard for her deli due to vandalism. Fred emails Scott about becoming the school's official driving instructor. Clint and Sue take a break from robotics work to talk. Ceclia posts to x_medical asking if anyone can help her find Wade's medical records. While training, Scott and Clint discover something new about Clint's powers. Cecilia finally meets Jean.

Feb 5 - For Frank's birthday, Topaz gives him a boxset of Hunter S. Thompson books, and Matt gives him a geometric toy of wonders.

Feb 6 - Clint helps Tandy with Physics and then they talk about other stuff.

Feb 7 - Fred posts letting everyone know he's the new driving instructor. Maddie posts complaining about not seeing Jamaica's Olympic team in the opening ceremony until almost last. Topaz goes to talk to Fred about driving lessons.

Feb 8 - Tandy posts inviting anyone who wants to go to see the Mercedes-Benz Fashion shows. Cecilia posts mourning her cracked iPhone screen. Molly and Johnny meet in the snow. Kyle and Clint discuss Clint's many crushes on the mansion girls.

Feb 9 - Clint and Maddie discuss Namor and acknowledging the assets he was blessed with. Wade offers Namor some constructive criticism and help in the gym. Cecilia and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's work with X-Corps and gossip.

Feb 10 -

Feb 11- Kyle posts about someone leaving him “your mom” jokes in Shakespeare. Molly and Namor meet for the first time.

Feb 12 - Clint posts a news article. Maddie posts about Nolan Ryans leaving the Rangers and that if anyone needs her, she’ll be in her room having an identity crisis and reexamining her life. Adrienne texts Sue about baseball and going to check on Maddie. Matt and Namor end up in the kitchen and is goes surprisingly well. Topaz and Megan go out for tea and discuss Megan's new found magical powers, school, and life in general.

Feb 13 - Matt posts about the Paralympics that will be broadcast on t.v. Sue texts Clint about the previous night. Cecilia posts about it still snowing and asking who wants to go sledding. Hope A. stops by to apologize for the argument she had with Namor on Clint’s journal. Adrienne leaves a t-shirt for Maddie. Hope A. emails Matt asking why he is biting everyone’s head off. Cecilia texts Matt about pelting Kyle with snowballs on Matt’s behalf. Franks drops in on Clint to check if he’s okay.

Feb 14 - Yvette wakes up in Fred's bed and they talk about important life changes. Sharon and Namor flirt in the indoor pool. Maddie texts Clint a poem. Cecilia leaves Wade two bottles of Famille Perrin and a note about a scratch on his car. Wade text Cecilia about which car it was. Lorna posts about homemade hot chocolate and cookies in the kitchen. The Professor announces that today is a official Snow Day. Yvette posts about wanting to try snow sculpting. Clint leaves a bouquet of fruit for Ceclia for calling her old. Cecilia goes to check on Matt. Cecilia posts about her room being glitter bombed. Cammie leaves a phone post. Cammie texts Tabitha about bar hopping that night. Molly leaves Valentine Cards for everyone at the mansion. Sue and Maddie celebrate Valentine's day. Cecilia and Namor plan a sparkly revenge against the one that glitter bombed them.

Feb 15 -

Feb 16 - Hope A. texts Sue about visiting the hairstylist again.

Feb 17 - Matt and Topaz spend the afternoon browsing a bookstore in the city.

Feb 18- Topaz’s empathy affects Molly while she’s having a nightmare and Molly tries to escape her own nightmare by jumping out the window of their suite. Wade takes Molly to the medlab. Haller informs the staff of the incident and the fact that Topaz will be moving in with Maddie and Hope A.. Clint texts Topaz to ask what happened. Clint texts Kyle to tell him he won’t be in class. Clint texts Maddie to ask her to take notes for him. Clint meets Topaz in the library to talk about what happened with Molly. Frank texts Topaz to ask if she’s okay. Sue texts Molly to ask if she’s okay. Topaz texts Molly to ask if she’s okay. Clint texts Maddie to ask if she’s awake.

Feb 19 - Amanda texts Topaz to offer her a place to stay. Amanda meets Namor in the library and gets a jolt of mystical energy from him before they agree to go for coffee together. Sue and Hope A. visit a hairstylist and Hope A. discusses her impending first date with Dennis with Sue.

Feb 20 - Namor beats Angel in a race at the pool and offers an open invitation to go scuba diving, to which Angel suggests spring break. Logan posts asking who gave his number to a kid who texted him. Logan texts Wade asking if he’s out of his mind. Hope A. texts Sue asking for help because ‘he really did text;’ Hope A. emails Logan admitting she gave Logan’s number out to a boy who was hassling her and apologizes.

Feb 21 - Tandy texts Adrienne to make birthday plans. Adrienne emails the students to invite them out for Tandy’s birthday. Tandy posts a flow chart for determining peoples’ roles in the film business. Adrienne and Garrison watch the men’s hockey semi-finals and talk about Tandy and her future.

Feb 22 - Cecilia and Wade discuss Honduran politics while Wade cooks steak. While playing video games Clint and Namor discuss Namor’s powers. Sam and Tabby finally go out on a formal date.

Feb 23 - Angel discovers Johnny out on the grounds, trying to fly by jumping off a tree.

Feb 24 - Clint emails Catseye about donating the leftover food from her restaurant to Tandy’s uncle’s mission. Marie-Ange and Jean talk about the difficulty in not taking your work home with you when you live with your work.

Feb 25 - Marie-Ange requests a delivery of these cellists. Doug is amused at the fall of Bitcoin.

Feb 26 -

Feb 27 - Hope A. accidentally includes all the New Mutant girls on an email about a date she went on and the awkwardness the next day in class.

Feb 28 - Catseye is excited and nervous about the impending opening of her deli, especially as there will be anti-mutant protesters there. Jean emails Adrienne a link to every Oscar best actress gown since 1929. Topaz encounters Namor in the library, and talks to him about the volume of his emotions. Tandy gets birthday gifts from Adrienne(a choker and a ring) and emails her thanks; Sue and Maddie give her a bracelet; Clint gives her some earrings and four local theater tickets; Hope A. gives her a pendant; Matt gives her a DVD gift voucher. Callie announces a Cajun cooking spree and lets people know there’s food in the kitchen.



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