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Moment of Awesome - Kurt Sefton/Nightcrawler: When Marius makes apology rounds following the recent events in New York, Kurt is able to ease the uncomfortable situation and remind his friend he's there for him.

Kurt glanced at where Marius' hand was resting. "Is... is there something there you might like to have wiped away? I know a little of rituals, and my sister might be able to help with that."

Acid bile rose in his throat. "No!" Marius snapped, jerking back in the chair before he caught himself. He squeezed his eyes shut and composed himself before continuing, "Thank you, but I don't . . . I don't want to be touched, merci. I still don't know if my body's even settled yet. Just . . . no one put hands on me, for a while. Please."

"It was an offer only", Kurt said calmly, unoffended. "No one is going to force anything on you ever again, if we have any say in it."

"Right. Right, I know." It didn't do much to quell the spike in his blood pressure, but he had to remember where he was now. These people had stopped him. They were people Marius could trust.

But he'd trusted his doctor, too.

"A . . . anyway," said the younger man, smoothing a gloved hand down his shirt, "I don't plan on doing anything drastic until it's sure I'm stabilised. We don't yet know if my marrow deficiency will return. The extras Akkaba put in me have gone, but I fed during the fight. It'd be two weeks at least til anything would show for the other."

"Understood", he said quietly. "You need to take some time to heal in your own ways, before even considering anything else."

"Right. Anything . . . else." Marius' eyes skated away. This was the part he'd tried to avoid thinking about. What else could there be, after this? Go back to Brisbane and carry on as if the last year of his life had never happened?

"You know that you are welcome to stay for as long as you need to?" Kurt asked, reading his expression. "And I do mean as long. You are among friends in this house."

Marius was silent. Unbidden, his mind went back to another conversation he'd had with Kurt all those years ago. The first time people had been hurt as a result of his own pride and desperation. The first time the other man had stepped in to stop him from doing further harm. He'd asked Kurt a question, then. It was the same question that had followed him ever since.

"How many people you let a rabid dog bite before you put it down?"

The Australian shook his head.

"I know I would be," Marius said quietly. "Just . . . if I do, not sure I can return the favour."

"Favours are not given with expectation of return, Marius. Or... they should not be, in any case, and I can promise this one is not."

Marius laughed without humour. "No worries. I only want to honour the social contract of not making you regret the invitation."

The Australian extricated himself from the chair and stood to face Kurt. "Regardless," he said, "I'm here a few weeks more at least. I'll think on it."

"All right." He stood in turn, a hand half-offered with no pressure. "My door is open to you at any time."

Automatically, Marius began to reciprocate only to be jarred back to awareness by the instinctual flex of teeth against the leather of his glove. His body was reacting to Kurt's proximity, trying to engage the latching reflex. Slowly, the younger man closed his hand.

"Thank you," he said, and meant it.

Today in XProject:

May 29:

2003: Kitty and Jamie prank Warren.

2004: Jamie talks to Amanda and later Moira about Skippy and tries not to freak out, Nathan recovers from his hangover with Moira and is informed about Askani’s deal with Manuel, and Manuel celebrates the proper return of his powers with Amanda. Angelo plans another trip to Boston.

2005: Stigmata: Jean finally gets Paige to open up a little; Alison visits Paige and brings her a gift. While Nathan and Haroun spar, they talk about what’s really bothering Nate. William “Billy” Norton McCoy is born at 1:17 in the morning.

2006: Angelo and Marie talk about the prom. Ororo and Scott discuss Scott's issue with Bobby in light of earlier events. Marie uses her own powers in a Danger Room session.

2007: Jean plays a prank on Nathan. Kurt announces to the staff his plan to bring Yvette's mother for Parents' Day. Crystal and Cain talk plans for the engagement party. Pietro announces he is leaving to visit his mother's family for a time. Voodoo Child: Sam wins the Vegas contest and invites a number of people to take advantage of the cheap fares and join him; a number of staff, graduates and students decide to go. Nathan and Rachel track down Kurt and talk to him about his father.

2008: Zemo: Nathan posts about Romanova's actions on the team comms, causing a debate about professional behaviour; Remy and Ororo take a team to Monaco to try to win a piece of the machine in a high-stakes poker game against Radioactive Man; the game is won, but the piece is lost when Radioactive Man steals it.

2009: X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: Lil meets Peter Lakatos, at the mansion for briefing on the upcoming mission and there is flirting. Adrienne tries to apologise but Garrison is less than receptive. Manuel goes out to play poker and runs into North. Prom: Fred takes Callie out for dinner before the dance; Angel tries to relax as she gets ready and John helps; Kevin arrives to surprise Yvette; Johnny and Doreen arrive and anticipate having fun; Jean-Paul plays along and gives Lil a corsage for prom; Julian runs into Callie and more sharp words are exchanged about what it is to be outcast; Lil dances with Peter Lakatos and there is more flirting; Jay tries to avoid Kevin and Dani and Yvette help with that; Julian dances with Inez, Doreen and Yvette as friends; Lil dances with Johnny after losing track of time with Peter; Jake gets bored and attempts to distract Jean-Paul; after a couple of false starts Callie and Fred kiss good night. Pas de Trois: Taking some air, Julian finds himself kissing Esme and Angel sees them; Angel refuses to listen to Julian's apologies; Forge finds Angel half-naked in a tree, having burned through her prom dress fleeing from Julian and rescues her.

2010: Crystal e-mails Warren about escorting her to the Prom.

2011: Jan reminds everyone about the Memorial Day BBQ.

2012: Stemming the Tide: Emma, Wade, Lorna and Warren negotiate a price for Jayresh to bring their group to safety; on the way to Jayresh's camp, some ethical issues are discussed - Wanda explains to Marius how her power works and he asks about the effects her chaos can have on people, Lorna checks in on Sharon F.and reflects on the necessity of killing in order for friends to survive, Matt tells Meggan about overhearing the adults talking about killing people, Wade tries to warn Megan and Molly that they might have to witness killings, Fred and Warren debate the ramifications of being labelled as terrorists and actually behaving like real terrorists, while Emma and Jean-Phillipe agree that in their situation, Magneto's methods were perhaps necessary for them to save themselves. In The Balance: In prison, Remy, Marie-Ange, Haller and Scott play cards and discuss their incarceration and strategy; Doug is interrogated but refuses to provide the 'right' answers; Terry is brought into Doug's interrogation and the both of them are tortured; Lex, Sarah and Tabitha meet the ex-President of Genosha in the prison yard and he provides insight on how the prison system works and why it works the way it does; Amanda and Korvus are interrogated separately, but are treated to 'good-cop' persuasion methods because of their countries of origin; Scott asks Haller about Jean, and Haller admits to being the cause of Jean's projected emotions down the couple's link when he saw Betsy during the fight. Step By Step: As Jean settles into the safehouse, she recalls the last private conversation she had with Scott. The Unrelenting Struggle: During the train ride, Jubilee and Ororo secretly work on their restraints while the rest distract their guards with insults; an unexpected explosion derails the train and the group evacuates, only to meet a resistance group led by Jenny Ransome who swiftly recruits them to her cause and returns their powers to them; Kurt and Cammie are happily reunited; Kurt and Jubilee can't sleep and instead swap life stories with each other.

2013: Laurie posts about having baked lots. Tandy texts Clint about attending the World Science Festival.

2014: Adrienne proposes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the afternoon after prom. Rachel posts a Selfie of herself and Molly. Pixie posts in remembrance of Maya Angelou.

2015: Laurie emails Alison offering help with her insomnia. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Sue and Arthur break into SHIELD's Triskelion building to find the information they want. Quentin sneaks into Gabriel's bar and convinces him to make some bad decisions (even for him). Hope A.'s work day with Julian gets a fun twist.


2017: Sharon F.emails the medlab staff to let them know she’s doing a nurse to paramedic bridge program over the summer. Sharon F.emails Reed, Sue and Hank to ask them to look at an unusual weapon she came across during the incident with the Avengers.



2020: Alex asks if anyone can bring donuts to X-Factor.

2021: Allison mourns the death of BJ Thomas.

2022: Clan Akkaba - Case File: Inception: Alex meets with Callisto, and finds out the Morlocks are also missing a few kids; Arthur posts an update about the case. April meets Pyotr's new dog, Boris.

2023: Sooraya and Haller have lunch, and they have quite a good time until some hard news is shared.

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  • Generation X: Cryptid Hunters!: In the wake of the latest Slendermen encounter, Gen X takes a road trip to discover what other urban myths just might actually be real.

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  • Is He Both? When a series of gamma radiation related deaths occur in Colorado, the X-Men investigate a connection to a deceased teenaged mutant.

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