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Moment of Awesome - Jay Guthrie/Icarus: When Namor happens upon a fishing Jay, the interaction takes a number of turns, before the younger man offers an ear to the ancient royal. Even if part of him believes the man to be a ghost.

Jay turned slightly to look at the wet figure behind him- no monster, but Jay wasn't going to rule out the man being some sort of spectre. He was surprised to notice the small, hummingbird like wings on the man's ankles. Ever since he'd gotten his wings he hadn't been one much for submerging himself. Then again, there was waterfowl.

Maybe this man was more like a duck.

Jay glared at him slightly as his heart slowed down. "You got me pretty damn good," he said to the figure. "And that's a shame about the bass."

Namor stopped, turned, and squinted. "Never doubt that I do everything 'pretty damn good.'" He took a swig of water. "There is more pleasant fishing on the other side of the lake — a healthy stock of perch." He stretched his arms wide, seemingly unbothered by being wet in the chilly March air.

Jay's politeness got the better of him, now that he was willing to rule the figure out as a ghost after watching him drink. "Well, I'll be taking that advice if'n you'd like to join," he figured it would be a no and kicked off. Why walk all the way around the lake when he could fly there in a shorter path?

This got a stare. "You," and the incredulity in the Atlantean's tone was so plain as he squared his shoulders that he might as well have been pointy, "Clearly understand nothing of Namor." His eyes blazed with pride for just a moment, but then, "I have not been fishing in 5,000 years."

Maybe Jay had judged this Namor as not being a spectre too soon. He didn't sound like he was exaggerating when he said 5,000 years. "You want to be joining in then?" He asked, not letting himself be put off by this self important man's attitude, especially when he sensed just a hint of sadness in his last statement.

The full weight of inhuman ice blue's eyes fell upon Jay Guthrie as the young man received his full appraisal. Whatever they found, Namor answered, "We accept your invitation. It should be diverting, at the least." He nodded. "What is your weapon of choice? Simple hook and line?"

"Well, I don't got a net for trawling and I never liked folks who shoot at the fish," Jay said as he began to fly to the other side of the lake, following Namor's knowledge of it. It also gave him an excuse to turn away from the man. That stare gave him the heebie-jeebies something fierce.

The other, muscled man took a minute to retrieve his water bottle from the dock, although he didn't follow immediately after. He had retreated back up to the boathouse itself, grabbing an item. Still, his voice echoed across the water to Jay in questioning disbelief.

"They do what to the fish?"

"Shoot at 'em," Jay called back, gesturing as if he held a shot gun in his arms. "Bam! Just overkill I think."

The Atlantean was there, then, crossing the lake on his own flight — movements quick and jerky compared to Jay's own soaring. A man stepping on air between hovers. His wings blurred in motion. "Typical," Namor judged, "Mankind loves to show power when it is least needed." He had fetched, it seemed, both a practice spear and an old, unloved fishing pole.

Namor darted forward, if only to be just a breath in the lead. "The joy is in the hunt, not the kill. Foolish."

Jay watched the other man fly, hummingbird-like and urgent, like he had to get wherever he was going yesterday. He observed Namor's fishing gear- he hadn't even thought of spear fishing. Jay wasn't sure he had ever met anyone who spear-fished. Then again, if this man was some sort of ghostie like he had expected, why wouldn't he? Wasn't that something they'd done before fishing poles?

Just how old was this guy?

Jay landed into a walk, setting his own fishing gear about. "My joy's always been in the atmosphere and the wait, but to each his own. I agree with you about the power thing though. No need for it."

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2007: Sound of Silence: Yvette goes to say goodbye to Crystal, and finds her rather unfriendly. Jan leaves for a pre-arranged trip with her old school friends.

2008: Callisto meets Wanda and they bond at Harry's. Angelo arrives in Beaumont-les-Bains and Amanda makes a decision; Amanda posts to let people know she's much better. Nathan returns from Tel Aviv and Ororo collects him from Harry's. Zanne introduces herself on the journals.

2009: Unable to sleep, Dani goes to Jay's room and their shared nightmares. Mnemovore: Shiro emails Amanda to see if her researches have turned up anything; Nathan wanders the Ukraine, still confused as to where and when he is; Jean-Paul struggles to resist the reprogramming; Scott talks to Johnny about the situation.

2010: Crystal makes a post about the Street Fair happening at District X over the weekend.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Amanda posts about X-Force heading to London for a few days; Amanda, Marie-Ange and Cammie arrive in London to set a trap; Ororo and Jubilee head to Munich and Wanda and Doug receive a surprising tip. Callie posts about the legalization of gay marriage in New York.

2012: Jubilee goes to see Kurt, and to find out whether he really understands what being with someone who does the job she does means. Wade posts about there being a repeat of Taco Tuesday this Sunday. Maddie texts Layla and Sarah V. about going to Gay Pride and gets in a discussion with Layla. Adrienne leaves a T-shirt on Tandy’s door. Tandy texts, asking Adrienne if she left the T-shirt there. Wade compliments Lorna on a repeat of the tacocopter spectacle. Scott manages to get Jean to take a break from medlab.

2013: Yvette and Sooraya have a break and indulge in some girl talk.

2014: Lorna texts Angel and Haller about getting them tickets to Aladdin on Broadway in July and makes it clear they aren’t allowed to refuse.

2015: Domino and Kurt meet for the first time, where Kurt is friendly and furry while Dom is awkward. Alison makes a journal entry about being in a good mood today. Gabriel e-mails the prom chaperones with some concerns.

2016: Nica makes a journal post about it being Alison’s birthday. Angelo, Sooraya and Angel have lunch after Sooraya's naturalization ceremony.

2017: Pre-Pride, Quentin and Gabriel catch up and talk about Gabe’s employment prospects. Clarice expands the end of summer pool party into a mansion-wide celebration; Warren arrives in his speedo and Clarice is disapproving - for about 5 minutes; Tabitha emails Alison to come down and join in the fun; Rogue texts Wanda about Warren’s exhibitionism and Wanda decides to join the party; Warren posts a photo from the party; Maya decides it was a good day and tells Rahne not to worry about Xavin freaking her out on purpose.

2018: Clarice posts about being in fashion lust. Clint and Wanda have an embarrassing morning after when Everett drops in. Everett texts Natasha about having found another Janus connection and going after it. Angel asks about which tv shows kids watch nowadays.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Kevin and Wanda pose as a wealthy couple with Clea as their assistant in order to gain access to the auction house selling the hammer; Clea slips away and Doug guides her to the server room, where she gives him access to their servers.



2022: Sarah shares the gym with Doug, leading to him deciding they could get along.

2023: Sooraya texts Haller to check up on him after Moira calls. Clint texts Amanda to ask about the possibilities of human sacrifice and reality ending. Madin posts a criticism of the District X Community Centre and the resources provided that received a wave of replies. Gabe texts Haller to get another set of eyes on Madin's post. Darcy texts Doug, Inez, and Matt about a change in her plans for the night. Shatterstar reaches out to Terry to voice his opinion on what's been said and ask after Kyle. Alani texts Madin to ask if they're okay. Forge emails Maya to inform her of the post. Clint texts Darcy to invite her to his dads' after after party. Jubilee posts about the Pride party she and Felicia have found themselves at and the delicious abs she's been doing jello shots off. During a swordsmanship training monitored by Doug, Madin reacts badly when Shatterstar lands a direct blow.

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