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Moment of Awesome - David North/Maverick: It may be a fictional dimension, but North's love for Felicia Hardy remains the same as he retrieves her after an ambush.

A pair of arms caught her as she tipped over, one folding her against a warm chest and the other finding its place under the back of her knees, lifting her into a close cradle.

"Liebling," North murmured into her hair, both in greeting and as a reassurance. He hated how familiar he was with this state of affairs, but the fear clawing at his chest quickly dissipated with a deep sigh of relief together with the thin film of milky white covering his eyes. "Es wird alles gut."

"Hey boo," she murmured into his shirt, wincing as a nearby mirror, one of the last survivors, spontaneously cracked. "Rating you five stars on Uber. Excellent service. You got an exit plan, my love?"

"Ja," he responded, long strides making a beeline away from the chaos and toward the nearby parking lot, glass and debris crunching under his boots. In a matter of seconds, they were within the cover of darkness. "I will follow the GPS unless you have a preferred route."

"Nah," she replied, a half smile. "I trust you. Come on, I'm just making inane conversation until we get home. What would any of our road trips be if I didn't pull up Google for no reason other than to second guess your weird mental compass?"

"Have to keep my five star rating somehow," he chuckled, though the worry in his eyes was plain for all to see as he bundled her into a waiting car, unwrapped the thick woolen scarf from his neck and tucked it around her. He paused to steal a blood-tinged kiss before grabbing a packet of tissues from the backseat and placing it in her lap for her nose, together with a small glass bottle filled with what looked like small plants.

Felicia curled into the seat, carefully trying not to touch anything. A seatbelt right now would just jam, and it was going to be a painfully slow drive, between the stoplights that always seemed to turn red and the straight up praying that the engine didn't choose now to fail. Ignoring the tissues for now she held the tiny bottle of four leaf clovers in her open palm, trying to breathe in a square like Remy had taught her. She closed her eyes tight, face screwing up against tears. The driver's side door opened and closed, and North quietly waited until she finally was able to speak. "It was an ambush. They're all dead."

There was no good response to that, so the precog simply settled his hand on her knee, thumb gently caressing the bloodied fabric of her pants. He steered them carefully through the small streets with the aid of his powers and switched on the headlamps only just before entering a main street. "We will be home soon, darling."

Her hand hovered over his, trembling, before she gingerly placed it on top. Felicia took another breath, held, released. "I love you."

"I love you too, katz," he replied easily, squeezing her knee in reassurance for the both of them. Only he knew how hard his heart had plummeted when the vitals he had been monitoring went offline; how frantically he had spun through hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of possibilities just trying to locate her team like a needle in a haystack. "We'll run a hot bath and I've got enough stew in the fridge to tide us through until you can go anywhere. And I'll look into it, I promise."

"Okay. Okay," she repeated, half to herself, as her body shuddered against the waves of abuse, mixed with her own hampered weeping. The left side of the street erupted in car alarms and she looked over at him, tired. "Fuck. Okay."

"Es wird alles gut," he said in a tone, though gentle, was backed with firm conviction. It was going to be okay. "Trust me. I'm a precog."

Today in XProject:

January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day


2005: Hank tells Amanda about the healing ban the doctors have decided on - no Healing except in emergencies. Nathan takes Jubilee ice climbing. Hank takes Madelyn to the Thomas Edison Memorial Dinner.

2006: Nathan wanders the halls of Castle Kinross and gets a visit from Bridge's ghost. Scott shows Haller around and then takes him to Harry's to offer some choice words of advice - not all of it reassuring. Nathan returns to the mansion. Catseye is allowed to watch The Aristocats and proceeds to sing The Siamese Cat Song all around the hallways - loudly, at 1.30am. Jamie joins in, much to Jay's displeasure.

2007: Tommy posts to his journal about Creed's bill, and starts a discussion with Jean, Garrison and Mark. Amanda confronts Remy about his reaction to what he said to Ororo in Africa. Epiphany Frosts: The conference in Moscow is taken hostage by Chechen mutant terrorists and Angelo and Samie Kander manage to escape capture and warn the X-Men; Garrison attempts to negotiate with Ilyas Saidullayev, but things go terribly wrong when his words are mistranslated. Minitooth: Kyle posts about his experience at the rally.

2008: Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Nathan and Jean reach Shatoy and discover it is indeed a trap; Istvan Barath is ambushed for assassination whilst taking Scott, Ororo and Forge to a school education project; they escape, but only barely and Barath is injured; Ororo's powers come back during the fight; Cain reports on the situation and the team goes on alert; Jean and Ilyas Saidullayev fight, whilst Nathan squares off against Tara Trask, discovering she masterminded the attacks on Barath and T'Challa; he defeats her and she shoots him in the back; Trask and Saidullayev escape as Jean and Nathan have to flee the Russian military, called by Saidullayev and Trask; Forge talks to Barath's bodyguard, Callery, former employee of Gideon Faraday, Scott and Ororo go out for a drink; Kurt calls to tell them about Jean and Nathan being out of touch; Jean steals medical supplies for Nathan and they plan to reach the aid plane they flew in on to get back to New York. Yvette and Angel make mud angels and nearly give Lorna a heart attack when she sees the state of the floor. Wanda goes to Betsy's for dinner.

2009: Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel asks Amanda to go to Spain with him and she emails Remy with a reason for her to go; Manuel lets Emma know Amanda will be with him. Manuel lets Kyle know he'll be away and that it would be a good time for him to move into the suite and notifies Forge that Dani will be in his hotel and possibly needing help; he also emails Adrienne about needing to talk about the incident the week before and she isn't happy about it. Zanne comes across an overloaded Kyle and offers to help him with his groundskeeper duties. Amanda helps Laurie down to the sunroom and they chat about various things, including Laurie's planned backpacking trip. Morgan emails Adrienne and Manuel separately, wanting details on what happened and not satisfied with Adrienne's evasion. Jubilee mentions seeing Adrienne coming out of Manuel's hotel in a bathrobe on x_snowvalley; Amanda emails Adrienne about Jubilee's gossip; Doug emails Manuel about the rumour and about changes to the White Court; Manuel emails Jubilee about her lack of discretion and Marie-Ange about her warning; Marie-Ange rants to Doug about Jubilee's nosiness. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice and Callie turn up back at Callie's father's house and reveal their 'kidnappers' were some kind of mutant commune. Remy visits Pete in medlab and gets the whole story. Adrienne talks to Nathan about where her donations to Elpis are going, but they wind up talking about his mother and the memory Adrienne pulled from Malachi Hark's watch. Marie visits Garrison in Sydney and they decide to remain just friends.

2010: Laurie mock-complains about the sex talk when her boyfriend is nowhere close; Manuel emails Kyle and Cammie asking them to not talk about his sexual preferences where his students can read it; Amanda posts to x_grads to remind people there is a place for those types of conversations; Manuel seeks out Yvette, who is having troubles of her own stemming from the thread. Adrienne accidentally touches the Staff of One and is forced to witness Nori killing someone with it in self-defence and the Staff's creation. Dori asks Logan to help her with her claws, but isn't impressed by what he has to say. Before going to a Hellfire Club meeting, Manuel has a talk with Cammie about her lack of discretion and suggests that she find something else to do with her time, like college. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Farouk visits an archeological dig in Pakistan to discuss the Calysee kidnapping with an old 'friend', Father Andrew Connelly when Esteban's mother shows up as well and over perusal of the Judas Codex, the theory that Calysee could be seen as the Whore of Babylon, which may or may not be a red herring to cover a terrorist plot using her as a weapon; the White Court, plus Julian at Manuel's coattails, attend a Hellfire function where the London Inner Circle is in attendance.

2011: Kurt asks Amanda about dealing with the Romanian branch of the family as they're hassling Jimiane about the witch tax. Angelo talks about having to clean anti-mutant graffiti off his mother's house. Laura announces Logan has taken off again. Julian and Nico run into each other in the kitchen and discover that her new powers are a problem in their relationship.

2012: Jean, Scott, Warren, Adrienne and Jean-Paul attend an outdoor concert together, only for Jean to have a panic attack after a fight breaking out triggers her. She and Scott later discuss the reason for her panic attack, and they fight. At Wade's urging Doug and Marie-Ange manage to talk and declare a truce. Jean shows up outside Jean-Paul's apartment and admits that she and Scott had a fight before asking if she could stay for a few days.

2013: Angel makes a post for the New Mutants reminding them that they are expected to be at the NYC Free Clinic this Saturday to help with the food and clothing drive. Angelo and Fred catch up while having drinks at Harry’s. Jennifer Walters makes a post introducing herself as one of the new lawyers working alongside Warren. Artie emails Amanda thanking her for what she did to save his life the other week. Logan makes a post stating that he is back. Wade texts North asking if he should be concerned with Logan's memory issues as Wade recognized Logan's other alias of Wolverine. Tandy makes a post stating that she and Angel made a quick run to Count Donutula's for some evening donuts. Angel texts Kyle telling him that kids these days have no appreciation for weird-tasting donuts. Maddie is introduced to one of the most important (and terrifying) parts of using her powers: altered memories and how to fix them.


2015: A Touch Of Brimstone: Late at night, Hope asks Topaz if she can join in the TV night; Cecilia sends Wade a YouTube link to distract him; Logan suggests to Wade that they go to Harry’s and attempt to get drunk; in the morning, Jennie texts Wade about how Matt died and what happened to his killers; an extremely high Laurie posts to the journals about her missing arm and Tabitha’s death. Fires From The Ashes: Angelo leads a team made up of Hope, North, Cecilia and Jessica to Africa to investigate the last previous location of the Dark Riders. Doug, Sarah, Namor, Sue and Gabriel perform information gathering, hacking and calling people from the brownstone to figure out what’s happening. Emma, Wanda, Adrienne, Amanda, Topaz and Billy head to the Hellfire Club’s archives in London to find out about En-Sabah-Nur. Ororo, Marie-Ange, Callisto, Wade, Rachel and Cammie head to Africa to locate Apocalypse’s base. Remy, Artie, Jubilee, Arthur hunt for information about Apocalypse in Cairo. Adrienne texts Tandy and Rogue to tell them that she had been dragged off to London and telling them they could have her stuff if she didn’t make it back. Namor texts Clint to let him know that he skipped out on his plane home and got shanghaied into helping Doug search for information. Clint texts Gabriel teasing him about hacking with Namor.

2016: Charles announces that he’ll be away until late Sunday at a conference in Washington. Monica makes a journal entry asking for help in moving rooms. Bobbi lets loose with Warren down south, with some negative consequences.

2017: X-Men Mission: Repent Harlequin, Said the Tick-Tock Man: During the opening of Lowenstein’s new building in New York, an old friend decides to stir up some trouble. With hundreds of people trapped in the building, the X-Men split up into two teams to try to gain access. They face a myriad number of traps and new enemies, but manage to fight their way through and neutralize the threat. Garrison announces to the X-Teams that Lester Verde has escaped before dropping off a special delivery to Julian’s room. Jean and Cecilia have a minor disagreement about a medication Jean wants for her post-mission migraine.

2018: Bobbi and Warren exchange emails and are cute. Sharon emails Marie-Ange and Amanda for help researching the Iraqi super-soldier who is stalking her.



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