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Moment of Awesome - Maya Lincoln-Lopez/Echo: As part of the group acting as heavy hitters against magical demons, Maya starts off in that time-honoured role... bait.

"Save me from earnest do-gooders."

Maya sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, reaching for the memory of how her powers worked. She'd been practicing for so long now that it had almost if not quite, become second nature. She normally kept everything behind a door, better to not randomly start attacking people who just startled her but right now she needed that door open. At least this was a physical fight, she'd been getting really damn tired of the DangerRoom sessions that took away her advantage and kept throwing distance assholes at her.

Sure, it made her need to think, rather than just react, and gave her a fundamental understanding of good strategy, but she wasn't going to be telling Garrison that. He might think she was a reasonable human being or something, which would just be damn weird.

"Do I at least get to punch something while I'm being bait?"

"These things, if one of them gets near enough you can punch it as much as you want." Angelo glanced at her, then back to the creatures. "Not sure getting their blood on you would be the greatest idea, but apart from that."


As soon as the process ended, Shogo threw the stabilizers on and stuck out his arms, coming to a stop and hovering in the air.

Light It Up Like Dynamite!

"Let's do this."

“A magical girl transformation? Really?”

Maya rolled her eyes at Shogo’s power up before turning her eyes on the monsters closing in. She stepped out in front, giving them an arrogant ‘come hither’ hand movement. She was to draw them in close enough so that Shogo and Angelo could knock them down. Her powers made her defense fast, supernatural almost. Of the three of them, she was the best at brawling even if she was exquisitely squishy up against stronger mutants.

Angelo had shielded his eyes from the sudden burst of light with a visor of skin, but pulled that back in now and grinned as the monsters started taking the bait beautifully. Just an inch or two closer and... there. He lashed out with ten strips, wrapping around the creatures' necks and arms and holding them back from retreating. "All yours, Dynamite."

"I get another code name?" Shogo asked, sounding less happy about it than he had been about the first one. "But I liked White Rabbit! See, I even put it on my armor and everything!"

He gestured at the spot above his heart, where his normal logo had been replaced by a smirking white bunny face. "Suit's technopathic," he offered by way of not actually an explanation. "Responds to thoughts."

Then he noticed the lasso full of shadow demons.

"Oh! Right!" Then he stuck out an arm and let the nanites convert extra material into missiles. "The mission. That thing. Fire in the hole!"

And then the missiles fired.

Maya ducked slightly as the missiles moved over her head, before leading with an upper-cut to a demon who had gotten a little closer and then paused as Shogo did his thing. She had to say, having a loud and obnoxious teenager from the future was definitely making her days better. It helped that he was also nice to look at, not that she would tell him that, and the distraction it granted meant this whole bait thing was turning out quite well.

Today in XProject:

April 19

2004: Daddy's Girl: Angelo and Amanda confront Rack in Mexico; Pete and Emma come to rescue them from certain death just in time; as a result of feeling this through the link, Manuel nearly drowns in the bath and is saved by Marie-Ange; the prodigals are brought back, Amanda is unconscious and Angelo breaks down on Marie. Unrelatedly, Nathan experiences a new development with his visions.

2005: Forge talks to Jean about HeliX and political activity. Betsy returns to the mansion and talks to Nathan about Youra; Betsy talks to Scott about Jean and has a reunion with Kitty. Hellfire and Damnation: Domino wakes from her three-day bender after finding out about Pete joining the Hellfire Club. Alex and Lorna talk about making a male swimsuit calendar to raise funds for HeliX and talk about Lorna's issue with Manuel. Amanda and Angelo mark the first anniversary of Rack's death.

2006: Masque (plot): Masque attacks Marius while the young man is taking marrow.

2007: Mark arranges powers lessons with Scott. Ororo announces a team retreat. Jan calls home to tell her father the news of her growth and to make plans to go home. Lorna invites Sofia for lunch and plotting. Haller talks to Illyana about her options and makes arrangements for her to see him periodically; Pete announces to the Snow Valley people he has hired Illyana. Turf War: Angelo gets a call from Miguel, his former best friend in LA, who asks for help with his sister who has gotten involved in a Kick gang; in the small hours, Haller comes across Angelo and they discuss his dilemma. Litmus: Nathan complains about Baron Eric Wagner on the journals, having discovered he is virulently anti-mutant. Kurt and Jean go out for drinks.

2008: Cessily introduces herself on the journals; Cessily comes across Kevin in the process of taking sculptures to New York for sale, and he's captivated by her. Kevin invites Manuel, Jane and Tatiana to the Met trip. Shakespeare Syndrome: Betsy reveals she's also been hit by the poetry effect; Cessily meets Tatiana, who is still stuck in verse, and things are initially awkward. Julio asks Kyle to leave the room for the night so he can invite Nori over. Angelo finds Jay working at Silver and they talk about relationships and John's bisexuality. Remy and Ororo spend time together and talk about Remy's reaction to Mark's 'death'.

2009: Lil discusses her soon-to-arrive motorcycle with Jean-Paul. Callie hears about the rumors surrounding Jean-Paul and goes to discuss them with him; Nathan talks to Jean-Paul about the Stepfords and what to do next. Angelo tries to cheer up Scott in the medlab; Logan visits Scott and amazingly, there's no violence.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: The Professor requests for volunteers to assist at the refugee camp in North Pakistan.

2011: Amara texts John and asks Angelo for help with her Spanish final. Warren proposes a trip overseas with Tabitha after learning that she's never traveled other than for X-Men or Red X business.

2012: Marie-Ange makes a journal entry about too many people having birthdays this month. Megan e-mails Layla to see if she's interested in going bungee jumping.

2013: After a routine check-up, Wade and Jean decide to head for lunch.

2014: John meets up with his adopted father and prepares for a trip back to the unknown. Hope e-mails Lorna asking if everything’s going well with the kitchen for tomorrow.

2015: Laurie posts about something that makes her happy. Laurie texts Doug asking him to take her to his next Hellfire Club event. Laurie text Wade about her options of the gun she wants and asks if she could come over and they can look over it. Felicia posts on Instagram the fruits of her labor. Hope posts about her week in Switzerland, about her French and other classes she has to take. Laurie meets Clint and challenges him to an archery match.

2016: Quentin hopes no one voted.

2017: Clarice tries Starbucks’ new unicorn frappaccino. Amanda emails her students and TAs, expressing concern about the mysterious black and white pebbles they have all received.

2018: Lorna IMs Alex saying she’s nervous about her results. Topaz texts Clint to say thank you. Lorna texts Wanda inviting her out for drinks to celebrate. Post-squiddening, Topaz goes to find out what the now-former Marvel Fishgirl saw in her head, and to secure a promise for discretion.



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