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Introverted Reed Richards made an effort to get to know his fellow mutants, exhibiting interest in the various mutations around them. Lorna Dane requested help with wedding plans and Maya Lincoln-Lopez continued to challenge the status quo. The murders of various parties involved in the acquittal of a police officer who had killed two mutants created unrest and debate, and also spurred Daredevil and Spider-Man to get involved. Matt outed himself as a mutant and Daredevil to his friend Foggy Nelson, possibly ruining their friendship, while Miles discovered crooked cops were behind an influx of weapons to the Friends of Humanity and his uncle, The Prowler behind the deaths of those he saw responsible for the unpunished murders of the two mutant kids. The gun smuggling was stopped, but New York remained tense and violence increased between mutants and humans and Miles racked with guilt over the death of one of the weapons dealers, who he had tried to save.

The X-Men found themselves involved in a hostage crisis when Jacob Lowenstein needing rescuing from a disgruntled employee with a liking for clockwork and death machines. The villain escaped, but Garrison Kane claimed a souvenir from the encounter - a pair of clockwork hands. These he gave to Julian Keller, who learned to manipulate them with his telekinesis in place of the hands he had lost.


Jan 1 -

Jan 2 - Jubilee posts about a song from "Moana." With Extreme Prejudice: The judge who presided over the trial of an NYPD officer who killed two mutants is found dead.

Jan 3 - Maya reacts to the recent murders. Miles relates the events of his winter break, including reaction to the recent deaths.

Jan 4 - Reed shares his love of driving.

Jan 5 -

Jan 6 - Matt and Topaz go out to breakfast after a long night of work.

Jan 7 - Quentin and Nica attend a pro-mutant rally and differ over their personal ethics about powers use.

Jan 8 - Lorna texts Sue, Bobbi and Hope A. about her wedding, and asks Wanda to talk in person. With Extreme Prejudice: Quentin and Cecilia have a contentious encounter after the death of the wife of the acquitted police officer; the NYPD announces links between five recent deaths and says police are looking for a serial killer.

Jan 9 -

Jan 10 - Artie shares a YouTube video. Gabriel complains about people bumming his cigarettes. Angelica sends a text to Sooraya wanting to do something fun.

Jan 11 - Warren offers to splurge money on ridiculous ideas. Rogue sends a text to Logan complaining about school. Kyle informs Wade that the Golden Girls is now available on Hulu. Artie and Tyrone hang out in the kitchen. Clea complains about homework. Megan shares an update regarding her Wing Warmers design.

Jan 12 - Reed and Angelo meet for the first time in the library, and chat about books and their powers.

Jan 13 - Reed meets Artie and seems fascinated by his abilities. Maya shares a cute illustration of a bee.

Jan 14 - Monica is excited about the release of the black Lady Liberty coin. Alison wants to know if anyone would be interested in a game of Overwatch.

Jan 15 - Repent Harlequin, Said the Tick-Tock Man: During the opening of Lowenstein’s new building in New York, an old friend decides to stir up some trouble. With hundreds of people trapped in the building, the X-Men split up into two teams to try to gain access. They face a myriad number of traps and new enemies, but manage to fight their way through and neutralize the threat. Garrison announces to the X-Teams that Lester Verde has escaped before dropping off a special delivery to Julian’s room. Jean and Cecilia have a minor disagreement about a medication Jean wants for her post-mission migraine.

Jan 16 - Bobbi declares 2017 the Year of Nutella and challenges all to provide her with combinations.

Jan 17 - Warren sets Sue the task of finding a corgi puppy for Bobbi.

Jan 18

Jan 19 - With Extreme Prejudice: Concerned about Foggy’s safety after the deaths of several people involved in the mutant killings case, Matt stays the night; his worst fears are confirmed when someone breaks in and he has to out himself as Daredevil to protect his friend; Matt texts Miles, asking for help. Matt ends up texting Clint as well, asking for an extraction.

Jan 20 - Maya decides art museums and dance are the best way to cope with Inauguration Day. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man investigate the apartment of one of the victims and are surprised by a detective, who surprisingly turns out to be an ally; Miles discovers a ninja star at the scene.

Jan 21 - Warren stops by Jean’s hospital to make good on his word to donate money and is impressed by her dedication. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man interfere in a confrontation between Friends of Humanity and mutants before it gets violent.

Jan 22 - Angelo takes Maya out to do some volunteer work and they have an interesting ethical conversation on the bus. Jubilee can’t sleep and seeks out Warren to watch movies with. Miles reflects on the coverage he (as Spider-Man) is receiving from the Daily Bugle.

Jan 23 - With Extreme Prejudice: CBS reports that the Mayor is holding a meeting with mutant activist leaders to discuss the recent marches and violence. Maya asks if anyone went to the Women’s March in DC or New York. Cecilia makes a journal post announcing she’s back from the protests in DC. Ty texts Hope A. to tell her there are several jewelry boxes waiting for her.

Jan 24 - Hope A. emails Tandy, Topaz, and Sue for help with her many jewelry boxes. With Extreme Prejudice: Spider-Man and Daredevil stake out a Friends of Humanity weapons deal to learn where these guns are coming from, and it's not good news.

Jan 25 - With Extreme Prejudice: Miles texts Matt about identifying Hanrahan, one of the weapons dealers, as a local real estate developer building condos in the area.

Jan 26 - Maya posts a picture to her journal about why your argument is invalid. Doug posts a picture to his journal about an unlikely trio of freedom fighters.

Jan 27 - With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil saves Detective Mahoney from a vengeful partner; meanwhile, Spider-Man tracks down Dan Hanrahan to get some answers, and finally discovers who the serial killer is, which does not end well for Miles.

Jan 28 -

Jan 29 - With Extreme Prejudice:Bobby tries to help Miles process what happened Friday night.

Jan 30 - Bobbi admits that eating Nutella for two straight weeks might make you a little sick.

Jan 31 - Bobby texts Warren asking for help with cheering up Miles. Hope A. meets her father for a meal and they reconnect. Bobby leaves a birthday cake and a stack of visual novels for Miles.


With Extreme Prejudice

X-Men Mission: Repent Harlequin, Said the Tick-Tock Man

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