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Moment of Awesome - Angelo Espinosa/Skin: Navigating the Harry Potter scenario, Angelo finds his challenge more fun than difficult.

"No burning involved," Angelo promised. "...well, not because of my powers, anyway. I call it the Flying Squirrel. If I stretch my skin out, I can glide."

Marie-Ange carefully stepped away from where she had leaned, and the stone block slid back into the wall. "Oh, how fun." She muttered darkly. "It is a cooperative game. We get to try to find the secret places to press so Angelo does not fall to his death." She leaned back against the wall, arms crossed, and the stone slid back out. "Quidditch is a stupid game and the points make no sense."

Jean-Phillipe would have teased his cousin about her cynicism, but he was too busy fretting over the idea that Angelo might actually fall to his death. Despite knowing that he was not an eleven year old, some of an eleven year old's struggle with managing emotions was rubbing off on him, clearly. "Be safe," he instructed Angelo, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek and squeeze his hand before darting away and blushing.

Angelo gave him what was meant to be a reassuring smile but came out as more of a grin, clearly looking forward to doing this again, and turned to start climbing the wall, pausing at times to wait for the others to make another block jut out.

"Uuuuh okay, okay," Alex said with as much confidence as he could muster, watching Angelo and gently testing out parts of the wall and finally finding one that jutted for Angelo to jump to. "Ha! This would be way more fun than rock climbing in the real world."

Stephen couldn't stop himself as he joined Alex, staring up at the wall in awe as he nodded his head seriously, his dark eyes flicking over his section of the wall as his lips moved. "It would be pretty awesome...I call dibs on the next climb!"

Narrowing her eyes, Hope carefully mapping her own section of the wall. She didn't find any section that seemed pushable, but there was a small hook in the middle. Shrugging she tugged it gently and was rewarded by the sound of several blocks retreating into the wall. "Sorry!" She called out. "Got the wrong thing."

Angelo, who had been standing on one of those blocks, yelped in alarm but was close enough to the top of the wall to latch his skin on before it slid out from under him. "Okay, it's okay... just got to pull myself up."

He had been flitting back and forth, charting Angelo's progress, and trying not to hover over each person helping with Angelo's climb, but after the blocks retreating from the wall, Jean-Phillipe took it upon himself to press the last few sections that opened Angelo's way to the final part of the maze.

"Are there puzzle keys? Do they fly around like very stupid hummingbirds?" Marie-Ange yelled up to Angelo. "I think the movie and book were both the same for this one, one with a bent wing?" For someone who proclaimed to hate everything about this series, Marie-Ange did seem exceptionally knowledgeable about it. "Although perhaps one that looks like a sugar glider, or bat, or monkey, something symbolic and easily guessed by children and even more easily guessed by adult sociopaths!"

“There are keys”, he confirmed, “...and there’s one with bat wings. But if I jump off and glide near enough to catch it, I’m not sure how I’ll get back.”

"Isn't there like... IDK a spell or something that could cushion him?" Alex asked, looking around. "He jumps to grab the key, Actual Magic Boy can catch him and get him down safe?"

"Wait what? I don't like that nick...actually I do like that nickname cause that makes you Not-Actual Magic Boy," Stephen grinned at Alex before transferring his gaze up to Angelo who was getting forever further away. "I mean, if he falls I think I can catch him, you know, if I can react in time at least."

"Wingardium Leviosa." Marie-Ange muttered. "Angelo, get the key and then glide down as best you can, Potter here will slow your fall." She was clearly seven books, eight movies, a stage production and two terrible prequels -done- with this. "Really, I hate this series why do I have to remember all of the spells?"

Angelo perched on the top of the wall, stretched his fingertips out as far as they would go, and waited for the bat-winged key to fly within reach. A crow of triumph announced that he had it, and he stood up and shuffled around to face them. “This bit’s always fun!”

Stephen couldn't help grinning in reply at the look on Angelo's face, his wand pointing unerringly at the man as he saw him leap from his perch. How'd it go in the movies, flick and swish? Hop on one foot? Do the hokey pokey and turn around? With a swish and a flick of his wand the boy took a step forward. "Wingardium Leviosa."

Angelo stretched out his skin into "wings" to do his part in guiding his fall, but Stephen's spell buoyed him up so that he had time to glide. The grin didn't leave his face well after he'd settled back to the ground and was turning to open the door.

Today in XProject:

March 23

2004: The road trip to MN heads out. Manuel gets an inhibitor collar.

2005: Amanda explains her powers to Jean; Jamie takes Alison for a drive in Eleanor, the car Betsy gave him. Thermopylae: Madelyn talks to Alison about her reaction to Jean's return and the events at Youra; Madelyn breaks Anika out of medlab and they talk; Alison discusses Marie-Ange's visions and using them more; Colin MacInnis meets with the director responsible for the final trigger, 'Masada'; Hank uses visual aids to remind Nathan of what he still has; Madelyn reports on the casualties and survivors and tells Kurt the fate of the man he thought he'd killed.

2006: Scott and Bobby run into each other in the library - it's all very calm, but that may not be a good thing. Not So Plain Jane: Lorna goes into the city, runs into Jane and takes advantage of the coincidence; she ends up not punching her in the face, and Jane, in turn, twists Lorna's words to play with her mind. Bobby asks Terry to come to his suite and tells her about Jane; understandably, she doesn't take it well. Jennie and her mother have their weekly chat, and her mother drops some Very Important News. Scott returns to teaching classes. Jennie declares New York too cold. Lorna asks about resuming her place on the team. Clarice worries about Terry.

2007: Jean emails Marie to check on her. Marie picks up something Forge is thinking about in regards to Marie-Ange and uncovers the conspiracy. Remy and Ororo plan their own weekend getaway. Crystal emails Marius about her concerns for Jennie, given the anniversary of her mother's death is approaching. Superhero: Paul, the firefighter Angel rescued, visits the school to tell her she is to be given a bravery award, and to offer her an internship when she turns sixteen; Angel finally tells people what she did. Homecoming: Bobby tells Angelo about him leaving. Size Does Matter: On a camping trip, local girl Janet Van Dyne disappears after a bear disturbs the campers. Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange end their relationship. Doug keeps missing chances to tell Marie-Ange how he feels. The 10th Kingdom: Shiro brings Marie apologetic chocolate sushi.

2008: Jubilee confronts Forge about him giving her the silent treatment. Charles Xavier announces the creation of the Xavier Institute. Shiro and Alex meet and reconcile somewhat. Prayer on the 26th of July: Enjoying the vacation in Cuba, the grads find themselves almost on the wrong end of a bombing when they try to catch a cab.

2009: Catseye and Cammie borrow Scott's car for a trip into town to buy Easter eggs; upon their return they face the Wrath of Scott. Catseye visits Jean-Paul for reading about Morocco and he suggests a travel journal. Forge is bored and hungry. Lil thanks Adrienne for the 'gift' from the sex shop and they wind up talking about Lil's relationship issues. Callie tries to explain geometry to Fred. Jake and Jubilee meet as Jubilee raids Wanda's fridge and wind up at an all-night bakery; Jubilee posts about their adventures. Logan finally runs into North and North shares some of what he knows about Weapon X.

2010: Laurie leaves a smiley-face cupcake with a note outside Jean-Paul's door; Jean-Paul emails her to let her know it's an apple a day, not a happy cupcake, that keeps the doctor away, in reference to her note, as well as thanking her. Dori runs into Artie on the skating ramp and they talk about the impending doom of his history test. Santayana Effect: Adrienne emails Emma about an run-in with Jason Wyngarde at a Hellfire function.

2011: Molly emails Wade, telling him that she is going to go punch things with Monet and Wade explains that he's leaving for a few days on a secret project (which is, in fact, chemotherapy). Meggan leaves two Golden Girls dolls outside Wade's door and says she's been practicing Bea Arthur hair. Kevin visits Wade in the Medlab and provides visual aids for his battle against the hairy cell leukemia. Jean-Paul recieves a call from Vanessa whilst working a job and they discuss horses, zen and William Bower. Vanessa and Wade have an SMS conversation that touches on badgers and otters. Laurie posts to x_grads, apologizing for her powers mishap the previous night. Laura texts Kevin about Marius, revealing that she was the one he jumped out the window over. Wade drops by the brownstone to see how the penguin he gave Marie-Ange is doing and they wind up having dinner.

2012: Wade posts about the Tacocopter. X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: Brand, Garrison and Terry interrogate the two suspected mutant smugglers, but they refuse to talk; when their lawyer turns up, all three teleport out of the interview room and the lead is lost.

2013: Maddie runs into a pantsless Frank in the boys’ suite and indulges herself in some teasing.

2014: Namor posts about the movie Frozen. Wade posts, inviting Sooraya and others to watch a basketball match. Jean finds Lorna in the medlab after this post and tends to her.

2015: Jennie emails Kyle to ask if they can talk when he gets back.

2016: Laurie posts about a vote for cake or pie. Maya posts about adults being obsessed with sex.

2017: Rogue posts about the change in Netflix’s rating system. Warren follows up on Cece's suggestion for his extra finances.

2018: Quentin texts X-Factor about Maya's hiring. Ready or Not: Flyers appear advertising a raffle contest for a new video game, Predator-X.

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