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It was a quiet month: Renee Nguyen returned to California, continuing her powers training at the West Coast Annex; and Tandy Bowen and Clint Barton broke up. Sharon Smith gained her X-Men tags and adopted the codename "Catseye". Matt Murdock began to wonder about his deceased mother. Yvette Petrovic started a discussion about the nature of heroism. And an extremely paranoid Vanessa Carlysle resurfaced, meeting with Garrison Kane to explain she had run afoul of a SHIELD watchlist and was a fugitive.


Sep 1 - Laurie e-mails Clint asking him to remind the other students about archery class. Wade leaves Laurie a basket of cookies. Clint sends Maddie a text reminding her about archery class and suggesting they go for pizza after.

Sep 2

Sep 3 - Topaz texts Amanda to ask if they can talk. Amanda texts roommate Marie-Ange, warning her they are about to have an overnight guest. Sooraya texts Yvette and Angel to let them know that she passed her driving exam. Catseye posts about Renee having gone to the West Coast Annex.

Sep 4 - Tandy posts about the summer having gone by too soon and her brain going mushy from AP classes. Sarah V. posts about already having found her Halloween costume.

Sep 5 - Adrienne posts about a great baseball game. Adrienne and Tandy discuss the idea of college.

Sep 6 - Clint emails Maddie about investing in a bunker against zombies.

Sep 7

Sep 8 - Doug posts about doing something for National Taco Day with Wade.

Sep 9

Sep 10 - Lorna posts about tacos in the kitchen. Matt posts about college and wondering about who his mother is. Hope A. talks to Matt about what happened during her recent visit home.

Sep 11

Sep 12 - Dori posts about about a funny tweet she found.

Sep 13 - Yvette posts pondering the motivations of the various heroes in and associated with Xavier's. Jean-Phillipe posts to wish Laurie a happy birthday. Sue texts Tandy for company when Maddie stands her up.

Sep 14 - Jubilee challenges Wade to a pool game.

Sep 15 - Emma emails Adrienne to update her about life and make sure Sue and Clint, who have been emailing her about robotics training, aren't spies - or in danger of exploding any time soon.

Sep 16 - Tandy posts about the fantasy baseball competition, revealing she and Garrison are the only two left. Clint posts regarding the suckiness of Mondays and Angel offers the loan of one of her ferrets as comfort. Tandy texts Sue, telling her she and Clint had broken up; Clint texts Maddie to tell her the same thing, revealing they had previously talked about the possibility. Wade texts Marie-Ange to show off his latest weapon find; Wade texts Doug to ask him about searching for the history of his Tommy gun.

Sep 17 - Laurie lets people know about a local spoken word poetry evening and provides a sample. Adrienne lets the staff know that neither she nor Tandy will be in classes that day, due to Tandy’s nightmares coming back after the breakup. Kyle mentions an advertisement with a Squirrel Wave of Death in it and tells Dori Monkey Joe isn’t allowed to get any ideas.

Sep 18 - Yvette points out on the team comms that Sharon has her X-Men tags now and asks about her codename. Topaz finds Clint in the attic, being introverted after his break up with Tandy, and the two talk.

Sep 19 - Doug celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day. Topaz finds an item of laundry that isn’t hers and reveals Maddie’s darkest secret - she’s a cheerleader.

Sep 20 - Wade emails Logan and Korvus about finishing their car project and taking it for its first drive. Callie suggests apple picking.

Sep 21 - Laurie asks Doug out and confuses the hell out of him. Someone sabotages Doug’s laptop so it sings “You Are My Sunshine”. In the X-Corps office, Angelo finds Tabitha strangely defensive when he asks her about trying new work.

Sep 22 - Scott’s birthday - Jean gives him jazz festival tickets and a John Coltrane record.

Sep 23 - Adrienne sums up the end of the fantasy baseball season and reveals Doug and Kyle will have to dress as unicorns, as per the rules of their bet; Garrison lets them know they’ll be appearing as Maurice the Dancing Unicorn at a local children’s hospital for a child’s birthday and conversation turns to an annoying telecommuting student and Halloween costumes. Wade emails Doug about messing with the annoying telecommuting student.

Sep 24 - Doug emails Maddie and Wade about plans to mess with the annoying telecommuting student.

Sep 25 - Lorna takes baking requests.

Sep 26 -

Sep 27 - Wade displays a picture of a coffee table that he bought on Craigslist.

Sep 28 -

Sep 29 - Maddie posts asking if she could die from a tea overdose because she thinks she has the plague and cold medication makes her loopy. Angel inquires as to whether anyone is missing a pet after she fell asleep outside and woke up among several animals due to her heat output. Tabitha posts asking if anyone wants to partake in a Betty White marathon. Laurie and Doug meet up to discuss her asking him out and the complications involved.

Sep 30 - An extremely paranoid Vanessa meets with Garrison and explains why she hasn’t been able to come back yet; Garrison offers to help. Doug updates on the success of Maurice the Dancing Unicorn, the ‘prize’ for losing the fantasy baseball this year.


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