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'''[[November 2018|2018]]:'''
'''[[November 2018|2018]]:'''
'''[[November 2019|2019]]:''' Kitty is debating on doing a radical thing to her looks upon her return to the mansion and wonders if the [[Danger Room]] can be turned into an ice rink.
[[Category: Templates]]
[[Category: Templates]]

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November 29


2003: Jake arrives at the mansion.

2004: Amanda and Manuel argue yet again. Alex decides to try and help Manuel by being his friend and Lorna has a wiggins. Lorna comes across Amanda in the kitchen and they talk about the new Manuel. Jamie plans to build a beach in the boiler room. Sean returns to Britain for one of his court cases.

2005: Amanda meets Marius and they talk about options and forgiveness. Skeleton Coast: Frustrated by their failure to track down Gideon, Pete's flash of temper reveals a message from Nathan's long-dead mother, also a pre-cog. Haroun and Forge discuss the 'ware and Haroun's frustration adapting. Mommy Dearest Redux: On his return from Germany, Kurt notifies the team of the identity of his mother.

2006: Haller flees from Betsy's apartment and later emails Lorna about being stupid. Marie-Ange and Doug talk about the pornography thread and she apologises for hurting his feelings without realising. Kyle admits to giving Yvette the Kevlar Piglet in an email. X-Men Mission: The Rose: Scott cautions Marie and Logan to keep their trip to Tibet under wraps, to protect the artifact.

2007: Laurie is random. Paige posts about Jono moving into an apartment in Salem Center; Forge asks if things are okay with her and Jono. Ororo asks Amanda for help with her costume for the Nightmare Before Christmas party. Scott eases back into things with a new Danger Room program design. Nathan has an argument with another bureaucrat and Angelo is frustrated at his boss's lack of foresight.

2008: The Magnificent Seven: Doug decrypts the files obtained from the Hellfire Club and reveals a 'product demonstration' is to occur in Wakanda; Scott puts Jennie, Marius, Suzanne and Alex on standby to go to Wakanda; Angelo is not happy to find Domino and Nathan are both going as well, but accepts that he is needed at the Elpis office to get things happening again. Meggan posts about Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping.

2009: Amanda complains about pain from her gun training with Bishop and asks when they're going again. Warren and Jay go flying and flirting. Catseye talks to Kurt about image inducers and meeting her father. Megan asks about Christmas activities for those who aren't going home. Stage of Illusions: Something strange happens at the dress rehearsal when Regan Claremont casts one of her illusions and makes the students think they're in Victorian London; Nick barely controls himself and Catseye helps him while Julian reacts hostilely; Regan confronts the New Mutants and they aren't impressed as she challenges their loyalty to Nick; Kurt interrupts and knocks Regan out, but she manages to slip away.

2010: The Gift: Crystal arrives to take Nico and Dori back to the mansion, but they are suddenly overwhelmed by an unseen foe at the airport. There Will Be Peace: A team of X-Men arrives at the West Coast Annex to prepare for the rescue mission; Beast, Angel, Iceman and Hamster attempt to rescue Julian's brother from a packing crate in San Francisco; Wildchild, Meltdown, M and Wallflower rescue Julian's mother from a mineshaft in Eastern California but not without casualties among the Lords of War.

2011: Wade emails North about finding a cuckoo clock that meets the correct specifications. Scott emails Marie-Ange about North being around. Adrienne posts about the Victoria's Secret fashion show, which sparks varying serious and spirited discussions. Sooraya announces her arrival back at the mansion. Terry needs a place to crash, and Amara welcomes her into her and Callie's apartment to take advantage of the couch. Terry and Doug flirt over email. Callie SMSes Amara about the new redhead in the apartment. After fleeing the journal discussion about how good various mansion men look in plaid, Sam and Garrison have a beer and discuss the craziness of women. Wade and David discuss the cuckoo clock project for Molly's Christmas gift and discover they were both involved in Weapon X as conversation turns professional.

2012: Light in the Darkness: Scott, Kurt, Haller, Adrienne and the Professor meet in the war room to go over the findings before heading off to rescue Tandy who is now in South America; the X-Men meet up with Kane and SHIELD in Guatemala, South America; Kane and Scott find Nathan Tyler and make him give himself up; Adrienne, Haller and Kurt continue on into the compound which they find Tandy but are greeted by D'Spayre who turns their fears into reality; Scott and Kane arrive just in time before the others are overwhelmed and Kurt manages to teleport Tandy out of the room, which weakens D’Spayre (who was feeding on Tandy’s life force) and forces her to retreat; Outside, Nathan who has managed to get away from being arrested confronts Tandy and Kurt; Tandy uses her own powers against him and places Nathan into a coma; Scott informs the rest of the team that they have got Tandy and are heading home. Terry announces she has been recalled to Dublin and will remain there for the immediate future.

2013: Lorna makes a journal entry advising everyone that there’s plenty of leftovers in the kitchen.

2014: Cece makes an incredulous journal entry in response to the latest Centino incident. Doug e-mails Scott with further info on Centino as previously requested. Tandy and Rogue do some bonding while spending money.


2015: Laurie manages her first chin up with her new arm and decides to hang at Harry’s to celebrate. She later texts Jean to say she knows she’s not feeling great but they should do drinks later. The first edition of the Mutant Chronicle is released. Wade texts Jubilee to warn her to get to Busan before her contact does something stupid and violent; Jubilee asks Clarice for an emergency teleport. Clint gives the first edition of the Mutant Chronicle a big thumbs up.

2016: Gabriel mocks whoever put mistletoe up above the gym door. Amadeus reassures everyone that the land shrimps are under control and there are mallets available if needed.

2017: Laurie discovers Joe Cocker.


2019: Kitty is debating on doing a radical thing to her looks upon her return to the mansion and wonders if the Danger Room can be turned into an ice rink.