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Two new students - Sarah Vale and Nicholas Gleason - arrived at the achool. Kevin Ford also returned from the West Coast Annex, whle Karolina Dean returned home to her parents and her old school. Manuel de la Rocha and Carmilla Black continued their physical affair, with Tabitha Smith feeling jealous due to her own physical attraction to the empath. Angelica Jones and Julian Keller continued to misunderstand each other, a plan by Manuel to get them talking again backfiring spectacularly. The Pride march turned Clarice Ferguson straight again and got Shiro Yoshida dragged at least partially out of the closet. Jean-Phillipe Colbert took over the bus run from Amanda Sefton and Jay Guthrie continued to struggle with his changed powers and predatory instincts. Catseye decided to change her habit of descriptive names for people after an incident in a restaurant. Jake Gavin and Jean-Paul Beaubier's relationship took a turn for the more serious, something which wigged out Jake.

Jennie Stavros accepted the reality of her pregnancy but lost it before being forced to make a decision. Fred Dukes, seeing his father involved in an FOH rally in his home town, had an explosive burst of temper and smashed the TV, frightening his friends. Cammie learned her recreational bar fighting wasn't always all that fun when she was stabbed in the chest with a broken bottle and had to seek out emergency first aid from Jake Gavin. Kurt Sefton managed to change the mind of one anti-mutant bigot when he returned to the scene of his new 'little sister's' stabbing and found one biker willing to break the mold. Adrienne Frost, continuing her quest to join the HFC's Inner Circle, learned a rather brutal lesson about the price of power from the Black Court's Jason Wyngarde.

Shiro, Amanda and Wanda Maximoff rescued an American mutant from being sacrificed by the Hand, while Amahl Farouk was betrayed by elements within the Alamut to India's president D. Ken Naramani as a source of potentially damaging security leaks and was forced to go on the run from the Imperial Guard. Ultimately he was rescued by Garrison Kane, Garrison's father Christian Kane (in drag at one point) and several members of X-Force. Yvette Petrovic nearly died following a landmine accident during a Red X mission in Bosnia, and was saved by a kidney transplant from her biological father, a condemned war criminal. The time she spent on an inhibitor proved both a postive and negative experience.

An Elpis trip for Jean-Paul and Nathan Dayspring ended in disaster as Taygetos attacked, capturing Jean-Paul and causing enough psychic backlash in Nathan to cause him to believe he was twenty years in the past. Both were rescued, but not before Jean-Paul was psionically tortured to the point of a psychotic break and killed every person in the facility where he was being held, before being taken down by the X-Men and returned to the school for treatment. The X-Men faced another dilemma in Brazil, when they discovered that cheap, accessible electricity for developing regions was being produced by a mutant on Kick being used as a generator, with the Reavers (villains) providing security. The plant was destroyed and the boy rescued.

And finally, a vacation in a fully computerised hotel in Dubai turned into something infinitely less relaxing for Forge, Crystal Amaquelin, Kyle Gibney, Doug Ramsey and Laurie Collins when Quentin Quire and Francisco Milan took the opportunity (with a little extra Kick to their powers) for some revenge against their "nemeses".


June 1 - Emma emails Kurt about his father's business dealings. Fifth Column: Nathan calls Jean-Paul whilst on painkillers and tells him somewhat disjointedly about the mission; Jean wakes Nathan to drag him to another debriefing; Nathan checks on Carly Alvarez and tells her he'll do what he can for her, whether she wants him to or not; flying out, Nathan and Forge wax philosophical about Budapest and what they've done; Yvette enlists the students to deliver food to the injured X-Men. Jan announces her birthday and emails Kyle about Fred calling her "ma'am". Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk has a meeting with the Alamut to discuss the world political situation and India's increasing strength.

June 2 - Monet makes a post to the journals requesting people think quietly due to a headache. Jubilee posts a link to a humor website. Clarice posts to the journals about her 21st birthday party at Silver and invites everyone to attend. Forge makes a note about receiving free food and intending to come back from missions without harm more often. Jennie talks to Scott about her reasons for pulling out of an X-Man mission at late notice. Lil e-mails Jean-Paul about catching a meal together now she's back in the country. Jennie finally visits Jean and they talk about her potential pregnancy and her options regarding it. Jean-Paul and Noriko relax after training and she explains her theory about Shiro and the water in New York turning all boys gay. Face the Blood: Yvette posts about a Red X trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Nathan and Jean-Paul talk about plans for the summer, including trips to Muir Island and Tel Aviv. Dori surprises Fred and they end up talking about Prom, Julian and what happened with Callie afterwards.

June 3 - Clause 16: Wanda asks Amanda to accompany her on a trip to Japan after a warning from Sato Miyagi, one of their contacts there; Wanda posts about heading off to Japan with Amanda to check things out. Cammie goes to see how Angelo is doing and they end up sharing stories of their past, and planning a trip to New York when he's better. Jubilee and Jake head off to Kyoto to deliver a package and end up being chased by some persistent thugs. Doreen brings Kurt some chicken soup she made herself, they talk about prom and dancing and Kurt offers to teach Doreen some swing dancing. Jake comes back from Kyoto to find a note from his father and Jean-Paul in his kitchen and he reacts well to neither. Crystal introduces herself on the journals to the new students. Jane posts about arranging a fireworks display. Cammie goes to visit Kurt, they talk about family and mutation and being who you are. Lil drags Amara out to celebrate her 21st birthday.

June 4 - Jean-Paul e-mails Jake about the paper clipping Jake's Dad sent him. Lil announces Amara's birthday party at Harry's Hideaway. Clause 16: Shiro and a new American acquaintance, Walter Lawson, manage to stop a disaster as the Hand nearly topple a building under construction; Shiro checks on Walter Lawson after he doesn't turn up to dinner, he finds the man's hotel room trashed and Lawson missing; Shiro texts Amanda for help; Shiro, Amanda and Wanda go to save Walter Lawson from the Hand. Lil visits Adrienne bearing brandy, they end up talking about Garrison and Peter Lakatos. Doreen e-mails Johnny to see if he'd be interested in learning swing dancing with her. Crystal e-mails Forge about Amara's party. Lil makes a journal post via mobile to tell people to get down to Harry's if they aren't already there. Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk phones the mansion from Bombay and talks to Kyle who thinks it's a prank. Doreen seeks out Jean-Paul to find out her grades for English Lit.

June 5 - Scott turns off Jean's alarm clock to make sure she gets plenty of rest and she forgives him because there is breakfast involved. Tabitha asks Lil to set up a drinking session with Manuel in order to lose her virginity to him, but Lil refuses on the grounds it's a bad idea. Amanda wishes Amara a late birthday from the airport and promises to be at Clarice's party. Clause 16: Shiro makes a preliminary report to the X-Men on the events in Japan. Julian is glad for the summer vacation. Jan celebrates National Donut Day. Nathan visits Lil at Harry's to confront her on her avoidance of him and the mansion's other telepaths since the incident in Budapest. Doug posts an XKCD cartoon.

Jun 6 - Charles posts regarding the start of summer and the departure of several mansion residents. Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk continues to try to reach the mansion, this time making a reverse charges call which Fred hangs up on. Nathan and Adrienne play hookey from a meditation/shielding lesson and talk about Adrienne's interest in the Hellfire Club. Mark and Jay talk during a successful shift at Silver. Bishop gives a drunken birthday girl Clarice a ride home at the end of her party.

Jun 7 - At a restaurant, Catseye's use of descriptive names causes trouble and Jean-Paul explains to her why the cat way of doing things can be hurtful to humans. Old Man of the Mountain: Farouk, in Bangkok, calls again and gets Doreen and manages to ger her to agree to pass on a message for Garrison; Dori posts to the journals about her odd call; Garrison emails Pete Wisdom and his father about the problem; a meeting is held at Snow Valley between Betsy, Jake, Morgan and Garrison to plan how to help Farouk and to retrieve a missing Indian diplomat; Jake asks Adrienne out for dinner (cancelling dinner with Jean-Paul) and asks her to join the mission; in Bangkok, Christian Kane breaks Farouk out of prison. Manuel and Valentia visit Wanda and talk turns to the recent breakthrough Manuel experienced with Cammie. Callie helps Dori to pack for her trip to Bosnia and agrees to look after Monkey Joe. Jean-Paul posts a fun summer training link; he and Scott tempt death by actually considering building one of their own. Lil emails Scott about psi defence training and is most reluctant to take the help offered. Jean-Paul and Jake have some time together before leaving on their respective trips. Nathan talks to Cammie about her options and about being a brainwashed mutant super-soldier.

Jun 8 - Old Man of the Mountain - Farouk and Christian Kane cause mayhem at a Singapore harbour, trying to make their way to Madripoor and then find themselves rescued by a Thai gay pleasure yacht when their hijacked ferry sinks; the Madripoor team meet their contact, Dum-Dum Dugan; Adrienne, Garrison and Jake experience the awkward while trying to get information on their target at the airport; Farouk and Garrison reach Madripoor, to discover the Imperial Guard are searching for them and that Farouk's contacts have a way for them to enter the city through the sewers. Marie-Ange gets tired of waiting and Emma fixes Doug's libido, leading to a cable being kicked loose in the server room and a comment from North. Watching television with Callie, Julian and Yvette, Fred sees his father speaking for the FOH and loses his temper, smashing the TV; Jean-Paul comments on the mess and Fred apologises. Jean-Paul announces his absence for the rest of the week, taking Johnny to Montreal; Lil emails Johnny, giving him 'instructions' for his trip. Tabitha asks Manuel to sleep with her and he turns her down emphatically.

Jun 9 - Angelo seeks out Fred and talks some calm into him. Old Man of the Mountain: Morgan, Betsy and Dugan go to the Princess Bar and get information on the diplomat they are seeking and discover the Imperial Guard are seeking him too; the group converges on their lost diplomat, only to discover the Triads are after him for gambling debts and then the Imperial Guard show up; Farouk manages to broker a deal with Lilandra in return for the diplomat and his secrets and discovers he was betrayed by one of the Alamut. Returning from Madripoor, Adrienne picks up new student Sarah Vale at the airport; Forge meets Sarah and after an initial reaction due to the similarity of her powers to Milan, he adopts her as his protegee; in the kitchen, Sarah feeds Catseye, who remains in cat form; Sarah introduces herself on the journals and Doug is curt; Doug emails Forge flailing about a technopath at the school in light of his experiences with Mastermold; Sarah meets Nathan, out flying in the Doom Chicken. Johnny posts about his first day on the road and his learning of new French words from Jean-Paul's driving; Jean-Paul updates from a drive-in, where Johnny has insisted he watch the new Star Trek movie, much to his boredom. Mnemovore: Tara Trask has a meeting with a new ally - Alpha of Taygetos. Cammie and Lil talk about killing Cammie's birth mother and unpronounceable names. Julian visits Callie, who is sick in bed with a cold and a moping Monkey Joe.

Jun 10 - Face the Blood: On the flight to Bosnia, Fred has a short and awkward conversation with Crystal about flying; in Bosnia, Inez Temple|Inez finds herself sharing a tent with Crystal; Laurie reunites with Dr. Pierre Marcel and they talk about the demands of humanitarian work; Dori emails Johnny. Lil reflects it's been six months since she arrived at the mansion and that she has a meeting arranged by Scott; Lil goes to talk to Charles about psi-training. Shiro is excited to find out there is a gundam mecha in a park in Japan. Julian meets Sarah and is impressed by her powers. Amanda emails Jean-Philliipe about a plan regarding the bus run. Jake gets some painkillers from Jean to cope with the continued pain in his lost arm; Jake takes Cammie out for antifreeze and donuts and manages to talk her a bit out of her self-loathing mindset. In County Cook, a sudden transformation in a suicidal teen causes the treating doctor to contact his old mentor, Nathaniel Essex, who decides the boy needs to go to Xavier's school. A lost Sarah encounters Julio, who offers her the tour. Jean-Paul posts from Montreal. Zanne asks Callie about some sick roses, which are apparently sympathising with the chlorokinetic's flu. Lil and Jake go out drinking after her meeting with Charles.

Jun 11 - Face the Blood: Fred and Yvette chat on the way to breakfast; Dori and Catseye play tag with the local children; Yvette and Angel work on rebuilding and talk about boys. Nathan and Callisto discuss issues mutants have accessing programs for the disabled when their mutations are maladaptive and Nathan has an Evil Plan. Jean-Paul posts about visiting his parents' graves and not feeling any different but later has a nightmare and texts Nathan for reassurance. Kurt startles Sarah, but reassures her that he's not so scary. Wanda visits Jennie, who tells her about being pregnant, but not being so any more.

Jun 12 - Wanda visits Jake early in the morning to give him his gift from Japan, and discovers they bought each other the same tentacle toy. Face the Blood: Fred and Monet clear a minefield in their own special way; Yvette, Dori and Inez help rescue a child from a mine, but Yvette steps on another and is blown up; Forge and Crystal have a conflict of opinions on how to deal with wars and the ways people do things; Dr. Marcel asks Clarice to teleport Yvette to the hospital in Kosovo, and to bring help from the mansion; Laurie tries to use her powers to counter Yvette's, but fails; Jean and Forge talk with Dr. Marcel and realise that an inhibitor is the only way to go; Forge lets the school know what happened; Inez and Angel talk about what happened; Laurie checks on Forge as he makes the inhibitor; Laurie checks on Kevin and tries to feed him; Laurie checks on Fred, and tries to comfort him. Jean-Paul posts about playing laser tag with Johnny.

Jun 13 - Face The Blood: Yvette wakes up on dialysis with the inhibitor on and finds Fred at her bedside; a donor is found - Yvette's biological father, on death row - and Jean and Leo go to the military prison to talk to him; Kyle calls Laurie to find out what happened; Crystal finds Dori in a tree and makes sure she eats; Johnny lets people know he and Jean-Paul are on their way back.

Jun 14 - Face the Blood: Julian e-mails Doreen asking for news on Yvette; Jay texts Forge for news, Yvette has visitors, Dori and then Catseye, but it's obvious her condition is worsening without the transplant; Julian emails Dori for details and to comfort her; Dori finds Angel in the linen closet of the hospital and they wind up comforting each other, after some awkward conversation about Julian. Cammie goes out bar hopping and gets into a fight; injured, Cammie turns up at Jake's apartment for a patch job; back at the mansion, she goes to Jean for better treatment; in the morning, Cammie finds Kurt by her bedside and discovers she has effectively been adopted; Jean lets everyone know what happened to Cammie. Jean-Paul returns to find Jake in his bed and takes him to meet the new car; Jean-Paul drops in to visit Cammie. Cammie posts to her journal, asking for suggestions for things to do with her future. Marie-Ange and North talk over their powers and swap stories. Jean asks Cammie to stay in med lab for one more night, and they talk about mentioning Jake needs field medicine training to Emma. Jake stays with Jean-Paul for the night, fluff happens. Monet and Kurt have a phone call.

Jun 15 - Face the Blood: Emma and Logan go to the military prison for a last ditch attempt at convicing Yvette's biological father to donate his kidneys; Kevin runs into Dori and distracts himself by taking care of her; Forge announces Yvette has gone in for transplant surgery; Lil emails Jean-Paul and Johnny for distraction while they wait for news; Laurie and Catseye discuss the possibility of Yvette dying; Catseye yells at Dori for blaming herself; Kevin takes Catseye out during the wait; Angel announces the surgery was successful; Yvette wakes up to find Logan sitting by her bedside; Forge asks Kevin to help watch over Yvette and protect the inhibitor. Johnny visits Lil and they talk about her return to Canada. Mnemovore: Nathan approaches Jean-Paul about an Elpis trip. Jane mother hens her injured roomie, Cammie. Amara helps Cammie with her GED planning.

Jun 16 - Face the Blood: Emma emails Remy to let him know what she did to secure the transplant; Catseye keeps Yvette company as she recovers.

Jun 17 - Face the Blood: Angel helps Yvette pack to go back to the school; upon her return, Yvette posts her thanks for the support she received. New student Nick arrives and the school with Essex, and later gets the tour of the school from Marie and meets his roommate Johnny. Mnemovore: Jean-Paul asks Lil and Johnny to look after his rats while he is off with Nate. Laurie calls her father from the airport to check on him.

Jun 18 - Kevin helps settle Yvette back into her room and shows her his progress with his powers; Yvette posts again, asking for visitors; Jay emails Yvette, asking her to ask Kevin to leave; Jay visits and shares his movie magazines. Nick meets Catseye in the woods and they play Chase; Nick introduces himself on the journals. Manuel and Jean-Paul gossip at the pool. Catseye accidentally deivers a live baby mouse to Sarah when she mixes up rooms. Mnemovore: Nathan and Jean-Paul plan out their trip and discuss the past.

Jun 19 - Trying to find Catseye, Nick accidentally meets Sarah instead and finds himself relaxing despite himself. Angelo brings Joyita to visit Yvette now she can touch. X-Men Mission: Rubicon: Charles detects a strong mutant power signature in Brazil and decides a team should go invetigate when the government proves uncooperative; Marie summons her team together. Sam and Jay meet at the pool and have an unsatisfying conversation about how people view Sam. Jake and Jean-Paul go out to Silver and Jake gets high, saying something Jean-Paul knows he doesn't really mean.

Jun 20 - At breakfast, Jean-Paul asks Jake if they can talk about their relationship status when he gets back. Julian visits Yvette and a degree of peacemaking is made. Kyle takes Nick out to buy clothes. X-Men Mission: Rubicon: Rogue, Forge, Wolverine, Wasp, Legion and Caldera fly to Brazil to investigate the powers spike; in their recon, Wolverine, Forge, Wasp and Legion discover that a mutant is being used as an energy source; Wasp, Wolverine and Caldera create a distraction with some burning trees whilst the remaining team rescue the boy, only to discover Reavers are involved in the security and beat a hasty retreat; regrouping, the team checks in with Charles and the decision is made to shut the facility down, despite its mandate to providing cheap power to underdeveloped regions; while Rogue, Wolverine and Caldera remain with the boy, Wasp, Forge and Legion destroy the complex, disabling most of the Reavers; Rogue posts her mission report. Jake is hungover and excited about a Ninja Warrior marathon and demands donuts. Clarice debates the possibilities of a courier service. Nick visits Yvette and discovers a fellow Shakespeare lover. Jay emails Clarice, Jean-Paul, Jean-Phillipe and Mark about Pride Parade on the upcoming Sunday. Kevin announces his presence in the mansion and it results in fried chicken, a rather obscure thread with Jay, and a TMI discussion about Nori and Julio's sex lives. Face the Blood: Kevin and Clarice go treat shopping for Yvette. Jan texts Kyle, teasing him about little plaid skirts.

Jun 21 - Waking late, Angel declares it waffle and fried chicken day. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Forge calls Crystal, inviting her to Dubai with him to see a completely computerised building; Crystal and Laurie decide to make it part of the Tour. Scott emails Jean to warn her of impending kidnapping to a hotel. Dani meets Nick and manages not to terrify him. Jay goes to the brownstone and runs into Jake, which results in pie; eventually returning for his visit to Amanda, conversation turns to powers biogtry among mutants. Yvette meets Sarah and a cunning plan is hatched re xBox; Sarah follows up by seeking out Scott to talk to him about the New Mutants. Nick meets Julian and gets his butt handed to him at Street Fighter. Kurt goes to the bar where Cammie was beaten up to exact some revenge, and manages to 'rescue' one of the bikers in the process. Catseye offers her orphaned baby mouse up for adoption and Marie-Ange accepts it. X-Men Mission: Rubicon: Forge updates on the company that had been using the boy as a power source, who have completely vanished. Jay visits Shiro and encourages him to come to the Pride March in his own particular way. Mnemovore: Jean-Paul and Nathan are ambushed by Taygetos and Jean-Paul is captured while Nathan is teleported away and suffers enough psionic backlash to think he's 20 years in the past. Jean and Scott go out to their hotel.

Jun 22 - Mnemovore: Nathan receives a call from Taygetos, threatening to kill Jean-Paul unless he gives himself up, but in his confused state he believes it's GW who has been captured by Mistra; Jean-Paul awakes in the care of Shrine, a Taygetos telepath, who begins to torture him. Inez and Catseye wind up topless when Catseye goes after Inez's bikini strings and talk about names; Julian finds Inez at the pool and talk gets a little risque. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Kyle goes down to the lab to see if Forge wants burgers, and winds up talking about the Reavers and gets an invitation to Dubai. Adrienne and Manuel talk about Valentia's new horse and riding lessons.

Jun 23 - Adrienne goes to visit Jake late at night, he takes her to a bakery and they talk about modeling and kidnapped arms. Catseye insists Angel try a chocolate-covered bug when a slip of the tongue puts the idea in her head, and there is more talk of names; Catseye and Nick meet up in the woods and play with Mini-Squid and talk about the differences in being their human or animal forms. Kyle takes Yvette outside by piggyback and shows her the garden. Mnemovore: Angelo raises concerns on x_team about Nathan and Jean-Paul when they fail to arrive in Tel Aviv as arranged; Angelo asks the general journal population if there's been any messages from Nathan or Jean-Paul, lying to cover when Johnny shows concern; Forge emails Angelo, querying his tactics; Scott puts the team on alert when it becomes clear from Charles that neither man is with their phones; Jean-Paul's psionic destruction continues; Lil emails Jake to see if he's heard anything; Wanda tracks down Jake when he disappears, not coping with the news. Catseye asks people about names and their meanings and preferences. Manuel and Cammie encounter each other in the laundry room and a practical joke of Cammie's leads to an encounter of a different kind.

Jun 24 - Unable to sleep, Dani goes to Jay's room and their shared nightmares. Mnemovore: Shiro emails Amanda to see if her researches have turned up anything; Nathan wanders the Ukraine, still confused as to where and when he is; Jean-Paul struggles to resist the reprogramming; Scott talks to Johnny about the situation.

Jun 25 - Mnemovore: Jean lets the team know Charles has located Nathan and takes a team to find him; finding Nathan confused and with his shields a mess, Jean manages to bring him back to some semblance of rationality and discovers Jean-Paul was taken; Jean manages to find a clue to Jean-Paul's location in Nathan's memories of the teleporter. Tabitha asks Cammie about her 'relationship' with Manuel and reveals she's jealous. In the wake of the singer's death, Mark announces a Michael Jackson tribute at Silver the next day. Adrienne, on her way to a Black Court function, has an unpleasant discussion with Garrison and then discovers the true price of her quest for power when Jason Wyngarde almost rapes her to show her her place.

Jun 26 - Mnemovore: The X-Men arrive at the Taygetos safehouse only to discover Jean-Paul has brutally killed everyone inside and they have to bring him down psychically; Angelo goes to Nathan's medlab room to check on him once the team gets back; Scott lets the school know the missing pair have returned, but that they are both in medlab and can't have visitors; Nathan tells Jake the news and he handles it badly; Charles, Jean and Nathan begin the difficult tasks of rebuilding Jean-Paul's mind. Adrienne posts that she's in Boston; Morgan emails her, concerned and Adrienne asks her to come; Morgan lets Snow Valley know she'll be out of town for a few days and Amanda texts her offering help if needed. Kevin meets Dori again out in the woods and concludes she's a bit odd. Manuel sends separate invitations to dinner to both Angel and Julian. Inez and Fred spar and something strange happens with his powers; Fred emails Jean to let her know and to ask for another prescription of his painkillers.

Jun 27 - Mnemovore: Nathan posts his report on x_team, unable to sleep; Johnny sneaks down to medlab and is shocked by what he sees and Nathan provides him with a point of blame; Johnny goes to Lil for comfort. Jay posts something in honour of Pride. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Doug uses his wiles to get himself and Kyle upgrades to first class on their Dubai flight. Yvette encounters the downside of being able to feel the sun. Nick runs into Jay and after an accident with a fork and snacks, it's decided he'll go to Pride with the group. Manuel's plan to trick Angel and Julian into talking backfires when they meet at the restaurant and have another fight; Angel emails Inez, telling her Julian is all hers; puzzled, Inez seeks Angel out on the roof and they talk about the Stupidity of Boys. Catseye asks Jay if she can go to Pride with the group.

Jun 28 - Jay emails the Pride goers with arrangements; Clarice helps Jay get ready and then they literally drag Shiro out of bed to go; Amanda decides to join things. Yvette emails Julian, telling him she doesn't want to see him again after what he did to Angel the night before. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Crystal and Laurie arrive in Dubai and confusion ensues as to who was meant to be where; Forge and Crystal have a conversation about current issues and talk about their fight. Mnemovore: Lil takes over from Nathan to let him get some sleep, she reads to Jean-Paul, hoping it'll jog something inside him. Later Nathan returns, and they talk a little about Johnny, and about Jean-Paul's recovery, or lack thereof. Clarice posts about Pride, a girl she met and turning straight again. Shiro meets up with Nick at Pride and they talk about family, minorities and coping with loss and prejudice. Catseye and Nick keep each other company waiting for the bus at Pride.

Jun 29 - Mnemovore: Jean-Paul comes to and wishes he hadn't as everything he did comes back to him; Nathan attempts to comfort him; Jay goes down to medlab to give Jean-Paul a gift from Pride, and a rather unpleasant scene unfolds between himself, Nathan and Jean-Paul. Following the visit to Jean-Paul, Jay seeks out Garrison to help him control his rising need to hurt someone. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Doug runs into Quentin Quire, at the hotel for a poker tournament; Quentin mentions Doug in his blog and Milan, also at the hotel, picks up on it, suggesting a meeting of potential allies; the two meet and mutual grudges discussed; Forge and Doug indulge in one of their pedeconferences and discuss Emma; that night, Quentin uses his Kick-accentuated powers to stir up nightmares in Doug. Shiro is unhappy to discover the glitter left by Jay the day before. John posts about lunch and he and Angelo manage to annoy Amanda. Angel coaxes Kevin to go wheelchair racing with her following a discussion of Yvette's recovery. Doreen convinces Julian to go outside as he is sulking over the altercation with Angel. Callie and Catseye hang out at the pool and talk swimming and driving lessons. Callie tracks down Julian for the truth of the incident with Angel and he tells her Angel insulted his family. Jean-Phillipe emails Amanda and accepts custody of the bus run. Inez suggests flashlight tag and Yvette suggests a movie night for those who aren't up for the tag for various reasons.

Jun 30 - Adrienne announces her return from Boston, but that she will be living in her penthouse in New York for the summer. Callie and Fred rent movies together and are cute. Julian emails Callie and Fred, suggesting they take Yvette to the beach. Kurt catches up with Doreen up a tree and they talk about freedom and he offers to take her to Germany one day. Analog Kid, Digital Man: Returning from the gym, Kyle and Laurie get stuck in one of the elevators when Milan and Quire spring their plan; Forge and Crystal have to calm Doug down when he thinks it's Mastermold come to get him; realising they're the only ones left in the hotel, Forge, Crystal and Doug work out what's going on and that it must be Milan and Quire working together; Kyle and Laurie rejoin the other three and a plan is formed; Laurie and Crystal track down Quire, showing him just why telepaths should keep their brains to themselves; Forge struggles his way through an army of maintenance bots to get to the main power supply; Kyle and Doug take down Milan, but he manages to get away at the last minute by tasering both of them and Forge lets him go. Mnemovore: Fred comforts Johnny with fast food and some sensible words; Johnny emails Fred to update him on Jean-Paul's condition; Wanda visits Nathan and finds out what Jake said to him; a furious Wanda breaks Jake's nose (and his cake) and reads him the riot act for being a jerk.


X-Men Mission: Fifth Column

Old Man of the Mountain

Clause 16

Face The Blood


X-Men Mission: Rubicon

Analog Kid, Digital Man

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