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Green Day was held, with almost everyone dyeing themselves green to cheer up Miles Blaire. Following the end of classes, Jubilation Lee found out the mall she lived in was to be demolished and took Forge, Carlie and (inadvertently) Catseye on a cross-country road trip in Hank McCoy's convertible. Jay Guthrie kissed Forge, causing an uncomfortable scene which was later resolved. Alison Blaire and Haroun al-Rashid had a clash of living styles. Amanda Sefton's friend Charlie visited the school and was suitably overwhelmed. In the wake of exam results, several students sought advice on their futures, with law enforcement being a popular choice. Amanda, having failed her exams, sought more help with Meggan Szardos, arranging for tutors for both of them. Alison anonymously released her first song since losing her career, causing a stir among the students as they tried to work out who the artist was. Danielle Moonstar made her dislike of Billy clear and Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart's baby exhibited telekinesis in the womb.

Meggan frightened Kurt Wagner with a demonstration of her power to synch herself to electricity and Moira made a thorough examination of her abilities. Nathan and Manuel de la Rocha continued empathic training, with Nathan revealing that the Askani were beginning to fade. Jean Grey, working closely with the psychologically disturbed Paige Guthrie, began having nightmares and collapsed from lack of sleep.

Nathan was returned to active duty in the team after working on his sparring issues. The Intel team of Remy LeBeau and Jake Gavin were notified about the presence of Pietro Maximoff as a double agent within the Brotherhood of Mutants and reacted by going out and getting drunk. Betsy Braddock joined the Intel team. Alex Summers and Lorna Dane clashed over Lorna's role in the team. Alison attempted unsuccessfully to fly, using her powers. Cain Marko told Alison about Cyttorak, in light of the events of Shattered. Meggan was kidnapped and returned by mysterious means; Pete Wisdom was implicated in the kidnap. Alison met with Harry Leland from the Hellfire Club and a deal was made.

Nathan experienced much conflict over the discovery of his father, Saul Morrow. Their memories of his childhood did not mesh and Nathan came close to destroying his brain trying to break the blocks on his memory. After a secure meeting where Haroun and Alison played back-up, Nathan invited Saul to the school to meet his family, friends and students. Saul expressed a keen interest in everything. Madelyn Bartlet and Wanda Maximoff went to Alaska to try and find out further information on the community Nathan's family lived with. Jake and Remy were both approached to find out more about Saul and his company. Resentful of everyone's cautioning words, Nathan agreed to visit Saul at his home in San Francisco.


June 1 - Nathan talks to Alison about his problem with flinching in sparring; she suggests Tai Chi. Nathan emails his father and discovers their respective memories of his childhood don't match up. Amanda emails Moira about picking up her powers training again.

June 2 - Cain talks to Terry about her problem with Sean. Nathan talks to his therapist about the emails from his father.

June 3 - Cain tells Alison about Cyttorak. Nathan decides to meet with his father and asks for back-up.

June 5 - Nathan meets with his father, Saul to discuss their history; Alison and Haroun go along as back-up. Amanda asks Charles to suggest a teacher for Meggan.

June 6 - Green Day - everyone dyes themselves green to cheer up Miles. Madelyn tells Nate of her plans to try and find people from the community he grew up in. Jay kisses Forge and Forge flees. The Intel team find out about Pietro being a double agent. Amanda arranges various people to help with Meggan.

June 7 - Little Girl Lost: Meggan is snatched during an outing in New York; Amanda knocks herself out when she hits a counter spell and is brought back to the mansion by Moira and Kurt.

June 8 - Remy apologises to Lorna for being an ass. Manuel talks to Lorna about her Philosophy class. Terry talks to Scott about law enforcement careers. Little Girl Lost: Meggan is returned by a mysterious Rescue Man.

June 9 - Little Girl Lost: Aftermath; whilst Meggan is being debriefed by Charles, Remy talks to Amanda and they reach the conclusion that Pete might have told Selene about Meggan. Scott becomes aware Jean is acting oddly. Hellfire and Damnation: Alison meets with Harry Leland of the Hellfire Club and he reveals he knows the truth of Alphonso's death; a deal is made. Nathan tells Bridge about his father.

June 10 - Jay and Forge talk about the kiss and remain friends. Madelyn confronts Jean about not sleeping and Jean collapses. Jubilee, Forge, Catseye and Carlie go on a roadtrip to California. Nate and Haroun argue about teaching and Haroun throws Nate in the lake.

June 11 - Jean wakes up. Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda's friend Charlie visits the mansion.

June 12 - Charlie goes home. Nathan tells Amanda about finding his father. Meggan frightens Kurt when she demonstrates her ability to synch to energy sources. Dani's dislike of her son Billy becomes obvious and plans are made to wean him onto formula. Alison spends the day recording Guido's band.

June 13 - Nathan calls Saul and they discuss conflicting memories of the past. Domino AIMs Amanda and tells her about the Pack's pro bono work with refugees in the Sudan.

June 14 - Little Girl Lost: Remy bluffs his way into the mortuary where Patches' body is and makes some unpleasant connections with Wisdom. Betsy joins the Intel team. Nathan and Moira's baby exhibits telekinesis in the womb. Lorna is affected by sunspots.

June 15 - Alison sends a new song to her producer and it is released anonymously.

June 16 - Jamie and Kitty celebrate their second anniversary. Nathan asks Jake to research into his father's company.

June 17 - Nathan tries to break the blocks in his memory and nearly breaks his brain - Alison and Askani pull him out.

June 20 - Lorna and Alex argue over her role in the X-Men. Moira posts her findings on Meggan's powers. Jamie asks for suggestions for summer work.

June 21 - Jay talks to Alison about music and recording. Shiro and Nathan train together and move towards resolving issues. Nathan and Manuel train in New York and Nathan reveals the Askani are fading. Alison and Haroun have a clash of living styles.

June 22 - X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom; the team retrieve a new student from France. Nate is reinstated to the team.

June 25 - Nathan calls Saul again and is invited to meet him. Little Girl Lost: Remy reports on his findings and concludes that in all likelihood, Pete was involved in the kidnapping. Betsy writes a Danger Room scenario for the intel team.

June 26 - Madelyn and Wanda go to Alaska to find information regarding the community Nathan grew up in.

June 27 - Domino hears Alison's song on the streets of Sudan. Doug and Marie-Ange train hand-to hand.

June 28 - Nathan has a pre-cognitive moment whilst reviewing the files on his father's group. Moira asks Remy to check into Nathan's father as well. Saul comes to the school to meet Nathan and his family and students.

June 29 - Catseye, Forge, Jubilee and Carlie return from the road trip. Jubilee has her first training session with Haroun. Carlie gives Hank the Sister Talk.

June 30 - Nathan plans to go to San Francisco to visit his father. Alison unsuccessfully tries to learn to fly with her power. Forge and Jay talk about HeliX version 2.


Little Girl Lost

X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom

Hellfire and Damnation

Buy Now, Pay Later

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