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Parents' Day at the school leads to some interesting encounters, both between students, parents and staff. Some of the staff escape to Harry's to commiserate. In Hawaii, Alex Summers encounters Crystal Amaquelin on the beach and tells her about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. At the mansion, Remy LeBeau arrives at Ororo Munroe's office with a story about a stolen mask and some ideas as to who might be interested in it. Remy convinces Ororo to come to Egypt, and Marie D'Ancato wants to go along as well. They arrive in Cairo and make contact with an old acquaintance of Ororo's, Achmed el-Gibar. He agrees to help them, for a price.

Meanwhile, Doug Ramsey and Marie-Ange Colbert argue and eventually break up. After leaving the mansion, Doug is offered a job by Pete Wisdom, which he accepts.

Several weeks after 'borrowing' Kurt Wagner's powers, Marius Laverne is forced to use them in a most stressful situation. It seems his body is beginning to adapt to them, and his well-being is ensured by some quick action on Forge and the medstaff's part. Also at the mansion, Cain Marko encounters a face he hadn't expected to see ever again, and finds that Cyttorak has had enough of their arrangement. He undergoes a journey to address this issue, with the help of Sam Guthrie, Wanda Maximoff, and Marie-Ange. Lorna Dane's mentor, Chef Marcel, passes away. Two new students, Crystal Amaquelin and Kevin 'Wither' Ford join the mansion. As Cain and the other X-Men return home, Scott Summers and Jean Grey leave on a much-needed vacation.

At Marie's urging, Crystal and Jennie Stavros become reluctant roommates. Two members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Toad and Mystique, show up at Forge's booksigning, though there is only verbal sparring. Midway through the month, the mansion's residents begin to see odd visions of people in strange situations. It is eventually determined that the visions are a result of Marie-Ange's power, though she is not consciously controlling them.

Sofia "Winddancer" Mantega-Barret, Snow Valley's new therapist, arrives in New York. She receives a less-than-enthusiastic welcome, but manages to settle in nicely nonetheless. Kitty Pryde and Jamie Madrox propose to one another, and both say yes. The mansion's newest and most cheerful inhabitant, Tainafi "Mondo" Olopoto , arrives at the mansion, and Danielle Moonstar moves into Marie's suite and becomes the school's second official RA.

Jennie continues the search for her father, and is surprised one day to be called into Xavier's office to meet him. It's a civil meeting, though where they go from there seems to be up in the air. She and Forge also begin a tentative relationship and plan a date together. It is revealed, through a series of unfortunate events, that Kyle Gibney cheated on Jay Guthrie with one of the girls from his time in the fighting ring, and as a result of this revelation they break up. Shiro Yoshida helps out a friend from school several times, and is exposed to a new and dangerous drug designed specifically for mutants.

X-Force plans and undertakes an assault on a mad scientist's lab in Germany. It is a success, and they manage to rescue an old resident of Xavier's. Sarah 'Marrow' Morlocke returns with them to New York, where Remy and Lorna once again try to work out their relationship and move forward. The X-Men are approached with an unofficial request for help from Washington, and a team composed of Storm, Nightcrawler, Legion, Polaris and Cable depart soon after for Africa. There they manage to rescue several children and apprehend some of the culprits with only minor collateral damage.

At the very end of the month, a young mutant named Julio Richter encounters Magneto and manifests his powers, much to the madman's delight. There is a car accident, and all does not bode well for Julio.


June 2Parents' Day. Kevin Ford arrives at the mansion.

June 4 – Alex meets Crystal. The Mask of Ozymandias: Remy comes to the mansion to speak with Ororo about a stolen mask. Marie-Ange and Doug break up.

June 5The Mask of Ozymandias: Remy, Ororo and Marie arrive in Egypt and make first contact with Achmed el-Gibar.

June 6The Enemy Within: Cain has a strange encounter in town. The Mask of Ozymandias: The Quran is stolen by Remy, Ororo and Marie. Pete Wisdom offers Doug a job. Nathan fires his secretary. Bleeding: Marius uses Kurt's powers in a strange way.

June 7The Enemy Within: Cyttorak arrives at the mansion to ask something of Cain. The Mask of Ozymandias: Remy, Ororo and Marie track down the mask and confront Sabretooth at the Aswan Dam. Lorna's mentor, Chef Marcel, passes away.

June 8The Enemy Within: Cain continues to deal with Cyttorak's demands. Wanda tells Ororo she is leaving the mansion, but staying on the reserve team. Crystal Amaquelin arrives at the mansion.

June 9The Enemy Within: Cain, Sam, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Cyttorak depart to deal with the legacy.

June 10The Enemy Within: Cain defeats Cyttorak, along with some help from the X-Men. Scott and Jean leave on a vacation.

June 13Publish or Perish: Forge's booksigning is interrupted by two members of the Brotherhood. Crystal moves into Jennie's room.

June 14Ghost of a Chance: Marie-Ange has an encounter with Quentin Quire; the mansion's inhabitants begin to see odd things.

June 15 – Sofia Mantega-Barret arrives at Snow Valley. Jamie and Kitty propose to one another.

June 18 – Dani moves into Marie's suite. Mondo arrives at the mansion.

June 20Ghost of a Chance: Marie-Ange is identified as the source of the strange visions around the mansion.

June 22 – Jennie continues to search for her father. Kick It Up: Shiro encounters a friend in need.

June 23 – Kyle and Jay break up. Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans: Amanda and Kitty fly to Muir to talk to Moira about Kevin MacTaggart's DNA turning up on the black market.

June 24 - Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans: Kitty and Amanda break the news to Moira and discover things are far more serious than initially thought.

June 26Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans: Remy and Betsy plan an assault on a formidable base; X-Force's assault begins; Sarah Morlocke is found in the laboratory. Jennie and Forge plan a date. Bleeding: Marius collapses while exercising.

June 28 – Remy and Lorna continue to discuss their relationship. Bleeding: Marius begins to undergo some changes. The Rictor Effect: Julio Richter encounters Magneto and manifests.

June 29X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter: The X-Men are approached about a mission in Africa, and leave soon after. Bleeding: Marius goes into pulmonary arrest, but is saved by some quick thinking by Forge.

June 30 – Jennie meets her father for the first time. Jennie and Forge go on a date.


The Enemy Within

Publish or Perish

Ghost of a Chance

Kick It Up

The Mask of Ozymandias

Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans

X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter

The Rictor Effect


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