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Overall timeline of pre-game and game events.

Timeline - Phase 1


1937 - Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr born.

1939 – WW2 begins.

1943 - Super Soldier program successfully tested on Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.

1944 – Erik and his family are taken to Auschwitz; Erik manifests.

1945 – Captain America disappears over the ocean off Greenland; end of WW2.

1946 - Peggy Carter and Howard Stark create SHIELD.

1954 - Erik Lehnsherr meets Charles Xavier.

1970s - Erik meets and marries Magda Maximoff

1975 - Magda flees after seeing Erik use his powers to kill attacking humans

1976 - The Maximoff Twins are born; Charles Xavier is injured and confined to a wheelchair.

1979Weapon X program begins as a joint exercise between Canada and the US.

1980 - During renovation of the mansion into a school for mutants, Erik Lehnsherr lives in New York with Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. The three become active in civil rights and research into the newly-discovered "mutant gene".

1982 - Erik and Charles begin work on Cerebro and other technological advances in the mansion. Gabrielle Haller gives birth to Charles’ son, David, without his immediate knowledge.

1986 - Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is opened to students.

1987 - Kevin MacTaggart is born.

1988 - Erik discovers that he has children with Magda, becomes heavily involved in their lives; the children visit the school a few times

1991 - Dr. Moira MacTaggart begins accepting private patients on Muir Island Research Facility. Everett Thomas comes to the school.

1992 - Erik meets Susanna Dane.

1993 - Lorna is born; Scott Summers comes to the school.

1994 - Wanda and Pietro enter college; after an incident at the school, Erik breaks away from Xavier and takes several students with him; Wanda starts to pull away, Pietro does not. Kevin MacTaggart dies.

1995 - David Haller is brought to Muir Island. Everett graduates and leaves Xavier's.

1996 - Haller transfers to the school.

1997 - Kitty Pryde starts at the school.

1998 - Haller leaves Xavier's and returns to Muir Island.

1999 - Scott becomes leader of the X-Men.

2000 - Jean Grey "attends" the school via online commute.

2001 – 9/11 and the War on Terror begins

2002 - (November) X1 – Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants attempt to turn the world’s leaders into mutants but is stopped; Wanda cuts ties with him.

2003 - (May) X2: The Great Headache prompts a backlash against mutants and for the safety of the student's, Xavier's is billed as a "prep school" to the public.

Phase 1

2006 - Head Like A Hole: Chthon tries to possess Wanda Maximoff and is repelled; disillusioned, she leaves the X-Men. X-Force formed. The Rictor Effect: Magneto kidnaps and coerces a young mutant with seismic powers to attack San Diego. The earthquake and subsequent tsunamis caused serious damage and the young mutant dies from the effort.

2008 - Bhagavad Gita: a nuclear mutant terrorist explodes and kills 500,000 in India.; Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil: Ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka by Indian troops and the Imperial Guard. Day Zero: Mutants take over Manhattan.

2010 - Lakshmibai Raj: India attempts to invade Pakistan, India's Prime Minister is assassinated, Lilandra Neramani is elected and India gets a seat on the Security Council. Following the X-Men's involvement and the potential danger to the school because of it, the X-Men team is moved off-site.

2012Genosha Arc -Genosha’s government is overthrown and it is revealed it has abducted foreign nationals to use as mutates. The students are targeted by the Genoshan government as a lesson to Charles Xavier not to meddle in politics. Following the retrieval, Charles closes the school and withdraws. The Mutant Underground is still active, run by former students of the school, and the "new mutants" are sheltered and taught about their powers, often together. Sonatorrek - Thor manifests on Earth, is taken into custody by SWORD.

2013 - Katabasis: Jennie's new spy network in England is betrayed and slaughtered. Bloodstone Arc: Megan Gwynn is abducted by Belasco and the Soul Dagger created.

2014Higher Than Hope: A mutant supremacist group is discovered.

2015 - Dark Phoenix Saga: A catastrophic Event causes the destruction of Phase 1 XP and the creation of Phase 2. No-one knows what happened during M-Day exactly, but mutants are blamed for extensive death and devastation. Legislation calling for mutant registration, restriction of rights or outright segregation fast-tracked in governments all over the world.

Phase 2

2015 - M-Day. The Xavier Institute is reopened. Funded by a consortium headed by the Frost sisters (with other wealthy types involved, such as Julian Keller), it is one part private school, one part centre of developmental research and learning. Charles is the figurehead, and the Institute is run by his former students and alumni, summoned and returned to protect their fellow mutants against an increasingly hostile world.

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