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Garrison Kane, aiding Vanessa Carlysle, struck a deal with Abigail Brand which left him owing her a favour, much to his displeasure. A You Tube video, showing a young telekinetic having an incident in a coffee shop in New York, generated a lot of journal and Twitter discussion. Susan Storm uncovered the reason for Madelyne Pryor's mysterious absences and secrecy - she had become a cheerleader. A bet with Garrison over baseball fantasy leagues and drinks with Amanda Sefton resulted in a permanent Jays tattoo for Adrienne Frost, rather than the temporary one she'd agreed to. And Rachel Kinross-Dayspring returned to the mansion from Muir Island, having accepted - somewhat unhappily - that she was this dimension's Rachel after all.


Oct 1 -

Oct 2 - Garrison announces he is going into the city and asks why is there a ginger cat breaking into his room all the time; Garrison meets with Abigail Brand, now leader of SWORD, a sub-division of SHIELD, and manages to get a favour to help Vanessa, at a price. Lorna feeds a grateful Tabitha. Tandy asks for volunteers during the holiday season to help out at her uncle’s soup kitchen. Garrison emails Vanessa to let her know who she can talk to at SHIELD to fix her problem.

Oct 3 - Maddie tells Topaz she has a homecoming dress for her to wear, much to Topaz’s confusion.

Oct 4 - Kyle posts a Bryon/Twilight mashup vid. Vanessa returns to the X-Factor offices to find Adrienne hanging out there.

Oct 5 -

Oct 6 - Jean-Phillipe announces his intention to boycott the Winter Olympics due to Russia’s anti-gay policies.

Oct 7 - Lorna provides the kitchen with a large popcorn machine.

Oct 8 - Amanda announces there’s a New Orleans style brunch in the conference room in honor of Remy’s birthday, and also cake.

Oct 9 - Adrienne makes a journal entry about the Red Sox advancing to the ALCS. Several people engage with others on Twitter over a YouTube video of a mutant using her powers in a cafe. Matt makes a journal entry about not doing his work and instead adding apps onto his phone, including Twitter after all the YouTube video commentary.

Oct 10 - Yvette makes a journal entry with her thoughts about the YouTube video incident and how some people are discussing a potential coffee shop protest. Rachel finally moves into her new suite and meets her roommate - Callie.

Oct 11 - Clint texts Billy to ask if Maddie was actually wearing a cheerleader outfit or was it a purple French maid outfit.

Oct 12 - Maddie and Sue attend the homecoming bonfire, where Sue uncovers Maddie’s dark secret. Artie takes Tandy to meet a Morlock following a conversation on the journals.

Oct 13 - Sarah V. makes a journal entry wondering how it’s already halfway through October.

Oct 14 - Maddie announces to the journals that she's become a cheerleader an announcement which is received with with a large amount of support to her surprise.

Oct 15 -

Oct 16 - Hope A. finds Maddie and Topaz asleep on the couch.

Oct 17 -

Oct 18 -

Oct 19 - Kyle complains about the Tigers blowing it again. Adrienne gets excited about the upcoming Red Sox game.

Oct 20 - Adrienne meets Amanda for drinks Saturday night and the next morning a horrific discovery is made: the temporary Jays tattoo is actually real.

Oct 21 -

Oct 22 -

Oct 23 -

Oct 24 - Rachel calls Angelo from Muir, frustrated with having to make decisions about the future.

Oct 25 - Clarice posts on about the date of Apocalypse’s attack on NY sneaking on her and knitting. Despite trying to hide her tattoo from him all week, Adrienne runs into Garrison on Boiler Beach.

Oct 26 -

Oct 27 - Scott emails Jean and the Professor about them going out to the Rolling Stones. Wade has a brilliant plan. Obviously Doug has to be involved.

Oct. 28: Cammie posts lamenting about not being able to spend a quiet birthday with Kurt. Tabitha texts Cammie about her lack of vibrator. Wade texts Marie-Ange about having a lovely bunch of coconuts. Matt posts a video about handicap accessibility in Germany.

Oct. 29: Clint posts claiming that pyramids are cooler than mummies.

Oct. 30: Rachel posts (re)introducing herself. Adrienne emails Vanessa about doing something for her birthday. Maddie posts about a Halloween marathon on x_kids. Matt posts asking if anyone wants to go to his gym and help hand out candy for Halloween. North has a German meal delivered to Vanessa for her birthday. North and Wade make a bet, then drag Jean into the fallout.

Oct. 31: Laurie posts about her nutty sleep schedule and wondering if there's a spell that can give her more hours in a day. Tabitha texts Cammie about not dealing. Adrienne emails Jean and Lorna about dressing up as the Sanderson sisters and crashing the students' viewing of Hocus Pocus.


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