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The mystery of Attilan's disappearance was solved when Crystal Amaquelin tracked down Maximus Boltagon and found him in a hospital, prolonging the coma of the young teleporter who had accidentally shifted the entire island. With Maximus captured, Attilan was returned to the correct dimension, to much relief from the friends and family of the missing. Forge reunited with his parents before returning the mansion, where he experienced the dissonance of having aged two years whilst his friends had remained the same, and Crystal decided a vacation was in order, attending the wedding of Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy and later returning to the mansion.

The younger X-Men were called in to perform a break-and-enter at Irene Adler's behest, as the precognitive reappeared with warnings of something terrible being planned by Donald Pierce. It proved to be another of Irene's ploys, as she performed a switch and took the Sentinel blueprints, leaving another of her diaries in its place, much to Marie Marie D'Ancato's frustration. Nathan Dayspring and David Haller found themselves in deep water in Dagestan, as Ilyas Saidullayev made an escape attempt which brought the Russian military down on him. The situation was further complicated when Magneto appeared to recruit the terrorist for his Brotherhood of Mutants. Outpowered after the battle with Saidullayev, Nathan and Haller were knocked unconscious and were unable to prevent Magneto taking the telekinetic with him. Along with the recruitment of Nimrod, it posed a disturbing picture for the X-Men.

Amanda Sefton meanwhile seemed to be reaping the benefits of her increased powers work after the events of Voodoo Child. Things took a worrisome turn, however, when it became clear her powers were boosted beyond what they should be, and various spellbooks had gone missing from Strange's collection. Uncharacteristic powers use during a mission in Arizona in which the X-Force team fought giant Mongolian Death Worms and rumours on the journals only reinforced concerns. It all turned out to be part of an elaborate plan by Margali, trying to 'reclaim' the family's magic by stealing her daughter's body. The spell caught more than intended, however, with Kurt Sefton, Wanda Maximoff and Mark Sheppard also being switched.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers had a pregnancy scare, and Scott's mixed feelings about not becoming parents yet caused some tension. With Cain Marko locked out of the house by Amanda's amplified shielding spell, the kids had a game of indoor Quidditch, resulting in a broken vase and a debate on ethics in the student comm as Yvette Petrovic questioned the morality of blaming someone else - even a dog - for your actions. Terry and Bobby got married, again, this time officially. Nathan and Angelo Espinosa returned to Tel Aviv to celebrate the birth of a new Pack member to Anika and Ian and half the mansion had birthdays. Laurie Collins found herself in a dilemma about contacting her father, Zach Garrison.


Aug 1 - Sound of Silence: Crystal returns from her search, but asks for official permission to leave again.

Aug 3 - Sound of Silence: Crystal finds Maximus in a hospital watching over a boy in a coma, and captures him in order to find out what he did to Attilan. Rachel's second birthday.

Aug 4 - Sound of Silence: Crystal deprives Maximus of food and water and threatens to torture him; he refuses to give her the information, but eventually he tries a last-ditch attempt to control her mind and instead creates a link that reveals the boy in the coma is the source of Attilan's translocation; Forge arrives with a 'rescue' team to find everything is fine. Betsy tells Lorna she is an idiot for leaving the mansion over her dog Lili's pregnancy. Scott and Jean have a pregnancy scare when they realise Jean has missed taking her Pill.

Aug 5 - Sound of Silence: Attilan returns to its normal dimension, and Forge is the first to make radio contact with the outside world; Scott spreads the word of Attilan's return; Elpis is invited to join the Red Cross in helping Attilan readjust and Nathan asks Pietro to come with them.

Aug 6 - Bobby gives Terry an antique harp for an early birthday gift.

Aug 7 - Sound of Silence: Angelo posts from Attilan about the state of things and wishes Forge a happy birthday; Forge has gone back to his parents' house first. Terry updates from Cassidy Keep about her own birthday celebration and her upcoming wedding.

Aug 8 - Yvette's birthday and her friends wish her a happy one. Medusa contacts Nathan about coming for dinner at the palace and they catch up. Pietro reunites with Crystal.

Aug 9 - Various mansion residents respond to Attilan's return; Forge comes back to the mansion and is confused to find nothing has changed, whilst his friends are confused and amused by his aging; Forge posts clarifications about the state of things. Yvette thanks everyone for her birthday. Family Portrait: Laurie posts to the student comms about her father being found and not knowing what to do.

Aug 10 - Angel welcomes Forge back in her own particular style. Scott and Forge catch up. Acumen: Marie is contacted by Irene Adler concerning another prophecy and she consults with Marie-Ange. Jennie encounters Forge and is initially less than happy about him being alive. The Winding Way: Marie emails Doug about her concern that Amanda is using far more magic than usual.

Aug 11 - The Winding Way: Wanda posts about the disappearance of a number of Strange's books. Acumen: Cyclops announces the need for a younger team of X-Men to go with Rogue and infiltrate a club in response to Irene's vision; the team uses a diversion to cover Blink and Polaris breaking into the safe of a nightclub and stealing some blueprints; at the end, Irene uses a stumble to switch the Sentinel files for another diary. Angelo asks Wanda if they can meet to discuss Nathan's seeing of Tara Trask.

Aug 12 - Kurt runs into Scott and lectures him about not taking care of his knee. Doug emails Garrison, Marie and Marie-Ange about the previous night's mission. Crystal meets with Nathan on Attilan.

Aug 13 - Amanda finds out the downside of sharing a bed with a boy and his Labrador. Mark announces his birthday party at Silver. Alexander's Wall: Nathan asks Haller to come to Dagestan for a DDR with Gabrielle Haller.

Aug 14 - Jono gets back from England and has an altercation with Forge over Paige; Angelo wonders what happened and Forge tells him; Angelo wants to have words with Jono. Farouk posts his paper on the role of mutancy in the modern world, revealing his belief that mutants have existed for thousands of years. Jean gets her pregnancy test results and is disappointed to learn she is not pregnant; Scott is less disappointed, but tries to be supportive. Monet tells Marius she's coming back to the school. The Winding Way: Mark and Amanda train with powers and she blows him accidentally into a wall.

Aug 15 - Angelo and Jono discuss the incident with Forge. Cain encounters Tabitha swimming in the lake to lose weight and makes her more self-conscious. Carmen Animi Vermium: Marius St. Croix runs into his sister Monet again.

Aug 16 - Alexander's Wall: Haller announces his trip to Dagestan. Mark's birthday. Marie asks Kyle to be her TA for her PE classes. Medusa makes an unofficial appearance at Mark's birthday party.

Aug 17 - Alexander's Wall: Haller and Nate arrive in Dagestan and reflect on their purpose there. Forge has breakfast with Marie-Ange and Doug the day after Mark's birthday and takes some of the teasing about his lack of a romantic life too seriously.

Aug 18 - Monet announces her return. Alexander's Wall: The conference is interrupted by an escape attempt by Ilyas Saidullayev and Nathan and Haller find themselves caught between him, the military and Magneto, with backup too far away; the X-Men are scrambled; Nathan and Saidullayev fight to a standstill and Haller manages to break the stalemate, but then the two are ambushed by Magento, who takes the unconscious Saiullayev; coming to in Russian custody, Haller and Nathan are rescued by Gabrielle and her connections.

Aug 19 - Laurie posts about her new invention, eXtreme canoeing. Alexander's Wall: On the trip home, there's plenty of time to think about how things turned out and no-one is really happy; Ororo posts to the team comms about the situation, and that Nate and Haller are in the infirmary overnight for observation; Angelo offers to help Jean sit up and keep the possibly concussed telepaths awake; Nathan is lectured by Angelo; Angelo and Jean discuss the hard work of worrying about people.

Aug 20 - Scott tells an exhausted Jean about his brush with painkiller addiction when she was in Tibet. Marie-Ange's birthday. Ororo and Remy spend a quiet evening together. Nathan is extremely cranky with the world. Angel expresses a desire to try eating chicken's feet. Doug talks about his tabloid scanning tasks.

Aug 21 - Laurie mentions bringing the bus trip back again. Laurie cleans out Angelo and Forge's fridge and talks to Kurt in the kitchen about sentient sausages and Forge's return. The Winding Way: Amanda accidentally traps Angelo in bed when she casts a shielding spell in her sleep. Kurt lets Monet dye his hair pink and Jan approves. Clarice complains about summer being almost over. Logan and Marie catch up. Alexander's Wall: Scott and Ororo discuss the implications of the Brotherhood's newest 'recruit'. Laurie asks why the rum is gone.

Aug 22 - Operation: Broken Ground: Mark mentions a possible issue with disappearances of Mexican workers in Arizona; Sofia and Wanda encounter Mama Lupe's relative, who has fled from Arizona and is babbling about something taking workers, possibly the government. The Winding Way: Amanda goes to the mansion to renew the protection wards and meets Farouk, who is not impressed by the local witch. Angelo meets with Wanda and tells her about Nate's seeing Tara Trask.

Aug 23 - The Winding Way: Cain gets locked out of the mansion by Amanda's protection spell. Operation: Broken Ground: Amanda texts Angelo about their lack of success in finding anything in Arizona. Paige's birthday and Yvette gives her flowers. While Cain is locked out, Julio proposes indoor Quidditch. Angelo announces his departure to Ireland for Terry and Bobby's wedding.

Aug 24 - Operation: Broken Ground: Whilst discussing their lack of progress, X-Force is attacked by giant red worms which spit venom and produce electricity; tracking the worms back to their source they discover they were part of an old bioweapons project that had been closed down. Crystal arrives at Cassidy Keep for the wedding.

Aug 25 - Marius and Kyle make plans for Marius to 'borrow' Kyle's powers for training. Laurie confuses Kyle by comparing him to Oz from Buffy and there are comments about his toes. Amanda apologises for locking Cain out. Terry and Bobby's wedding and Clarice helps her get ready; Crystal and Angelo chat about drinking ages.

Aug 26 - Laurie emails Julio about the vase that got broken during Quidditch and what they're going to do. Cain gets suspicious about the scuff marks on the floor and the missing vase. The Winding Way: Amanda trains in the quarry and Marius happens upon her; Amanda has a spell blow up in her face and borrows Kurt's bathroom, but has to ask him to bamf some books to Wanda from her car; some of the books turn out to be the missing ones and Wanda raises the issue on the Snow Valley comm.

Aug 27 - The Winding Way: 'In the public interest', Monet asks if Amanda is going to start eating people again and Lorna is suspicious; garage security footage shows someone who looks like Amanda taking books to her car and Amanda is convinced it must be her until Doug and Logan tell her otherwise. Ian and Anika's baby is born. Cain emails Laurie, Kyle and Julio about their conflicting stories about the vase; Yvette is uncomfortable about lying to Cain about the vase and is told not to be silly by the other students; Julio emails Laurie and Kyle about getting their story straight. Tabitha takes Kurt to a gay club for dancing.

Aug 28 - Cain emails Julio, Kyle and Laurie, expressing his disappointment that they didn't own up to breaking the vase when there is security footage of the incident; Laurie emails the other two feeling guilty, but they brush it off as 'no big thing'. The Winding Way: Doug's trap nets the true thief - Amanda's sister Jimiane; Jimi is close-mouthed until Kurt talks to her and reveals she was sent by Margali; Scott comes to talk to Kurt about his grounded guest. Nathan and Angelo announce their separate intentions to go to Tel Aviv to see the new baby, with Nathan intending to go to Mongolia afterwards. Crystal comes back to the mansion for a visit.

Aug 29 - Nathan invites Kyle to join him in Tel Aviv; Angelo arrives in Tel Aviv and is picked up by Theo and Domino. Crystal drops in on Scott and arranges to go on the white water rafting trip. Terry announces her imminent return at the end of summer. The Winding Way: Amanda makes arrangements for herself, Kurt, Jimaine and some of the Trenchcoats to go to Germany to confront Margali. Laurie meets Sarah in the gym.

Aug 30 - The Winding Way - In Germany, Amanda, Kurt and their friends confront Margali, but are ambushed magically; Margali swaps her body with Amanda's and flees, leaving some of the group swapped also. Jean and Crystal have lunch together. John is bored and demands entertainment. Crystal announces her new title and forbids anyone from using it for fear of laking. Nathan emails Doug about coming to Mongolia with him and receives an automated response.

Aug 31 - The Winding Way: Amanda, trapped in Margali's ailing body, waits whilst the others look for Margali.


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