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August was marked by a number of returns. Amelia Voght was brought back from the astral plane following her 'death'; Wade Wilson and Sam Guthrie both returned from Muir Island and their respective sabbaticals; Adrienne Frost swallowed her pride and asked for help, which led to a team mission to rescue Garrison Kane and a number of federal agents from a burning pharmaceuticals factory; and Fred Dukes was convinced by good friends Julian Keller and Yvette Petrovic to give the mansion another chance, despite the weirdness of his former girlfriend, Callie Betto, having returned without notice. Kevin Ford, on the other hand, left for his home state of Georgia, relishing his freedom to travel after the expiry of his parole at last.

As well as Fred and Callie, Garrison and Adrienne found it difficult to reconcile her sudden departure. Kyle Gibney and Doreen Green started dating, despite her best friend Julian's attempts to bribe Kyle not to as a form of 'test', and Sarah Vale very shyly asked Callie to go to a movie, albeit under the influence of happy vibes from Yvette's birthday party which became the testing ground for a new form of Kick by Toad and his cohort, Mister M. A powers interaction between Laurie Collins and Megan Gwynn resulted in a lot of very happy (and stoned) party-goers, including Toad himself, who lost his gas mask after a hug from Yvette.

A joking conversation resulted in a scare that Wade might be Kyle's biological dad when it was discovered he'd been at the right place at the right time. Artie Maddicks decided to search for his biological family also, with Amanda Sefton volunteering to help him out, free of charge. The search for Vanessa Carlysle continued, with both Wade and Adrienne distressed to discover she was missing and Jean Grey getting involved in assisting as well. The pressure also began to be too much for Warren Worthington, with him becoming short-tempered and curt on the journals.

Amahl Farouk also went missing, although his absence wasn't noted immediately due to his increasing paranoia. Wanda Maximoff, along with Amanda and Garrison, began another bizarre goose chase, this time arriving too late and Farouk being taken by the mysterious Ozymandias for purposes unknown. X-Force barely had time to recover from that blow when the Exemplars resurfaced, this time seeking protection from the Chthon cult and its mysterious leader, in possession of a ring called The Destroyer. The incident resulted in serious injuries for Wanda and Amanda, and the destruction of the ring, as well as the escape of their mysterious enemy.

Finally, another lead into the deaths of the Alpha Flight team was turned up, this time leading to Hong Kong and a mixed group of X-Men, X-Force, a Morlock, a SHIELD agent and Christian Kane's investigative agency, Knightwing Restorations.


Aug 1 -Nico meets Meggan out at the pool and uses magic so Meggan can swim without getting her stitches wet.

Aug 2 - Megan posts about a website she's found. Kevin emails Meggan and Jan, gives two weeks notice at Elpis. Amanda offers X-Factor help in finding Vanessa. Laurie announces that the New Orleans roadtrippers are back.

Aug 3 - Julian tries to bribe Kyle to stop him from dating Dori. Laurie finds Yvette sulking in the treehouse and they talk about the New Orleans roadtrip. Dori and Kyle go on their first date, where Kyle is, well, Kyle, and Dori is adorably awkward but trying hard to not show it.

Aug 4 - Kyle emails Dori about Julian's attempt at bribing him into not dating her.

Aug 5 - Don't Close Your Eyes: Jean and Charles bring Amelia back from her dispersed state; Jean announces that Amelia Voight is still, after all, alive. Yvette invites people to her birthday at Silver. Returning to the mansion, Wade gets antsy and kidnaps Kyle for drinking and catching up, before a harmless joke prompts the panicked thought Wade might be Kyle's biological father. Warren and Laurie discuss her filing system at the XFI offices.

Aug 6 - Wade leaves a variety of gifts for people on his return. He chats with Molly and is briefly afraid she's drowned in the pool. Meggan thanks Wade for her gift and mentions self defence training with him. Doug thanks Wade on the journals for his gift; A kegger is proposed with Amanda's keg of Guinness. Matt thanks Wade for his gift. Molly discovers a website of cats wearing hats. Wade sms's Kyle about hangovers.

Aug 7 - Warren informs Wade that Vanessa is missing. Wade announces to the journals that he's back. Artie inquires about how he might go about finding his birth mother; Kurt emails Bishop and Amanda, telling them that he'll cover any costs for that; Amanda explains that X-Force will do it. Kyle drops by on Doug after being finger-printed for his school background and they talk about Dori's school finance issues following her father dissolving her trust fund.

Aug 8 - Early in the morning, having stayed at Marie-Ange's overnight, Wade wanders into the kitchen and winds up having a chat with Amanda. Bobby announces he and the Red Sox have returned. Kevin, Molly and Jean leave Yvette birthday gifts; Yvette thanks people for the gifts and is excited about her upcoming party. Amanda and Artie meet for coffee and discuss researching his family. Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkedelic Boogaloo: At Yvette's birthday party, Toad and his cohort, Mister M, release an aerosol form of Kick into the air; the Kick impacts on Laurie and Megan's powers first, releasing a burst of happy vibes and sparkly pixie-dust; everyone at the party is impacted, getting happy and huggy; Yvette hugs Toad and accidentally cuts the strap of his face mask, subjecting him to the atmosphere; Kyle and Laura's healing factors kick in and the alarm is raised; Sarah V. is flirty with Callie; Garrison mentions the alarm on the x_team community and is confused.

Aug 9 - Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkedelic Boogaloo: Jean-Phillipe asks on the team comm what happened and notes that Mister M was taken into custody, but Toad escaped; Meggan describes what she was seeing and a long discussion ensues, some of which includes Wade calling Kyle his son, much to everyone's confusion; Matt admits he's an addict following him getting a high at the party; Sarah V. posts about the party as well, hoping it was as fun as she thought it was; Laurie has a headache but enjoyed the dancing; Jean is confused about several additions/messages in the kitchen. Capital Turpitude: Jason Wyngarde summons Adrienne to the Black Court headquarters in Boston and gives her a new assignment, with the added 'incentive' that her companies are being investigated for money laundering. Doug emails Marie-Ange about Wade's age; Wade emails Doug about his issues. Kevin posts a cartoon about losing his heart and having it given back. The Problématique: Warren and Bishop discuss where they are with Vanessa's disappearance. Kyle takes a jonesing Matt out for a run and learns more about Matt's powers and gymnastic skills.

Aug 10 - Yvette hopes people had fun at her party, regardless of the incident. Meggan and Wade do some self-defence training. Doug posts an XKCD cartoon about passwords. Wade helps Sarah V. with her driving test by making flashcards of the various signs. Meggan visits with Jean over free donuts to discuss her upcoming training, baked goods, and ninjas.

Aug 11 - Kevin finds Laura in the city and talks to her about wanting to do some travelling and his powers. Wade seeks out Kurt for some help in getting Molly some fencing lessons.

Aug 12 - Wade takes Matt to Walmart for new clothes and then for food. Capital Turpitude: Adrienne risks contacting Emma via a joint email account to warn her about Eulud Pharmacies and to ask for help.

Aug 13 - John is nostalgic about living in the mansion. Upon finding out Fred means to leave the mansion, Yvette and Julian go to the garage and talk him out of it. Meggan has a date and Wade and Kurt take it upon themselves to ensure the boy's good behaviour. Capital Turpitude: Jason Wyngarde accuses Adrienne of breaching their agreement when Emma withdraws from the Eulud Pharmacies bid and tells her of his plan to punish her; during a joint FBI/DEA investigation into Eulud, Garrison and the other officers are attacked by Belladonna and her men and overwhelmed and the factory set on fire; the X-Men head to Eulud Pharmacies after Adrienne warns them and rescue Garrison and the other agents; in the aftermath, Emma gives Adrienne another offer, this time protection under the White Court. Adrienne turns up on Amanda's doorstep, looking for comfort and friends and is happily surprised.

Aug 14 - Adrienne provides breakfast for Amanda and Marie-Ange and catches up on news. Wade celebrates his birthday with cake and demands for dancing; Doug gives Wade a t-shirt for his birthday. Sing Me A Prayer: Garrison visits the Snow Valley offices looking for Farouk and it's determined that Farouk hasn't been seen for a while; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley to let them know she and Wanda will be off for a while; Amanda texts Adrienne to let her know she can stay at the apartment as long as she needs. Capital Turpitude: Kyle posts his report of the fire on x_team. Adrienne comes looking for Vanessa and finds Warren instead, who fills her in on everything she's missed, or, well, some things. Wade decides to drown awkwardness with food after Doug gets a little weird about Wade possibly being Kyle's biological father.

Aug 15 - Adrienne makes a journal entry announcing her return to the mansion and that she'll be teaching history this fall, and that she's glad to be back. Sing Me A Prayer: The team stumbles upon a clue at a church in Milan, aided by the local clergy. Jean and Adrienne bond over feeling guilty about people getting hurt. Jean makes a journal entry about Vanessa's disappearance, asking if anyone has any more information about her enemies or places she might hide. Wade drops by Warren's to discuss all the information his contacts haven't been able to give him on Vanessa's disappearance.

Aug 16 - Piotr makes a journal entry about being boring and introverted lately and asks who's up for going out to a bar with him that evening. Warren announces on x-team that he's taking a sabbatical to spend more time looking for Vanessa. Sing Me A Prayer: In Istanbul, the team meets up with a contact, taking a helicopter to a base where they meet up with the Red Rook of the London Hellfire Club. Warren goes on a bender in an epic case of 'cannot cope,' and Angelo is lucky enough to get the call to come pick him up. Two nights before he leaves, Kevin drags Meggan out of bed for an unexpected midnight run to the Waffle House, where conversation veers from caffeine overdoses, to what Meggan would look like if she could turn into a mermaid, before he finally breaks the news that he’s leaving town.

Aug 17 - Yvette makes a journal entry about university starting in two weeks' time, and asks if there's any interest in having an end of summer BBQ. Sing Me A Prayer: The team moves onward to Jerusalem in their search, where chaos breaks out, leading to a rescue and a warning. A jogging Wade and a gardening Adrienne meet, and the latter becomes convinced that the former is mad. Jean texts Adrienne about ambushing Warren in Vanessa's apartment. Callie posts about the joys of adulthood and independence, and eating cake in one's underwear.

Aug 18 - Fred makes a journal entry apologizing for not being social for the last year and letting people know he still exists. Kevin makes a journal entry announcing he's leaving for Atlanta and doesn't know when he's coming back. Sing Me A Prayer: The team finds a way to Akkaba, where unfortunately they find out that they're too late. Yvette announces that the end of summer BBQ will take place on September 3rd. Jean-Phillipe wishes Marie-Ange a happy birthday on his journal. Angelo lets everyone know that Warren is with him and okay after an incident the night before. The Problématique: Doug e-mails Jean, Adrienne, Warren, and Wade, updating them on how his research into Vanessa's disappearance is going.

Aug 19 - Sing Me A Prayer: Amanda posts to snowvalley about being too late in getting to Farouk. Garrison and Adrienne meet at Harry's and anger, awkwardness, and frustration ensue.

Aug 20 - Garrison makes an entry about his horrible week and announces he's going off the grid and out of the city for a few days. The Problématique: Adrienne, with Jean 'watching' psychically, Reads Vanessa's recovered cell phone and uncovers some information about Vanessa's disappearance and who has her. Wade sneaks up on Artie by accident, winding up surprised himself at the way Artie reacts, and interesting conversations follow.

Aug 21 - Marie-Ange makes a journal entry talking about her birthday and having a catered brunch on top of a Ferris Wheel.

Aug 22 - Operation: Dasavatharam: During a normal Monday morning meeting, an unexpected article brings the past back to life for Wanda - the Exemplars are back in town. Sarah V. is enthusiastic about a new book, Ready Player One.

Aug 23 - Yvette wishes Paige a happy birthday. Kyle posts a gif of "Nontana" and jokes about his bio dad with Wade. Operation: Dasavatharam: Wanda and Amanda discuss protection details and the need to contact other probability manipulators. Adrienne discusses homophobia on the journals.

Aug 24 - Callie crashes with Angelo and John after her place is evacuated. Operation: Dasavatharam: Wanda, Ororo and Amanda seek out one of Wanda's contacts, they find that they're not the only ones there as they're waylaid by the leader of the Exemplars; Marie-Ange sees Wanda in a tarot reading; Wanda, Amanda and Ororo end up running and head for Safehouse D; Agatha Harkness is revealed to have been hiding a mystical ring that has now been stolen by the Chthon Cult, kicking the Exemplars' actions into motion and Wanda states that there's now a madman running around the city killing people.

Aug 25 - Operation: Dasavatharam: Amanda works on finding out who is behind everything while Remy and Ororo have fun with explosions; Amanda and Wanda fight the cultist with the ring and Amanda is stabbed in the shoulder while Wanda's face is sliced open with the stolen ring. Wanda posts to x_snowvalley about the Chthon Cult, the fact that the ring was destroyed and that Agatha has left. Amanda and Wanda debrief with Remy; Amanda posts about how she can't sleep or the concussion will get her on x_grads. Jubilee, Doug and Adrienne meet up at the stoner bakery and awkward conversation about Garrison, Marie-Ange and Vanessa's disappearance ensues.

Aug 26 - Christian's Angels: Tim Dugan emails Garrison with a message from Kane Snr. about the people who killed Archie Corrigan - they've resurfaced in Hong Kong. He emails Iceman, Beast, Husk and Firestar, Callisto and Marie-Ange, telling them to get ready to go to Hong Kong; Marie-Ange invites Jubilee as a thief is needed and lets Remy know and has Doug arrange clean ID for Jubilee.

Aug 27 - Christian's Angels: Jubilee sms's Doug to let him know she's going to Hong Kong. Doug sms's Wade about both of their girlfriends being out of the country. Wanda and Marie-Ange talk about how Angie knew to warn them in the antique shop despite Wanda's powers making her future hard to read and move on to talk about sharing duties and various relationships.

Aug 28 - Christian's Angels: The gang meet Luke Cage of SHIELD; trail Lady Deathstrike around and break into a warehouse but anything useful there has already been sliced to pieces.

Aug 29 - Yvette comments on how young the first year students are at university. Christian's Angels: The X-Men and co meet Colleen Wing, Misty Knight and Jessica Drew at Knightwing Restorations.

Aug 30 - Doug and Adrienne discuss baseball and the Hellfire Club over drinks.

Aug 31 - Sam Guthrie posts about his return to the mansion. Nico announces she's going to try and find a Get Rich Quick spell. Amanda makes a post wishing John a happy birthday. Christian's Angels: The new motley crew of X-Men, X-Force, a Morlock, a SHIELD agent and Knightwing Restorations infiltrate a party in search of information.


Don't Close Your Eyes

Mortimer Toynbee's Electric Funkedelic Boogaloo

Capital Turpitude

Sing Me A Prayer

The Problématique

Operation: Dasavatharam

Christian's Angels

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