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October opened as September had ended, with Hope Abbott and Laurie Collins slowly being indoctrinated into followers of the Rudolph von Habsburg. X-Force, having discovered the girls’ whereabouts through their mole, Artie Maddicks, made the difficult choice to leave them in place until a suitable rescue plan could be formulated, a choice that was nearly disastrous for Laurie as she attempted her own escape and was punished for it. X-Force’s crashing of a function held by the Archduke succeeded in obtaining some information, but it did not succeed in rescuing the girls and posed a threat to Hope A. as her new “friends” turned on her as the cause. She managed to hold her ground, and later took advantage of a chance to escape in her astral form and contact Professor Xavier, who sent a team of X-Men to free her and Laurie. They were much more successful than X-Force and the two girls returned, both with their own degrees of trauma and needing treatment.

Madelyne Pryor returned home to Alaska, unable to cope with yet another kidnapping; Fred Dukes also left, called to his sick uncle’s bedside for an indefinite period, to Yvette Petrovic’s distress. Rogue and Garrison Kane had a talk which cleared the air between the former couple, and the gossip media continued to have a ball with Julian Keller and his pretend love-life, with ‘Sulian’ ( Susan Storm and Julian) competing with ‘Bowler’ (Tandy Bowen and Julian). Deeper levels were revealed in Julian, however, when he told close friend Angelica Jones the story of his lost love, who he’d had to leave behind in China.

Amanda Sefton continued her researches into the staff brought by Namor Mazur from the sea cave, asked Adrienne Frost to do a Reading of it, which proved only partially helpful in establishing the age of the object as Very Old. Adrienne also quit teaching to take over X-Factor, feeling she had more to offer than her teaching ability.

A book-signing by reality TV star Arthur Centino proved exciting for his fans, less so for Cecilia Reyes; Arthur had no memory of their charity date together and treated her as just another star-struck fan, which earned him a slap across the face. The incident resulted in a power outage at the bookstore and a momentary glimpse of a lightburst around Arthur’s eye, prompting Molly to suggest that he might be related to Tandy.


Oct 1 - Cecilia makes a journal entry announcing her two week trip to Africa with Doctors Without Borders. Rogue e-mails Scott asking permission to teach art lessons in the boathouse. Higher Than Hope: Laurie sees a chance and takes it. Rogue makes a journal entry about her art lessons.

Oct 2 - Amanda and Tandy meet up after magic class and talk about the Dweller and his memories, left in Tandy's mind. A plan is formed to take a closer look at the memories. Adrienne makes a journal entry about how annoyed she is with Tandy over becoming addicted to this game thanks to her. Higher Than Hope: Laurie’s circumstances get worse.

Oct 3 - Higher Than Hope: Artie posts to x_snowvalley, saying he’s found Hope A. and Laurie. Namor makes a journal entry about royalty vs. American privilege.

Oct 4 - Tandy and Julian have coffee in town, her past is revealed and plans are made for their future. Tandy texts Sue to tell her that whatever she hears in the media isn’t real. Higher Than Hope: The interns are given a new challenge.

Oct 5 -

Oct 6 - Tandy texts Sue, Molly, and Topaz about dressing up as the Sailor Scouts for Halloween.

Oct 7 - Cecilia e-mails Wade telling him she’s still alive after a week in Africa. Topaz complains that now she can’t get the Sailor Moon theme song out of her head, Tandy is pleased by this. Sue texts Tandy to tell her that Maddie just left the mansion to go home as a result of seeing a friend kidnapped again causing Tandy to drop everything and come check on her. Clint texts Billy to let him know about Maddie leaving. Higher than Hope: Hope A. realizes something doesn’t add up in one of her classes where they talk about Genosha; Goose starts to push up the mental manipulation of Laurie as her resistance starts to crack.

Oct 8 - Clint texts Sue to check on her in the wake of Maddie leaving, they both decide Batman is the coolest superhero. Julian texts Tandy to check and see how things went last night with Sue, the conversation degenerates into playful name calling.

Oct 9 - Namor tries his hand at emoticons, he doesn’t like it much. Higher than Hope: Marie-Ange emails Wade asking if he’s free to come to try and rescue Hope A. and Laurie; Wade later replies by text asking if he gets to blow things up and agrees to wear a bodyguard type suit; Hope A. and CJ prepare for the first mission that the Archduke gives Hope A.

Oct 10 - Adrienne texts Tandy to let her know that the cleaners have reported in and the house is ready for her. Tandy then goes on to text Molly, Sue and Topaz to invite them to a girls weekend at Adrienne’s house. Namor and Clint meet up to go for a run and snark at one another. The girls spend the weekend at Adrienne's place to distract Sue from Maddie's departure, and Molly takes it upon herself to teach Topaz about s'mores.

Oct 11 - Higher than Hope: X-Force crashes the Archduke’s function; Emma and Wade run into The Archduke in the kitchen, of course a food fight ensues. Doug runs into Forward, Ian, and manages to talk him into surrendering before Azazel attacks, overwhelming Doug before Amanda steps in to incapacitate him. Marie-Ange goes to extract Artie and they run into Garrulous, the encounter doesn’t go well for him. Amanda posts to the Snow Valley journal stating that the mission could have gone better, although they did manage to get some useful information.

Oct. 12 - Higher Than Hope: Following the attack the night before, the Genetic Harmony teens meet up, and accusations fly as they try to figure out who betrayed them; Doug emails Garrison and Scott to tell them about the X-Force raid and pass over intelligence to them. Rogue and Julian take advantage of the day to watch some TV and eat popcorn, while Julian manages to convince Rogue to watch Breaking Bad instead of Sharknado.

Oct. 13 - Cecilia posts announcing her imminent return. Marie-Ange texts Artie to inquire about his mental state. Wade texts Cecilia letting her know what's happened in her absence. Higher Than Hope: Goose finally breaks Laurie.

Oct. 14 - Rogue and Garrison have a heart to heart. Gabriel posts talking about getting rid of his apartment. Clint and Topaz meet up in the rec room and talk about life.

Oct. 15 - Tandy posts, jubilant about the arrival of the Halloween costumes. Wade posts about an interesting fortune cookie he got.

Oct 16 - Tandy and Julian try on their costumes.

Oct 17 - Gabriel texts Clint about Halloween at the mansion. Doug texts Wade asking for a ride to the mansion. Amanda and Adrienne catch up over drinks and Adrienne reads the staff Namor brought back from the caves the year before. Higher Than Hope: Hope A. finally finds a chance to try and escape; the X-Men come to the rescue, with Cyclops and Firestar engaging the Archduke, while the rest of the team looks for the girls and fights The Archduke's followers; Professor Xavier posts letting people know about Hope A.'s and Laurie's rescue. Topaz leaves Hope A. a basket of things to keep herself entertained while she's bed-bound.

Oct 18 - Cecilia posts to x_medical offering help with Laurie and Hope A. Wade texts Cecilia and Namor about pie. Namor posts not understanding the attraction of pumpkin.

Oct 19 - Clint texts Gabriel apologizing for taking his shirt after their night together. Clint and Tandy discuss "Bowler," and Clint voices his concerns.

Oct 20 - Rogue texts Jessica to see if she could help her find Rogue’s parents. Tandy texts Sue stating she is famous and that the tabloids are eating it all up. Gabriel goes to Adrienne to alter a stolen suit. Clint texts Namor asking about “Sulian”. Cecilia remembers when the intrigue surrounded Dazzler and what happens up at the school and states she misses those days. Matt texts Clint asking when did him and Gabriel get together. Clint texts Gabriel stating he doesn’t like living here. Clint texts Kyle asking him never to tell him that he smells people on him unless he is going to die. Julian texts Tandy asking how Sue is handling the new press.

Oct 21 - Clint gets back to his room and attempts to nap, only to have his efforts foiled by an inquisitive roommate.

Oct 22 - Jessica texts Rogue that she will help with looking for Rogue’s parents. Clint texts Namor that if he doesn’t hear back from in in half an hour to send help and also sends a picture.. Clint and Julian run into each other during the morning run and hostility happens. Yvette announces that Fred left to go take care of his sick uncle. Wade texts Cecilia that he is at the store and he found cookies made of the shattered dreams of baby unicorns. Wade texts Namor that Cecilia says he owes Namor a consolation pie and asks what kind. Julian texts Tandy to entertain him. Rogue texts Jessica back saying thank you and about a possibility of a road trip. Miles encounters Matt reading in the dark and after sorting out the fact that Matt’s blind, they make food and discuss code names.

Oct 23 - Kyle says that there is a cheeseburger donut. Wade texts Marie-Ange asking if they would need a WWII era tank. Scott asks the team on what happened to the Danger Room the night before. Clint asks if anyone wants to go to a book signing by Arthur Centino next Tuesday. Sue and Clint are having lunch when they are photographed. Julian texts Clint welcoming him to the drama. Julian and Angel talk about his issues with Clint. Rogue and Adrienne have a conversation about money, employment, and putting jello in people’s beds.

Oct 24 - Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette about hanging out that night. Yvette apologizes for leaving the Danger Room in a mess. Tandy goes to Angel to talk about her fake boyfriend and needs expert advice. Adrienne announces she is now in charge of X-Factor Investigations. Jean texts Adrienne that she is sorry about airing out her feelings and that the recent mission has hit her harder than she thought.

Oct 25 - Angel says they are making pancakes. Yvette texts Angel and Sooraya about thanking them for taking her out last night and that she will help clean up the kitchen. Adrienne and Namor meet at a charity fundraiser, where the evening includes shenanigans, ditching dates, car "theft," questionable use of psychometry, and abuse of manual transmission. Higher Than Hope: Charles and Jean go into Laurie's mind to bring her back out of hiding after her torture.

Oct 26 - Gabriel says that the mansion is eerie at 3 or 4 am. Tandy goes to Adrienne about the possibility of purchasing a castle.

Oct 27 - Wade gives Jean a feathery headpiece and Bakkudan gift certificates for her birthday. Jean texts Wade to comment on the headpiece. Scott gives Jean Rosetta Stone French lessons. Cecilia gives Jean a hot stone massage gift certificate. Lorna gives Jean a stack of 20 trashy romance novels. Gabriel gives Jean a bottle of scotch. Adrienne gives Jean a new dress, shoes, Le Bernardin gift certificate, and opera tickets. Rogue gives Jean a painting. Rogue meets Elektra on the bus and they chat before the bus is involved in an accident, during which Elektra suffers a head wound and Rogue helps clear traffic until the paramedics arrive and then flies Elektra to safety. Rogue texts Adrienne for a ride home. Rachel meets Gabriel coming home at dawn after a night shift and a booty call.

Oct 28 - Adrienne posts a poll for opinions on how to dress up Garrison’s cat for Hallowe’en. Julian runs into Sue in the kitchen and they discuss Sue’s difficulty in coping with the paparazzi and Julian’s reputation. Amanda posts to Snow Valley about someone keeping watch over Arthur Centino’s book signing that evening. Cecilia and Molly attend the book signing and are given the third degree by a store employee for bringing a copy of the book from home before meeting Centino, who fails to remember his date with Cecilia, which prompts Cecilia to slap him, causing a power outage in the store and a starburst of light around his left eye. Molly texts Clint to tell him her whereabouts in the aftermath of the book signing being shut down and mentions Cecilia acting weird. Clint texts Doug to ask where Cecilia is because Molly mentioned she was acting weird. Cecilia texts Matt to ask that he makes sure Molly makes it home okay. Cecilia texts Clarice, Adrienne, and Jean to tell them about slapping Arthur. Jean posts a thank you about her birthday gifts. Molly texts Tandy to tell her about the light around Arthur’s eye, asking if Tandy and Arthur are related. Cecilia texts Marie-Ange to ask if she can stay at the Brownstone due to being too drunk to drive home. Doug posts a photomanip of Arthur and ethics in games journalism.

Oct 29 - Laurie posts about being awake. Wade texts Cecilia to talk about what she did the day before and offer her a ride home. Tandy texts Julian to wish him a happy birthday. Adrienne leaves Julian cufflinks and an Hermes tie. Rogue gives Julian a painting and a gift certificate from herself and Tandy for a full body massage. Angelica gives Julian a pocket watch. Garrison and Adrienne contemplate what to dress up as for Hallowe’en and discuss Tandy’s desire to buy a castle. Julian posts a picture of Tandy from their date for his birthday. Tandy texts Adrienne to inform her she’s staying at Julian’s (in separate rooms.) Gabriel texts Clint about the chaos he missed the day before. Adrienne texts Amanda lamenting that Tandy is more responsible than she is.

Oct 30 - Namor posts lamenting the fact that he is dressed as Poseidon and is being mistaken on campus for Hermes and asks for suggestions on how to cut down on the confusion. Lorna posts about the Hallowe’en festivities for the next day and praises Amanda and her students for their work in decorating. Gabriel posts offering free drinks to anyone who visits his bar on Hallowe’en since he is stuck working. Angelica prompts Julian to open his new watch and in replacing the old watch with the new one, a photograph of a girl falls out and he tells Angelica her story, including that he met her in Beijing but was forced to return to the States without her due to the Chinese government. Julian texts Tandy thanking her for taking him out the night before.

Oct 31 - Laurie posts asking when she can leave the medlab. Wade posts about his Hallowe’en costume of Dionysius. Cecilia posts asking the person who emailed her telling her they were going as her right hook for Hallowe’en to fess up. Matt posts a picture of his rabbit in a cape. Megan posts about creating Will O’Wisps around the mansion that are harmless but appear to be moving around the mansion on their own. Rogue expresses nervousness about what’s going on at the mansion for Hallowe’en and says she is trapped in her room. Wade texts Topaz asking her to bring his stuffed dolphins and cheetahs to life. Angel texts Gabriel offering him pie if he has time for a break from work. Angel brings Gabriel pumpkin pie while he's at work and they talk about her costume, his job, life at Xavier's and the people there, and the possibility of a sexless existence as long as there’s good pie as a replacement. Matt comes to try to cheer Rogue up after she refuses to leave her room.


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