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The month began quietly, all things considered. Jean Grey and Adrienne Frost planned a bad movie screening night to help people unwind, Lorna Dane planned a St. Patrick's Day party complete with food, and David North and Wade Wilson headed to Minnesota to blow up a shack. Jean-Phillipe Colbert was promoted to full X-Man status. The relationship between Kurt Wagner and Monet St. Croix ended in a rather loud way, and Monet told her father she would accept his offer for an internship, and emailed the Elpis staff to tell them she would be leaving for Sydney for the next few months.

After her latest run in with Sayyid, Sooraya Qadir, while talking with Yvette Petrovic, began to consider joining the X-Men. She later received an email from Sayyid, who had escaped from prison; she passed the email on to Garrison Kane and Angelo Espinosa, and a furious Angelo passed it along to Doug Ramsey.

Vance Astrovik arrived at the school, having finally taken up the Professor on the offer he had made months earlier, after Vance's release from prison, to finish his college education while living at the mansion. Angelica Jones emailed Yvette to let her know she was intending to stay in England through next school year, then returned to the mansion two weeks later when she accidentally revealed to her roommate that she was a mutant.

Much to the disgust of Garrison, the FBI all but shut down the investigation into the disappearance of Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome. He, Abigail Brand, and Theresa Cassidy discovered another missing teen case and decided to check it out. The teen turned out to be a mutant, and discovered that the case had many similarities to the Moreau and Ransome case. A little more digging revealed six more cases with similiar MOs - in four of the cases, the victims were identified mutants. Terry reached out to an Interpol contact, who told her about an on-going investigation involving Christu Bulat, who was suspected of kidnapping girls for underground clubs and brothels. Garrison passed this information along to X-Force, who managed to take down Bulat in the midst of a deal. Bulat informed them that there was a 'buyer' who gave him a high commission for delivering young, strong mutants, but he wouldn't tell them who the buyer was.

When Bulat's lead didn't get them as far as they would have liked, the X-Men set a trap in order to lure out who had been kidnapping young mutants. They used some of the younger members of the X-Men (Yvette, Doreen Green, and Laurie Collins, with Jean-Phillipe acting as the seller), they used Bulat's line of communication to inform the buyer that they have new mutants. When a group of soldiers showed up to collect the "captives," the X-Men moved in for the attack, and a fight ensued. It turned out the soldiers were hired guns. Outside, Sam Guthrie, Kyle Gibney, and SHIELD arrested a nearby man and woman - the man was identified by one of the arrested mercenaries as the one who had hired them. Before the man and woman could be interrogated, however, their "lawyer" - who was actually a mutant in disguise - showed up and, under the guise of speaking with his "clients," teleported the man and woman away and out of custody.


Mar 1 - Jean texts Adrienne to set up a bad movie screening as a post-mission tension release, then puts up a survey. Wade texts David about being bored and wanting to blow up a shack in Minnesota.

Mar 2 - Layla and Sarah V. enjoy a quiet afternoon together while Layla continues to convalesce. Terry and Doug share their woes.

Mar 3 - Lorna texts Jean about the food being good to go. Sam and Terry run into each other in the kitchen before the bad movie night, and talk.

Mar 4 - Doug emails Angelo about wanting to hack into Sayyid's records and suggest regular doses of Thorazine suppositories. Having accepted Wade's generous invitation, David lets the mercenary drag him out to Minnesota where they proceed to blow up a shack and fun times are had.

Mar 5 - Yvette complains about having the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" song stuck in her head and Sharon proposes a cupcake and bed-jumping party to distract her. Sarah V. decides she is the R2-D2 of the school and conversation continues along that vein.

Mar 6 - Nico posts an xkcd cartoon and reflects on her need for more social time.

Mar 7 - Sooraya and Yvette talk about the Attilan incident and Sooraya considers joining the X-Men.

Mar 8 - Sharon and Nico catch up, with Nico explaining about her mutant ability and the impact on her life. Lorna announces she will be lying low due to a headache caused by a massive solar storm. Layla announces her intention to try and walk to the kitchen and back for the first time since the fair. Maddie gives Sooraya a surprise as a treat after her almost-wedding.

Mar 9 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand go over the facts of the disappearance of Phillip Moreau and Jenny Ransome when the case is about to be closed; a small clue is found, linking the case to a similar abduction in Kansas City.

Mar 10 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Terry gets in touch with an Interpol contact and is handed a name connected to the mysterious phone number from the other cases - Christu Bulat; Garrison asks Marie-Ange to have X-Force look into Bulat as he is bound by Agency red tape. I Do...NOT! Sooraya receives an email from Saayid, who has escaped from prison on Attilan; Sooraya passes the email onto Angelo and Garrison, asking for confirmation; Angelo passes the email onto Doug, furious and wanting retribution.

Mar 11 - Doug runs into Jean while grocery shopping and they wind up going for lunch together.

Mar 12 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Marie-Ange and Nico visit a woman who used to work for Bulat who is now in hospital; Remy and Doug break into a Romanian black market bank for more information; North and Jubilee talk to one of Bulat's competition for more details on how he conducts his business; Sarah and Amanda do a little trepassing to isolate Bulat's likely shipments. Nico shares a truly terrifying bad porn novel excerpt.

Mar 13 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Remy posts to Snow Valley about tracking Bulat, and wanting to take him down that night if possible; Remy and Nico launch the start of the trap for Bulat; Amanda and Jubilee go after the 'cargo'; Sarah, Doug, Marie-Ange and North deal with Bulat, and Remy extracts the information they need from him before leaving him for the police.

Mar 14 - Lorna makes a journal entry about organizing a St. Patrick's Day party, complete with ideas for dinner, side dishes, and dessert. Kyle makes a journal entry about Spam advertisements and the likelihood of Mondo having a job in advertising for them. Kurt makes a journal entry about odd-coloured powder still being in his fur. Scott makes a journal entry about coloured powder remaining in his hair. Layla and Sooraya discuss religion while Layla learns Afghani cooking.

Mar 15 - Yvette makes an announcement in her journal about Angelica e-mailing her to say she's staying in Europe for summer vacation and maybe the next school year. Lorna texts Sharon to see if she's busy and asking her to stop by. Sooraya makes a journal entry about being accepted to three places for college, with three more to go, and reflecting on how she's got this far from her previous life in Afghanistan. Lorna and Sharon meet up to review what they need for the St. Patrick's Day party.

Mar 16 - Scott makes a post to x_team congratulating Jean-Phillipe for making full X-Man status. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange with a picture of himself in X-Men uniform pants, asking if his ass looks fat. Lorna and Sam run into each other while out jogging early in the morning, catching up with each other, talking about the St. Patrick's Day party and history. Kurt and Monet have a huge, loud fight that finally leads to the end of their relationship. Monet e-mails her father to accept his offer of an internship before she starts studying law.

Mar 17 - Monet e-mails all Elpis staff to let them know she'll be in Sydney for the next few months and will continue to be working remotely. Wade texts Kurt to see if he'd like to go grab a drink after his fight with Monet. Callie makes a journal entry about picking up cookies people have previously ordered from her. Sarah V. texts Layla, hoping she feels better and warning her about future pinching if she's not wearing green. Doug e-mails Terry to wish her a happy St. Patrick's Day and to warn her of pinching as well. Scott stops by to see how Kurt's doing and finds that he's actually doing pretty well. Matt makes a journal entry about how everyone who isn't Irish like him wishes they were on St. Patrick's Day. Wade texts Marie-Ange about taking Matt to mass on Sunday and asks if she's interested. Jean stops by to check in on Kurt after his break up and they end up talking about Jean and Scott's own relationship troubles.

Mar 18 - Clarice makes a journal entry about being hung over from the previous evening's festivities. Sam takes Kurt out for brunch to see how he's doing after the break up, and they end up talking about Sam's situation a little. Doug makes a journal entry about enjoying all the various chocolate he has and watching basketball. Lorna makes a journal entry thanking those who helped with the St. Patrick's Day party food and decorations. Jean-Paul texts Jean-Phillipe about having movie tickets now and asking if he'd like to see something together. Nico and Layla do powers training together.

Mar 19 - Sooraya emails Scott about teaching her to drive. Kyle announces he is making cereal and invites Dori to join him, which results in a moment of weirdess; Kyle emails Dori to make sure she didn't mean it when she said she loved him in his journal thread. Tabitha overdoes her running and complains about leg pain. Vance Astrovik arrives at the school, to be greeted by Layla; Vance makes his introduction post and proves cagey about what his mutation is.

Mar 20 - X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: Remy emails Scott and Garrison about Bulat and the X-Force mission and what they've dug up about the mutant smuggling operation. Wade emails Lorna to ask her to help him with Taco Tuesday. Adrienne wishes Kyle a happy birthday; Lorna summons Kyle to the kitchen urgently with a repair job, only to present him with cake instead. Scott comes across Layla and Sarah V. in the rec room and winds up taking them out for ice cream. Meggan and Sarah V. chat during a run together.

Mar 21 - Laurie surfaces from her books to let people know she wishes she had time manipulation as a power. Terry is outraged by a news story about a tech company having permission from the Irish Embassy to extend holiday pricing. Terry runs into Vance, recognising him from her criminology classes. X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: A group of X-Men discuss the information provided by X-Force and decide to set a trap, with several of the younger X-Men as bait; Garrison posts to x_team about having SHIELD support on the ambush for the next night. Layla delivers cookies to Vance, Matt and Kyle; Matt is gleeful on the journals about his cookies. Kyle recaps his birthday loot. Sarah V. suggests a double date with Meggan and Korvus to Layla, who hates the idea.

Mar 22 - Vance emails Layla to thank her for the cookies. Terry and Sam take a run together, talking about relationships and breakups. Lorna ambushes Scott and asks for his help in getting a car. X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: Bevatron, posing as a mutant smuggler, takes his three 'captives' - Penance, Wallflower and Rocky - to the pre-arranged meeting point to wait for the buyers; Cannonball and Wildchild, with Agent Brand, keep watch for the arrival; the mercenaries arrive, but are suspicious and the trap is sprung; the X-Men draw fire away from the younger team members and set about capturing the mercenaries; the mercenaries who are captured turn out to be dupes with no idea of what they were really doing; outside, Cannonball and Wildchild spot two suspicious figures and with Brand, take them into custody.

Mar 23 - Wade posts about the Tacocopter. X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms: Brand, Garrison and Terry interrogate the two suspected mutant smugglers, but they refuse to talk; when their lawyer turns up, all three teleport out of the interview room and the lead is lost.

Mar 24 - Jubilee posts to her journal about her new disguise kit.

Mar 25 - Doug drunk texts Angelo, Marie-Ange, Terry, Vanessa and Wade. Garrison and Adrienne head down to Florida to watch some spring training.

Mar 26 - Wade texts Doug to discover he is exhausted after last night. Adrienne links an articles exhibiting why beauty pageants suck. Amanda leaves a coffee and asprin in the server room for Doug to help him recover from last night. Maddie convinces Wade to take her and some of the other New Mutants into the city to a new ice cream shop.

Mar 27 - Jean-Paul asks Adrienne to see a movie with him this weekend, they make plans to see the artist on Sunday. Sooraya posts details of a lecture she attended and asks Angelo to look into the background of the professors who gave it. Wade and Lorna throw a Taco Tuesday at the mansion. Jean-Paul e-mails Jean and Warren to inform them that it is Adrienne's birthday and suggests they take her out to lunch. Vanessa also has plans for Adrienne on Saturday and tells her to dress up nice and leave the evening's entertainment to her.

Mar 28 - Wade reminds everyone that there are plenty of tacos left over from yesterday's taco day. Angelica phones Yvette from England in a panic at the reaction of her roommate when she discovered that Angelica was a mutant. Angelo posts that he has discovered a movie called Mongolian Death Worm that he believes that should be added to the collection. Nico runs into an old lady who asks her what she's studying until she scares her off. Emma sends Adrienne an e-mail asking her if she has plans for her birthday and the sisters agree to meet up next week.

Mar 29 - Scott and Warren plan to go for out to watch a movie and grab a meal on Sunday. Angelica posts on her journal to tell everyone that she has returned to the mansion. Sooraya and Angelica catch up talking about England and Attilan.

Mar 30 - Adrienne posts a video of Ice Hockey fans, provoking a threat of retalitation from Garrison. Wade stops by to surprise Angelica. Wade leaves a fruit and chocolate basket with a set of hidden lock-picks outside Adrienne's suite for her birthday. Doug leaves a dozen Hellabuns outside Adrienne's suite. Jean leaves Adrienne a pair of black high- heeled shoes with hidden knives outside of her suite as a birthday present. Wade takes Angel to the quarry to play with explosives as a welcome back present.

Mar 31 - Angel posts on her journal telling everyone why she had to return from England so hurriedly.


I Do...NOT!

Operation: A Roving Commission

X-Men Mission: Amid These Storms

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