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Moment of Awesome - April Parker/Mayhem: When the X-Men are deployed to find their missing residents, April and Maya's team up has April taking the lead on taking down questioning the hunters they encounter.

The Scotsman's attention was fixed on April. He no longer looked amused. His words came out in a growl.

"That was my favorite axe. Me mum gave it to me."

A man roughly the same dimensions as a bear should not have been able to move so quickly. Drawing two hatchets from either side of his belt, the hunter charged April like a freight train. To a person with normal reflexes the sight of the two weapons swinging for their knees might have been a lethal distraction from the blade of the katana swinging for their neck.

Some people were not very smart.

April didn't duck so much as she flowed around the trio of sharp objects aiming for her. Tendrils shot out, wrapping around the hands holding those two hatchets and squeezing until there was a satisfying crunch and howl. The katana missed. The hatchets dropped to the ground, useless. And the low whistle that signified a dart was missed in the mess of symbiote chuckle, howls of pain, and the cursing of a would-be ninja.

But the aim was spot on, and the tiny dart punctured April's neck with a barely-felt pinch.

Unfortunately for the hunters, April wasn't just a mutant. The woman turned with an enraged roar as the liquid in the dart hit her system, pushing her human brain down and bringing out the most primal, instinctive part of her DNA. And... some of Mayhem's more unique cravings.

She wrapped a black, claw-tipped hand around the younger man, hoisting him upwards while she grinned. "WHAT. NOBODY WANTS TO EAT YOUR EYES, SPORT. WE'RE NOT UNREASONABLE." Her tongue left a trail of green behind as it licked a swipe across the man's face, and she tilted her head sideways at his disgusted expression. "I ONLY WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAINS." His eyes had just seconds to go wide before teeth chomped down, crunching the whole thing like a satisfying one-bite snack while tossing the body carelessly to the side.

A squawk of fear had her turning back towards the Scotsman. Her neck elongated, stretching until her face was right in his. "WHERE DID YOU TAKE MY CAT, THIEF."

The remaining hunter went white under the blank expanse of April's eyes. Dropping his gaze even a fraction would have shown him the gore dripping from her chin.

"Stole nothing," he gulped, beard bobbing in desperation. "Just hired for the hunt. Beasts were already here."

A talon-like claw tipped his chin back. "YOU CHOSE YOUR HUNT POORLY." The milky whites stared at him without blinking, even as the claw pressed hard enough to break skin. Green drool dripped onto his face. The rumbling noise that came from the monster was decidedly displeased as it continued to stare down. "LAST TIME: WHERE. IS. MY. CAT."

Today in XProject:

July 19

2003: Alison and John online chat and several secrets are disclosed relating to Bobby. John disappears in mid-conversation.

2004: Angelo finds himself in Nathan's dreams of his childhood in Alaska. Nathan begins training Amanda in defence. Kylun writes to Charles asking for sanctuary. Haroun "Jetstream" al Rashid emails Charles also asking for sanctuary. John is accepted to a local college. Angelo's mother moves to New York.

2005: Stigmata: Alison visits Paige and just watches her sleep; Forge comes to see Paige and brings her food. Buy Now, Pay Later: Charlie's father e-mails him, however, Charlie never reads it before a confrontation with his mother convinces him there's no hope and he commits suicide; Remy and Amanda find Charlie's body, and Amanda initially assumes his mother murdered him before being convinced otherwise; Remy brings Amanda home and gives Marie-Ange and Forge the bad news; Meggan comes looking for Amanda and finds Manuel with her and they both behave; Angelo finds Amanda in the rec room, later, gets her to talk about Charlie and lets her cry on him. Moira throws away the frozen medical instruments she was keeping for Pete, in a symbolic act. Forge and Kylun talk about Catseye. Jean wakes up to find Scott watching over her. Tommy enjoys a normal day. Monet leaves Xavier's for fashion school. Wanda discovers the usefulness of baby powder when your uniform is leather.

2006: Nathan and Betsy have a conversation about Scott while minding the comms. The Curse Stops Here: Amanda and Marie-Ange talk about Charlie and M-A reveals the vision she had of Amanda and Charlie; Amanda and Remy then go to visit Charlie's grave for the anniversary of his death; Remy reveals he's going to New Orleans to fill a debt to Tante Mattie, and before either can react they are enveloped by white light, and both go missing, which worries the residents of the brownstone. Search and Rescue: Cain and Clarice trace another lead to the great white north, and she gets to use her new trainee name; Scott is still under torture, and hallucinates Marie this time.

2007: Great Rift: Nathan, Ororo, Angelo, John and T'Challa raid a vibraniam smugglers' camp; Rahne makes progress on Elpis' presence and a plan is laid to take down the leader of the smugglers, William Moses, at his home base; the attack goes off with only a minor hitch in the form of a roof being dropped on Nathan. Scott announces a whitewater rafting trip. Family Portrait: Laurie visits Snow Valley, where Amanda has news of her father. Second anniversary of Charlie's death and Amanda goes to visit his grave alone.

2008: Jennie comes across Nathan and they talk about his run of bad luck. Amanda goes to the cemetery to remember Charlie. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Inez gets stuck until Crystal helps her; Jay and Cessily have mishap due to her lack of control over her powers and both wind up in the water; Jay is rescued by Tommy; Yvette forces Jay to rest after his near-drowning; Callie brings a young boy to Jean for a check-up; Angel needs a helping hand from Jean when she has a mishap trying to convince an old man to leave his house; Dani and Jay manage to rescue a family from their roof, after a few mishaps; Jane lets the Red X people know Cessily is safe and sound.

2009: Fiddler's Green: Taygetos brings in the telempath to try and dig the secret of the Trojan Horse out of Nathan's brain; Jake feeds Jean-Paul in an effort to be comforting. Mutation Sternutation: Jean announces they've isolated the cause of the powers swap is a non-contagious virus; Jake and Marie go out for dessert and talk about the fairness of life. Nori emails Julio, asking if it's okay to comment on the fact Angelo's wearing his leathers everywhere. Jay asks if anyone's seen Sam. After dinner with Lex, Lil sends Jean-Paul a "Dear John" email. Jake gives Jubilee gossip she's dying to spread, but can't.

2010: Amanda announces her return on the journals and finds out about Nick; Amanda emails Kurt and offers to help with a location spell; the spell fails and Amanda does her best to be supportive of Kurt; Amanda drops by to check on Meggan and see how Kurt's really been doing.

2011: Remy turns up at Charlie Plunder's gravesite and Amanda discovers what he and Ororo did while in France.

2012: Any Port in a Storm: Adrienne and Bishop head back to Franklin's office to find someone worth talking to about Arthur Molekevic and any other enemies Franklin may have; While her colleagues are off to the offices Vanessa heads out to the streets with Callisto to see if they can connect Molekevic's work to any street gossip and maybe find a lead back to him that way; Callisto and Adrienne find the spot where those being experimented on are being dumped but can't find the direction they came from; Adrienne sends mobile e-mails with images to Bishop and Vanessa as her and Callisto track down one of the vans; following the route Adrienne set them on, Vanessa and Bishop try to find any indication of being in the right place...and hit pay dirt; Vanessa texts Sam and Amara for help in extracting the kidnapped kids; Sue gets taken into a lab where she comes face to face with her kidnapper and his plan for her are revealed; Scott posts to x_team to gather a team to help rescue the missing kids; Amara, the rest of X-Factor and the X-Men meet up with Vanessa briefly to get the run down on what's going on; once inside Lorna, Adrienne and Callisto break off from the group and find themselves up against some of Molekevic's thugs of the mutant variety; meanwhile, Kyle and Marius run into those earth people standing in the way of Kyle's burgers; The fire trio find not just more golems but also Molekevic who slips away from them; Molekevic runs across Vanessa and Bishop trying to get the kids to safety and throws a fit; as the others are wrapping up their captives Amara realizes they aren't all that safe in the tunnels; When they realize that not everyone got out Sam takes Amara, Callisto, and Lorna back underground to try to find Vanessa, Bishop, and hopefully the kids; back at the mansion Franklin finds out what happened and decides what to do next. Tandy and Dori meet for the first time. Scott takes Dori up in a simulation of the Blackbird and teaches her to land a jet.

2013: Wade texts Marie Ange asking what she wants for dinner. Darkness Falls: An automatic goodbye email from Betsy accidentally goes to Haller; When Haller goes to confront Betsy about it, the conversation turns into a fight and a nasty break up.

2014: Sue and Tandy fly off to Europe, starting with an hour delay in the airport.

2015: Jubilee posts a video of cool magic tricks. Amadeus posts to introduce himself. Miles talks to Warren about the disaster of the Biotech job.

2016: Miles posts his exam results and ponders the possibility of college. Nica is excited by Leslie Jones’ character in the new Ghostbusters movie and calls for a group viewing. Kyle emails the other Generation X mentors (Angel and Julian) about the possibility of a Ghostbusters-themed Danger Room training scenario.

2017: Natasha shares an article about a traffic accident and hagfish

2018: Sins of the Father: Xavin is the next victim of the curse, showing up to Sharon medlab with no control over their powers and a melting face; Topaz posts on xp_journal to let people know there’s a magic “thing” happening. Darcy is amused by the idea of Guy Fieri getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

2019: Artie shares the news of "methgators" with the mansion. Quentin finds Cecilia while looking for Jean and requests that she join him for some outside doctoring. The duo is able to successfully sneak into the hospital and come face to face with the treatment of visible mutants. Sooraya and Alani discuss what can be done to tackle the ever rising anti-mutant stance. Fear in the Dark: Tandy reaches out over text to thank those who helped bring her back.


2021: America goes to Topaz for some insight into magic and dimension hopping. And promptly forgets how to control her mouth.

2022: Kevin lets people know he'll be on the West Coast doing "important spy things." Bobby let's everyone know he's moving back to school and out to the city with Miles. Terry posts wondering about volleyball.

2023: Kevin takes Darcy out to begin her sniper training. Sooraya and Alani work to put together maternity boxes. Terry texts Kyle to ask if he's on the roof.

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  • Something Slender's (Got To Give): The Askew World and the Slenders come up on X-Force’s radar, but it’s not X-Force they’re after.

  • X-Men Mission: What of the Hunting, Hunter Bold? Liam and Sharon's zoo trip leads to unexpected events and a small mission for the X-Men.

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  • Made You Feel Second Best: The Guthries call in some help when their younger sister Joelle falls in with the wrong crowd.

  • Generation X: Cryptid Hunters!: In the wake of the latest Slendermen encounter, Gen X takes a road trip to discover what other urban myths just might actually be real.

  • Case File: Feel the Rush: X-Factor investigates a new deadly party drug following an overdose at a District X club.

  • Or Is He Both? When a series of gamma radiation related deaths occur in Colorado, the X-Men investigate a connection to a deceased teenaged mutant.

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job: Rogue breaks the cardinal rule of spam - she clicks the link - and winds up caught up in a mutant sex ring.

  • DIXIE DEAD SHAKE When Garrison's RCMP duties bring him to New Orleans, a few more mansionites tag along and find the town off in ways that may lead to danger.

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