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Xavier Institute alum, Everett Thomas returned to the school, recuperating from a disastrous SHIELD mission and the deaths of his team. Reed Richards, at the behest of his friend, Susan Storm, made an appearance on the journals. And Doreen Green left for school in California, breaking up her relationship with Kyle Gibney in the process.

The Morlock situation came to a boiling point, with Callisto requesting the help of those she knew at the mansion when she discovered that a radical branch of her people, the Tunnellers, were launching an attack on Penn Station. Aware that they needed proof of the attacks on the Morlocks, X-Force recruited X-Factor to assist Tarot and Cypher in shutting down the Sapien League at a medical clinic, while the rest of the team faced down the Tunnellers and stopped the bombing at the station. It was a messy situation for all concerned, and afterwards X-Force went on sabbatical at a ski lodge for ten days to recover. Callisto, found guilty of "betraying" Morlocks to outsiders, was banished, with her second in command Sunder taking on the leadership role.

As another example of why Amanda Sefton should never take a vacation, while she was in the mountains, her magic students took it upon themselves (along with their schoolmates) to intervene when they witnessed the abduction of a child by something otherworldly. Putting together what they had witnessed with the disappearances of a number of children over the past month - Miles Morales' friend Ganke Lee included - they (and Spider-Man, who suddenly appeared on the scene) plunged into a portal to the Askew World, where they found a "nest" universe containing the stolen children, on their way to becoming Slenderchildren, followers of the Slendermen. In over their heads, the group were holding off the Slenderchildrens' attacks when Maya Lincoln-Lopez abruptly changed sides, influenced by the dark dimension. Luckily, Clea Lake had left Topaz a voice mail message before leaving, and it was a very grumpy TA, plus the X-Men, who appeared in time to get them out, with Maya having to be knocked unconscious and both Bobby Drake and Rahne Sinclair deeply disturbed about their discovery of new applications for their powers.

X-Factor continued their investigation into Hope Abbott's firing, but while they were able to tie things to Hammer Industries, they had no proof and Sue and Julian Keller were left to plan their next move.


Feb 1 - Angel texts Sooraya about buying an over-large cat tree. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: A suspect is identified and tailed by Arthur and Jessica; Julian emails Hope A. about things not looking good for her. Operation: Mutant Massacre: Bobbi meets up with Callisto to let her know about the link between the Morlock deaths and the Carlysle Medical Center.

Feb 2 - Jess posts song lyrics. Rogue and Garrison chat. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Sue and Julian pay their suspect a midnight visit.

Feb 3 - Kyle posts about being single. Sue and Jess catch up. Operation: Mutant Massacre: Felicia posts information about the Sapien League, the group behind the Morlock deaths. Reed and Sue work in the lab and talk about the mansion.

Feb 4 - While manning the comms, Jean and Garrison have a random conversation about food and stakeouts. Hank posts about his major in college. Jennie emails Kyle about going out for drinks. Laurie offers to do the same. Something Slender This Way Comes: Arthur posts about more reports about missing children.

Feb 5 - Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles texts Peter Parker to ask if he has seen Ganke. Operation: Mutant Massacre: X-Factor Investigations and X-Force receive an email about events about to happen.; Arriving at Penn Station, Artie and Kevin work on evacuating the building without causing a panic; Amanda and North search for the Tunnelers, and wind up in literal hot water; Callisto, Domino face off against a a giant lizard with an attitude to match; Jubilee and Gabriel trade blows - and philosophical arguments - with Cybelle; Jubilee, Amanda and Domino face off the second wave of Tunneler defence - Litterbug; While the fighting is going on, Kevin and North try to defuse the bomb; Time for Callisto (and Gabriel) to put an end to things, by putting Berzerker down. X-Factor, along with Cypher and Tarot, arrive at the medical center and go over the plan; Cypher, Jewel and Heat Wave take the tradesmen’s entrance, while Tarot, Lucky Streak and the Invisible Girl use the front door; Cypher, Heat Wave and Lucky Streak hit the labs, and find plenty of opposition; Amanda posts about what happened on the team comm. Gabriel asks how long it takes for electricity to leave your body. Amanda posts about her braid being burned. Alex texts Lorna about going out for a drink.

Feb 6 - Sharon Friedlander continues her education in mutant health care. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: X-Factor Investigations presents the information they have to their clients; Later Sue and Julian retreat to the balcony to plan the next move. Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles texts Matt to ask for help to find his missing friend Ganke. Marie-Ange and Kevin meet up at a bar and talk about Kevin's history, among other things.

Feb 7 - Felicia emails X-Force about having a weekend away. Everett emails Professor Xavier about visiting the school. Wade posts about wanting to attend one course at university. Something Slender This Way Comes: Miles and Matt look for Ganke. Marie-Ange and Doug chat during the trip away for X-Force.

Feb 8 - Felicia emails X-Force about a mandatory ski trip. Natasha texts Clint about the lame Superbowl commercials. Reed and Hank meet in the lab and find they have much in common. Clint asks Molly to go to his office and pick up some items he’d left behind. Everett comes back to the mansion, and has a frank discussion with Scott. ‘Nica emails Hank, asking him if he can help her with her powers.

Feb 9 - Old school friends Everett and Wanda bump into each other, surprised to see one another and yet happy at the same time. Clint texts Molly about his ex-coworker. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Sue, Julian and Hope A. watch the Hammer Industries press conference and try to figure out what's next.

Feb 10 - Jubilee posts about body parts and giant rabbits. Arthur posts about his luck, and how it isn’t that lucky after all. Warren posts, reminding everyone about his birthday and soliciting birthday presents. Hope A. finally talks to Marie-Ange about learning some more questionable skills.

Feb 11 - Wanda thanks everyone for the birthday reminders, and asks for drinks. Gabriel messages X-Force and reluctantly agrees to go on the ski trip. Warren fires Matt and gives him enough severance pay to open his own practice.

Feb 12 - Wanda emails Clint about Everett. Everett, Clint and Tasha have a SHIELD reunion and talk about why they’re at the mansion. Felicia posts a picture on Instagram about her travel plans for the long weekend. Domino and Wade go skiing and Domino learns that snowburn is a thing. Something Slender This Way Comes: During her lunch hour, Maya is kidnapped by a strange child and transported to another world; Alison, Rahne and Tabitha also find a strange child, and while trying to help, they too are transported to another world; Clea and Stephen witness the girls’ disappearance and get the Gen-X crew together; While discussing their plans, Spider-Man makes an appearance; Meanwhile, in Askew world, Alison, Rahne, Tabitha and Maya find each other and the other kidnapped children, including Ganke, Miles’ friend; Clea texts Topaz before doing something ‘stupid’; Topaz texts Billy and Megan when she finds out what’s happened to the kids; They agree that they need to call the X-Men in to help out but while they’re arranging that, the Gen-X squad takes matters into their own hands and enters Askew World; Things were going well until they are surrounded by the Slender Children; Not too long afterwards, Topaz and the X-Men arrive to help defeat the Slendermen, and teleport the kids out of there; Topaz then posts to her journal, letting everyone know what exactly happened and posts to xp_staff, reminding everyone not to be too hard on the kids for taking things into their own hands. Topaz also texts Hope A., Tandy, and Megan to see if they want to drink with her, and texts Amanda to give her an update on what happened. Miles texts Matt and Peter and lets them know that Ganke has been found. On the ski trip, Wade and Amanda have a chatty breakfast; Amanda and Dom go clubbing; Dom comes to Kevin’s room very drunk and attempts to seduce him but falls asleep instead; Amanda learns about the Slendermen returning and also gets drunk, joining Kevin in the hot tub for some interesting confessions.

Feb 13 - Clea posts about being very hungry and wanting someone to feed her. Jean-Paul texts Topaz about the day before and offers tea. Clarice posts about wanting to stab her brain with a Q-tip. Wade and Gabriel accidentally have a bonding session over booze and the many definitions of the word ‘jam’. Jean and Haller have a discussion while in the Box. Jubilee and Kevin talk about Kevin’s past and X-Force’s future.

Feb 14 - Ty posts about his five dozen heart-shaped doughnuts. Quentin anonymously gives Jean a teddy bear and some chocolates. Jean posts wondering who gave it to her. Clint catches Matt in the gym, and they discuss Matt’s recent unemployment and steps to go from there. After Maya wakes up in the medlab, unimpressed to no longer be in Askew World, Topaz tries to handle it. Felicia posts to Instagram a picture of a ski lift as proof that she actually did go outside. Cecilia texts Jean-Paul about their lunch plans, since it’s Valentine’s day and all. Gabriel posts about the Valentine’s decorations at the ski lodge; to help with his snowburn, Marie-Ange takes Wade to a spa; later, he and Kevin talk about X-Force's future direction. Cecilia and Jean-Paul go out for lunch, and try to get as much free stuff as they can by pretending to get engaged.

Feb 15 - Clint texts Natasha about forgetting Valentine's Day. Miles posts about the joy of 3-day weekends. Sue tells Reed to introduce himself to the mansion's residents. Warren gives belated V-Day gifts to Sue, Lorna, Bobbi, Jean and Felicia. Then, Warren and Clint text about Matt — which leads to Warren sending Clint a real estate contract. Clint asks Matt look it over.

Feb 16 - Prompted by Sue, Reed introduces himself. Bobbi and Warren go to pick up office supplies, along with other various items for Warren. Billy posts about Taco Tuesday. Laurie and Doug text about missing Valentine's Day. Jessica recruits Reed for Generation X.

Feb 17 - Hope A. emails Doug and Wade, asking them to teach her some pickpocketing skills. Miles and Maya talk about the Slendermen at the former site of the Askew World portal.

Feb 18 - Clarice and Wade agree to exchange knowledge... of swords and knives. Warren shares a dad-joke he found on the Internet with X-Factor Investigations. Amanda emails her apprentices (Clea, Stephen, Topaz, Billy and Megan) about magic training, and she updates the mansion's adults about Maya. Topaz responds to Amanda's email. Miles finds Bobby moping about his new powers trick, but Bobby doesn't want to talk about it.

Feb 19 - Maya updates the mansion on her status.

Feb 20 - After sparring, North and Wade set up shop to leave some surprises for the thieves in their lives. Tandy invites the mansion's residents to her Leap Day birthday party. Natasha texts Clint about a bunch of things.

Feb 21 - Bobbi and Jessica get to know each other better during a girl's night in. Natasha texts Angel about a punch-drunk Clint. Alex asks if Lorna wants to go snowboarding. Miles posts a selfie after passing his driver's test.

Feb 22 - Sue runs into Reed on her way for an early-morning surf and he invites himself along. Megan shares her fashion design class homework. A freaked-out Rahne talks to Sooraya about her powers development in the Askew World.

Feb 23 - Jubilee asks Felicia if she also was Silly-Stringed. Matt runs into Reed while looking for Clint in the labs.

Feb 24 - Gabriel gets back from Mexico after an errand for Wade. Miles and Nica meet in the school cafeteria and talk over various things of note.

Feb 25 - Kyle and Clint come up with a plan to create a hard-core extreme obstacle course.

Feb 26 - Jessica’s Beyonce lyrics post is somewhat more emo than last time. Clint and Ev get out of the mansion and catch up.

Feb 27 - Alison posts her support for Kesha in her legal battle. Laurie wants to do all of the internships and can’t make up her mind to pick just one. Miles is excited about watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as a date night movie. Rogue wonders where February has gone, with it being almost March already.

Feb 28 - Jessica is unimpressed by Facebook posts about what people want in a romantic partner. During a Danger Room session, Rogue ambushes Angel about her relationship with Clint.

Feb 29 - Rogue texts Logan about doing something he may get frowny over. Sue takes Alex surfing, despite his reluctance to believe surfing happens in New York.


The Two Sided Coin of Ambition

Operation: Mutant Massacre

Something Slender This Way Comes

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