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Kyle "Wildchild" Gibney and John Henry Forge both arrived at the mansion. Cecilia Reyes and Shinobi Shaw both left. Lorna Dane's mother was in a car accident and she and Alex Summers spent time in California as a result. Sam made attempts to repair the rifts created by his reaction to Paige Guthrie's choice in boyfriends. Alison Blaire and Haroun al-Rashid eventually got a clue and began their relationship; Amanda Sefton and Manuel de la Rocha came close to ending theirs. The stressful month got to several of the residents, necessitating a restorative kidnapping by Domino and Pete Wisdom of Amanda, Marie-Ange Colbert and Sarah Morlocke, and insomnia (requiring medical intervention) and near-breakdown in many others, as well as a series of nasty journal fights. The infirmary staff were stretched to the limit by the continuing absence of Henry McCoy. Several 'full disclosure' posts were made in an attempt to clear the air of secret pasts that might threaten the school. Remy LeBeau had a rather explosive return, departure and re-return to the school. Kitty Pryde got a new pet - Lockheed the Dragon.

Several people - staff and students - asked for or did powers training with Moira and Amanda began instruction in her TK spell with Nathan Dayspring. Manuel succeeded eventually in finding someone to practice projective empathy on, in order to satisfy the White Queen's demands. Madelyn Bartlet proposed an informal mentoring scheme among the staff to try and connect with the students better. Shiro Yoshida's powers returned, with some help from Alex's. Dr. Stephen Strange concluded his involvement with Illyana Rasputin after giving Charles Xavier all the information he had gathered about Limbo and Belasco and strengthening the wards on the mansion and grounds.

Betsy Braddock was reinstated to the X-Men following her absence and Scott Summers came very close to quitting as a result of stress. Alison and Haroun were made CO and XO respectively of X-Men: Black. Marie-Ange, Jamie Madrox and Jubilation Lee all expressed a desire to join the X-Men trainees. Paige was measured for her leathers.


Oct. 1 - Amanda delivers Nathan's final riddle to Moira. Nathan proposes to Moira, who says yes; announcements are made. Moira's family visits.

Oct. 2 - Lockheed the dragon hatches out of the egg Jamie gave Kitty and startles Illyana. Kurt kidnaps Scott to Harry's and questions him about his insomnia.

Oct. 3 - Kitty announces Lockheed's presence on the boards and Cecilia reacts badly; Alison stops her from fleeing; Jean-Paul and Cecilia argue; Madelyn calms her roommate down. Wanda meets Nathan and offers to record the Askani's history for him. Devil In My Mind: Scott encounters Remy in the Danger Room and is concerned about him gathering intelligence on the school.

Oct. 4 - Scott has nightmares and talks to Madelyn, who suggests going to Charles. Lorna's mother is in a car accident and Lorna and Alex go to California; Alex and Lorna's father talk about the powers accident. Alison talks to Scott about her doubts about being a good X-Man. One to the Chest: Marie-Ange talks to Scott about her dreams of Doug being shot and why Doug is so moody lately. Illyana and Kitty fight over Lockheed. Clarice continues her quest for a school fencing team.

Oct. 5 - Alison and Nathan have a Danger Room session and Nathan is accidentally temporarily blinded by a powers interaction. One to the Chest: Doug starts cracking under the pressure of keeping his secret; Alison becomes concerned about Doug's hermiting; the Red Cross announces it will stop screening donated blood for the X-gene, opening up the donation pool to mutants.

Oct. 6 - Scott goes out to play pool and winds up in jail for brawling; Alison bails him out. Charles installs a psychic circuit breaker in Nathan's mind to give his brain a chance to heal. Devil In My Mind: Remy's former handlers decide to reactivate him to counter the 'threat' posed by the school. One to the Chest: Doug announces his 'project' is completed and rejoins the school at large.

Oct. 7 - Shinobi talks to Angelo about going to Japan and visiting his mother's grave. Devil In My Mind: an insomniac Remy talks to Marie-Ange about people putting images in his head. Manuel accuses Nathan of crippling himself with the circuit breaker.

Oct. 8 - Marie-Ange meets Dr. Strange for help with her pre-cog. Devil in My Mind: Gambit emerges whilst Amanda is talking to Remy and she panics; after battling Gambit in his mind, Remy knocks out Madelyn and escapes medlab, meeting up with Sarah and taking her with him so she can kill the CIA men responsible for the Morlock Massacre. Kurt is concerned by Betsy's drinking.

Oct. 9 - Haroun comforts a cranky Madelyn after Remy's escape. Jubilee and Scott argue about security in the mansion; Alison takes Jubilee in hand, reads Scott's Doomsday files whilst Kurt 'ports him away from the school and then colludes with Madelyn to dope Scott to make him sleep at last. Devil In My Mind: Charles apologises to Amanda about not stopping the incident with Remy; Pete posts a warning about Gambit. S'ym: demons attack and Illyana has to use her powers and the Soulsword in public to drive them back; Amanda and Angelo both leave the mansion for the night; Cecilia decides to move out of the mansion; Clarice moves out of the suite she shares with Illyana and Kitty and onto various people's couches over the next few weeks. Marie-Ange and Jubilee fight on the journals.

Oct. 10 - Amanda returns and apologises to Manuel for abandoning him; she also replaces the iPod she broke during her breakdown. Kitty visits Illyana in medlab and Illyana tells her the truth of what happened in Limbo. Betsy discovers the old link with Jean in Scott's mind is still active. Nathan decides to ask Domino to kidnap Amanda and give her a break. Betsy tells Madelyn about Nathaniel Essex and the link with Alison. Lorna and Alex return from LA.

Oct. 11 - Scott wakes up and isn't impressed but is philosophical about the need to drug him. Sam tries to mend bridges with Paige. Sarah returns after her trip with Remy. Madelyn drugs Alison after Alison goes three nights without sleep. Cain Marko|Cain emails Alison about tai chi for Miles after he killed a demon during the S'ym attack.

Oct. 12 - Amanda crashes with Sarah for the night, unable to stand the stress. Haroun and Sam test Sam's new application of his powers. Moira and Nate talk about having a family and the complications for them. Pete approaches Marie-Ange about being kidnapped. Emma pushes Manuel to use his powers more actively as befits the White Knight. Marie-Ange, Amanda and Sarah are taken to Istanbul by Pete and Domino.

Oct. 13 - Casa Dulce Casa: Angelo sees news coverage about gang problems in his old neighbourhood and decides to do something about it; he asks Nathan and Paige to go with him to LA. Alison pranks Haroun with the Blackbird, incurring his wrath. Angelo trains in his powers with Moira. Pete and Domino retrieve an artifact for the Istanbul museum, with Amanda, Marie-Ange and Sarah's help. Charles gives Rahne permission to hunt deer on the estate.

Oct. 14 - Nathan and the Askani spar with Haroun, testing him out as Alison's potential partner. Domino tells Amanda just how much the reward was for the job. Betsy requests permission to rejoin the X-Men.

Oct. 15 - Scott shows Jubilee his Doomsday files to prove a point. Moira and Cain talk about saving the world. Devil In My Mind: Remy returns to the school and makes a deal with Charles Xavier to help keep the school safe; Charles asks Cain to let Remy live with him in the boathouse.

Oct 16 - Casa Dulce Casa: Nathan, Paige and Angelo go to LA to stop Angelo's old gang ruining a mutant housing project. Sarah reacts badly to the announcement Remy will be staying at the mansion. Amanda and Manuel go out and encounter a gang - Manuel uses his powers offensively and disturbs Amanda. Cecilia moves out of the mansion.

Oct. 17 - Amanda and Kitty make amends over Illyana. Nathan, Angelo and Paige return from a successful mission in LA. Jubilee emails Charles about becoming a trainee X-Man.

Oct 18 - Amanda tells Angelo why Remy's return bothers her so much. Nathan sounds out Remy. Jubilee doesn't sleep for four days after reading Scott's scenarios and has to be drugged. Shinobi goes to Japan.

Oct. 19 - Nathan agrees to train Amanda in her TK spell. Scott takes Manuel on a driving lesson. Angelo gets his birthday tattoo. Madelyn and Alison accidentally break Haroun's brain with synthsilk. Jubilee agrees to let Manuel use her to practice his empathy. Kurt emails Moira about further powers training for his teleportation.

Oct. 20 - Alison listens to a love song Jay is writing and talks to him about the memories associated with it. Kitty takes Manuel to get his driver's permit. Manuel and Alison realise they see colour differently than most people.

Oct. 21 - Alison tells Moira and Nathan they are third in line (after Charles and Cain) to take care of Miles if anything happens to her.

Oct. 22 - Alison agrees to let Manuel practice his powers on her. Manuel and Nathan argue in the library. Jubilee insists on taking Nathan down to medlab for his cold. One to the Chest: Doug makes final preparations.

Oct. 23 - Amanda thanks Alison for her help with Manuel. One to the Chest: Doug gets shot at the blood drive. A series of time-delayed emails goes out in the event of his death and there is an uproar. Alison asks Madelyn for more information about Haroun's cybernetics. Sound and Fury prologue: Magneto hatches a plot to do with Miles.

Oct. 24 - Scott comes close to resigning from the school. Manuel apologises to Amanda for his reaction to her windfall and it's a close thing as to whether she forgives him. Marie-Ange and Nathan write a primer on precognition. Scott and Alex go to Hawaii. Madelyn proposes an informal mentoring system to get the students' trust back.

Oct. 25 - Illyana is released from the infirmary. Illyana tells Alison most of what happened in Limbo and about the bloodstones. Wanda receives a letter from Magneto. Amanda emails the staff with her fears about Illyana. Dr. Strange emails Charles about talking to Illyana and is politely rebuffed.

Oct. 26 - Day in the City: Scott and Alex are ambushed and Scott goes missing. X-Men Mission: Wildchild: Nathan has an IM conversation with MacInnis and discovers the location of a Mistra conditioning facility in Vermont; plans are made to rescue the children involved. Doug tells Marie-Ange about his punishment training and she confesses she was considering joining the X-Men after Asgard; Marie-Ange discovers Jamie is considering the same thing; Marie-Ange emails Scott about becoming a trainee. Haroun and Alison go out on a date and Lorna cuts their comms to ensure it isn't interrupted; Alison and Haroun's relationship begins. Shiro arranges Krav Maga lessons with Haroun. Strange arranges a final meeting with Illyana to talk about Limbo.

Oct. 27 - Day in the City: Scott is retrieved. Shiro goes to the infirmary for testing for possible radiation sickness. Angelo and Amanda make 'full disclosure' posts to their journals about their backgrounds; Amanda's post prompts Jubilee to tell Pete about the deal with Patches over the scars. Alison and Manuel have their first training session. X-Men Mission: Wildchild: Kyle Gibney, sole survivor of six Mistra conditioning candidates, is brought to the mansion.

Oct. 28 - Reclaimed: Macinnis calls Nathan to tell him Mick Foley's conditioning has cracked as a result of Vermont; Nathan and Alison go to Belgium to retrieve him. Alex emails Moira about powers training in the wake of the attack on him and Scott.

Oct. 29 - Reclaimed: Alison and Nate meet with the Pack in Brussels, then move onto Tornai and Leuven where they tussle with Mistra and MacInnis before retrieving Foley. Forge arrives at the mansion. Sam apologises to Angelo. Alex's powers jumpstart Shiro's. Paige fills people's shoes with oatmeal and Illyana retaliates by teleporting away Paige's riding boots, which were given to her by her now-deceased father. Shinobi decides to remain in Japan indefinitely.

Oct. 30 - Reclaimed: Nathan and Alison bring Foley back to the mansion for treatment for his shattered conditioning; Nathan emails another Mistra escapee, Anika, and asks her to come and help. Scott and Ororo plan to re-organise the team. Scott tells Marie-Ange she'll need parental permission to join the team.

Oct. 31 - Repodemon: the kids are attacked at the local nightclub. Paige snaps and Scott talks her down. Alison and Haroun are nominated CO and XO of X-Men Black. Madelyn and Moira plot to plan medlab schedules better.


Devil In My Mind

Casa Dulce Casa

S'ym (plot)

One To The Chest

Day In The City

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