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The Genosha Arc continued at the start of the month. Things looked grim for the imprisoned mutants, with an escape attempt failing due to a betrayal by one of their own. For the other groups still free things were marginally better, with a successful attack on the Prenova power plant despite the appearance of Mutate 606 and Magistrate Braddock; and the broadcasting of the truth of the mutate program by the city group, although there were casualties among their new allies from the Genoshan Government and they themselves barely escaped Mutate 1337 and Mutate 42. For the group sheltering with the Genoshan Resistance in the forest, distaster struck when the Magistrates attacked, including Mutate 557 and Mutate 105.

Everything came to a head as the three groups of mutants at large, along with Jenny Ransome and her freedom fighters converged on the city, discovering unexpected allies in Chief Magistrate Tam Anderson and Sasha Ryan, while the group in prison enacted their real escape plans. Sarah Morlocke and Betsy Braddock discovered the true identity of the Genegineer - none other than Nathaniel Essex. Before he fled the scene, he gave them the information they needed to restore those who had been put through the mutate program. David Moreau was killed by his son Phillip, freed from the prison cells by the Xavier's mutants, and he was in turn gunned down by his father's protective guard. Thomas Moreau driven mad by his brother's death and the fall of everything he had sought to build, revealed his own genetic modifications as he became a huge mechanical monster with the powers of all of the Xavier's mutants who had been turned into mutates (and since captured and restored). A pitched battle on various levels of the Citadel ensued, and gradually Moreau was defeated, his robotic head the only thing remaining. After a day or two of recovery, during which Vanessa Carlysle was discovered in the prison cells, having lost memory of who she was the night she went missing, the group returned home, to a relieved and shaken Professor's relief.

Not everyone returned unscathed. David North, having gone through withdrawal in Genosha, suffered an accidental overdose and wound up in the mansion's medlab. Jean-Paul Beaubier left, returning to France to find some equilibrium and degree of control over his blasts. Laurie Collins, Amara Aquilla and Callie Betto all suffered post-traumatic shock from their barely-remembered experiences as mutates - Sarah Vale and Yvette Petrovic also took time to recover, with Yvette hiding in the woods and Sarah in her room. The arrival of Sarah's twin sister Jessica Vale, did much to help her cope and all five girls noticed changes to their powers. Angelo Espinosa revealed he had been made the scapegoat at Elpis and fired to prevent the group from being barred from various countries as a result of the Genosha incident. Matt Murdock took Molly Hayes on a trip to New York without notifying anyone, creating panic and getting himself grounded; what no-one knew at the time was that the trip had been a cover for him to buy some drugs from an old contact to help him cope. Garrison Kane was uncharacteristically moody and distant. Doug Ramsey also was far more reclusive and twitchy. And Theresa Cassidy headed out to California for a break.

Life, however, goes on, and the school found itself taking in several new students: Jessica Vale, Tandy Bowen and Hope Abbott. Jubilation Lee and Kurt Sefton, after some to-ing and fro-ing, made their relationship 'official'. Cammie visited the grave of her former boyfriend, the one she accidentally killed, for the first time. The X-Men gained a new trainee in the form of Korvus Rook'shir. And Wanda Maximoff decided to halt her futile search for Agatha Harkness and return to New York on a more full time basis.


Jun 1 - In The Balance: Doug is interrogated again, and this time he's far more cooperative; after time in solitary, Tabitha is questioned and proves a tough nut to crack until the threats begin; Lex's interrogation turns violent; Terry cracks and tells her interrogator of an escape plan; Scott's interrogation reveals the truth of Haller's paternity and Scott feels betrayed that Charles didn't tell him. Step By Step: The Xavier's group meets with the two Commission members, with proof of abuse of mutants and mutates; Jean reports in to Charles to let him know their plans for revealing the truth of the mutate process. The Unrelenting Struggle: The night before the attack on Prenova, Paige and Kyle discuss coping methods; Jubilee and Vance exchange their different perspectives on the hero gig; Layla, Cammie and Angelica help out around camp.

Jun 2 - Angelo sends his mother a postcard to let her know he's all right. Step By Step: Jean and Callisto use a faking-sick Maddie to get into the Genoshan Broadcasting Commission building; Angelo, Jean-Paul, Sam and Artie break in the back way and secure the transmitter controls; Garrison, Sooraya, Bishop, John and Nico accompany Joseph and Jobeth to the broadcast booth and release the pictures and video they acquired; Mutate 42 - Laurie - and her handler, Semoko attack the broadcast studio, with the group barely escaping and the two Commission members gunned down on live television; the rest of the Xavier's group is attacked by Magistrates on the roof and are nearly taken down when Mutate 1337 - formerly Sarah Vale - joins in, but quick thinking saves the day; Sooraya and Angelo talk about the man she killed to save Maddie. Stemming the Tide: Matt and Wade encounter an advance patrol of a Magistrate attack on the camp and Wade has to kill a Magistrate in front of - or on top of - Matt; Marius and Wanda use chaos blasts to defend the camp, until Wanda has to absorb a hex bolt from a furious Marius to prevent him killing someone; Lorna, Catseye and Molly are trying to keep safe and protect the refugees when they are attacked by Mutate 557 - Callie - and Molly is poisoned; Warren and Pixie patrol the skies while Meggan keeps watch in a tree and they see Magistrate reinforcements coming in, too many to fight; Emma, Fred and Jean-Phillipe are making good headway against the invasion until they run across Mutate 105 - Yvette; Wanda and Marius join Emma's team to take down Mutate 105 with new powers applications and hard decisions; Lorna works to free Meggan from the tree while Warren evacuates the injured and Pixie, Catseye and Lorna try to fight back against Mutate 557, with Warren having to resort to desperate measures to get everyone clear; the Magistrates retreat, but only to clear the ground for an airstrike and the Xavier's people are advised to go join the others at Petrova. The Unrelenting Struggle: Ororo's team - Vance, North, Layla and Adrienne - begin the attack on Prenova; Kurt's team - Kyle, Angelica, Cammie and Jubilee - fight their way to the geothermal plant and set free the mutants they find there; Magistrate Braddock and Mutate 606 - Amara - attack Ororo's team and are nearly too much for them; Kurt's team gets the imprisoned mutants out before bringing down the power plant; at the end, a group of workers confronts Jenny Ransome about the destruction of the power plant, calling her a traitor to Genosha. In The Balance: The breakout attempt begins, with Haller and Korvus staging a fight and Tabitha lifting a key card from the guard who goes to break it up, before passing the card to Marie-Ange; Marie-Ange, Lex, Scott, Doug and Clarice provide a distraction in the form of a chemical fire after breaking into a store room; Amanda, Remy, Sarah and Terry fight their way to the guard security office; bringing up the rear, Korvus, Doug and Clarice have to stop, with Clarice too broken emotionally to go on; the escape fails when Sarah and Amanda are betrayed by Remy and detained, with Sarah attacking Remy and stabbing him with a bone knife in the leg, but Remy's identity as Gambit means Wittecombe reneges on the deal; with Remy in solitary and Sarah hauled off for the mutate process, the remaining prisoners end up fighting among themselves, with the guards pleased to see the group's cohesion broken; later, Amanda teleports into Scott's cell, revealing her magic is still accessible, and they discuss the plan as it stands so far; Doug reflects on his part in the plan and the balance of personal over important.

Jun 3 - Savrola: President Moreau meets with his cabinet to discuss responses to the ongoing problems in Genosha and cracks start to show; Sarah M is taken to undergo the Mutate process and discovers the Genegineer is none other than Essex who undoes Betsy's conditioning and restores Sarah M's powers; Jean-Paul, Jean, Artie, Sooraya, Sam, Maddie, Nico, Garrison, Bishop, Callisto and John all sneak through the city trying to approach the citadel; The resistance, Ororo, Kurt, Lorna, Emma, Jubilee, Marius, Molly, Wade, Meggan, Adrienne, Catseye, North, Layla, Jean-Phillipe, Fred, Kyle, Wanda, Angelica, Megan, Cammie, Matt, Vance, Paige and Warren make plans to assault the city; Marius, Ororo, Vance, Layla and Molly run into some unexpected resistance; Kurt, Adrienne, Meggan, Paige and Fred head into the Citadel's motor pool but Adrienne sees trouble ahead; Lorna, Jean-Phillipe and North, head to the power plant before North senses a Mutate Sarah V approaching; Wade, Jubilee, Kyle, Warren And Emma attack the tank laager and run into Mutate 42; Megan, Cammie, Wanda, Catseye and Matt try to flank the citadel but end up running into Mutate 557, Callie; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie. Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John and Callisto run into Dr Ryan and Tam Anderson as they make their way through the city and a deal is broached.

Onwards to Victory:Thomas Moreau orders for Amanda, Scott, Remy, Marie-Ange, Jim, Lex, Tabitha, Clarice and Terry are taken to a room and chained to the wall, and from there they enact their real escape plan, having their powers returned in the process; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie, Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John, and Callisto head towards the labs of the Genegineer and encounter the Marauders, where there is a brief fight, but both are forced to flee as the labs are torn apart by explosions; Betsy Braddock awakens in Essex' lab and he explains everything, leaving with Kwannon; Betsy and Sarah M. flee as explosions begin to rip things apart; Layla, Ororo, Vance, Molly and Marius deal with mutate Yvette by taking out her handler; Paige, Fred, Adrienne, Meggan, and Kurt deal with mutate Amara by knocking her out with grenades; Lorna, Jean-Phillipe, North, Angel deal with mutate Sarah V. by knocking her out with heat; Emma, Kyle, Wade, Jubilee, and Warren deal with mutate Laurie by knocking her out; Wanda, Catseye, Cammie, Megan, and Matt deal with mutate Callie by also knocking her out; Amanda, Scott, Remy, Marie-Ange, Jim, Clarice, and Terry are attacked, but with their powers back they deal easily with the Magistrates; Then they encounter a changed Thomas Moreau, who has changed into some kind of techno-organic monster, and their powers don't do anything against him; Garrison, Angelo, Maddie, Artie, Jean, Sooraya, Bishop, John, and Callisto stumble across Betsy and Sarah and they guide people to the mutate lab by the prison where they can reverse the process after explaining; Remy gets knocked of the roof and gets saved by Storm and her team and then he explains; Doug, Marie-Ange, and Terry discover where Philip Moreau has been held and free him; Kurt and his team guide the mutates to the lab and change them back; Wanda and her team find Dori in a cell, relapsed into a feral state; Emma's team shuts down power in the Citadel.

Dawn of Liberation: Jean's team arrives at the Citadel and joins the desperate fight against Thomas Moreau; As Thomas finds out about his brother's death he goes on a rampage as more mutants arrive and join in the fight; Unable to close with the monstrosity the mutants' first task is to take out Moreau's heat shields; In a show of teamwork the combatants are able to take out Moreau's lava guns; In order to counter Moreau's ranged attack ability the mutants destroy the missile launchers used by the enraged Moreau; After almost being caught by surprise by Moreau's gas launchers a team is able to safely destroy them; the mutants are forced to deal with an attack poison inhalant and a lichen repair system; as Moreau starts to run Remy sends the fliers to track him as the combatants follow him to the top of the Citadel; as he reaches the top of the Citadel Moreau uses his minigun launchers to lay down suppressive fire on the first mutants to catch up to him, leading them to destroy the guns; spotting a pattern, a coordinated attack by a team of mutants leads to the destruction of Moreau's tactical computer; beating on the slowly diminishing monster a coordinated strike by the mutants is able to sever Moreau's tail; as they drive Moreau back the mutants turn their attention to his tentacles, tangling and eventually destroying them; frustrated by Moreau's armor the combatants devise a plan to shatter his armor and leave him vulnerable; in anger Moreau unleashes a blast of power that destroys the top 3 floors of the Citadel and lets him believe that he has killed the mutants before they step out of their hiding place ready to finish the battle; another team is able to breach his armor and then starts removing it, leaving him vulnerable; the various psis gather with a few others deal with Moreau's consciousness spread out in his whole body on the astral plane; finally the combatants are able to sever his head and electrocute it, thus ending the existence of Thomas Moreau; Chief Magistrate Anderson makes an announcement on the GDF frequency ordering all GDF forces to stand down immediately; After the fight Kyle and Marius have a talk about shapeshifting and growing new limbs; After the dust settles, Layla and Sarah find each other; Haller catches up to Jean after the battle, where Jean has unresolved issues with him over what happened at the Citadel.

Jun 4 - The Dawn of Liberation: Following the battle and medical attention, several members of the various X-teams meet with the remains of the Genoshan Leadership; a speech is broadcast on the GBC by Interim Speaker Okim Etunfunwa who talks about the lies that David Moreau and his brother told the people of Genosha, the heroes who helped saved Genosha from the tyranny, and that peace has come at last to Genosha; with people getting things sorted out at the hotel where the Genoshans have put everyone up, Adrienne realizes something is still missing, or rather, someone, Vanessa to be specific and she, North and Bishop find her in the city's prison. Amanda seeks out Angelo to give him the news about Rachel personally. Kyle and Dori discuss the events of Genosha and a few very important topics. Callie finds Wade after he's seen the healer and offers to help him with the fungus still growing in his lungs.

Jun 5 - Adrienne inadvertently gets a reading off North's gun highlighting his drug problem to her. Angel and Yvette catch up on the plane ride home and make plans for a water fight involving Vance after life returns to normal. Meggan visits Kurt and finds out about Rachel as the brother and sister mourn together. Wade and Sarah M. chat together on the plane ride back home. Marie-Ange checks on Doug on the plane.

Jun 6 - The Dawn of Liberation: The Professor makes an entry welcoming everyone back, and then explains how they'd explained away their disappearance. Vanessa finally gets some much needed sleep, but there's something different about her and Callisto's arrangement that evening. Meggan brings Korvus some food, then they just end up seeking comfort in closeness to one another. Angelo makes a journal entry simply stating that he is alive. Clarice makes a journal entry about maybe falling asleep in the bath and missing the first week of summer term. Angel tells Sooraya some bad news once they've returned home. Angelo and Amara spend time together at his apartment, where neither of them is anything like okay; later, after Amara has retreated back to John's room, Warren comes over and manages to get Angelo to talk a bit. Emma takes Adrienne home with her after the plane lands and provides some much-welcome safety and comfort. Jubilee texts Kurt to remind him that she owes him a dinner if he's up for it. Laurie makes a journal entry wherein she ponders how best to explain her disappearance. After staying with Korvus until the evening, Meggan — concerned about what happened on the astral plane—goes to see Doug. Wanda swings by the mansion to convince Jean to come out with her but the night doesn't get started the way either of them thinks it will.

Jun 7 - A catatonic North has a rough arrival back home, becoming increasingly drunk before taking a turn for the worse. Sarah V. makes a journal entry about her birthday and apologizing for what she may have done in Genosha. Terry makes a journal entry about missing a meeting with the home office. Vance finds Angel on the roof, and the two end up having a strangely serious conversation. Adrienne becomes concerned when David doesn't answer his door, and Kurt's help is enlisted. Kurt texts all X-Force personnel to let them know North is in the medlab. Adrienne texts Vanessa to let her know North is in the medlab after finding him under his coffee table when she went to check on him. Amanda reminds everyone that the Professor has already covered the explanation for their disappearance due to Genosha. Maddie texts Kyle to tell him he's her favourite Mutant Teen Wolf type and to ask a favour. Maddie anonymously gifts Sarah V. with the Humble Bundle V as part of her birthday gift. Megan posts a beautiful senior class picture that Angel helped take of her. Layla announces that she's going to kidnap Sarah V. for her birthday and that they'll be in contact, so don't panic. Vanessa makes a journal entry stating that X-Factor will be running by appointment only through to the end of next week. Sooraya checks on Yvette in the woods. Tabitha goes to Kurt for some late-night chatting and hot chocolate, and things turn awkward when Sam walks out wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxers.

Jun 8 - Scott texts Kurt to ask him to keep him posted on Sarah V. and Layla's whereabouts while they're outside. Jean-Paul stops by Jean's office at the mansion to say goodbye. Sarah V. e-mails Vanessa about varying her work schedule since returning from Genosha. Jean-Paul makes an X-Factor journal entry to tell them he's returning to France and isn't sure when he'll be coming back. Jean-Paul leaves Terry the keys to his apartment and a letter explaining his departure to her. Jean-Paul makes a general journal entry to tell everyone that he's heading back to France. Catseye comes across Yvette practicing her control over her changed powers and she offers the catgirl a new opportunity. Kyle makes a journal entry, advising people that he and Dori are going on a short vacation to Montana and California. Kurt and Jubilee go out for dinner and dancing, where Jubilee isn't as okay as she thinks she is, and where something tentatively begins. Terry stops by Doug's office after a day in the office with the 'feebs,' and both try their hardest to avoid certain things before Terry drops an unexpected twist on things. Amanda makes a journal entry telling everyone that her, Angelo, and Sooraya are heading to Muir on Sunday for about a week for personal reasons. Artie makes a journal entry to tell everyone he's going out for a few hours and won't do anything stupid. Artie's credit card is charged with rifle orientation, ammunition, and training expenses. Jean and Remy discuss what happened during the battle with Moreau. After school on Friday, Clarice goes shopping and then visits Angelo to make him feel better, but her cure-all of a facial doesn't work so well. While having trouble sleeping, Matt runs into Sarah V., who's also still not able to get a good night's rest since Genosha. North wakes up after his overdose. Jean attends to him.

Jun 9 - Angelo makes a journal entry telling everyone he's been let go from Elpis because of what happened in Genosha, all of which was beyond his control. Amara announces that she's made too many cupcakes and needs people to help take them away, including special ones for Cammie. Vanessa gets woken up by Laurie, who is very clearly not okay. Cammie comes to retrieve the poisoned cupcakes from Amara and gets a bit more than she bargained for. Meggan bumps into Sooraya on her way to visit Daisy, then they decide to feed the moose together. Yvette makes a journal post informing everyone she'll no longer be an RA due to having too many commitments, and that Sharon is their new RA. Sooraya makes a journal entry to tell people she'll be gone to Muir with Amanda and Angelo for a week or so. Kurt finds Angel having a slight brooding moment in the garden, however it doesn't last long. Layla cooks a mountain of Schnitzel and visits David in the medlab the day he wakes up from his coma. Unable to sleep, Tabitha wanders the mansion but did not expect to find anyone in the medlab. Clarice finds Scott in the sun room and they both have issues they need to get off their chest. Jean-Phillipe and Marie-Ange do take out after the events of Genosha and she is amused to see he has his wanted poster framed.

Jun 10 - North texts Doug asking for means to work from a hospital bed stat. On Sunday afternoon, Scott takes Matt to church, where he finds confession is only partially good for the soul. On their way to Muir, Angelo and Sooraya have a talk. Tandy Bowen wakes up after being in a coma in the hospital for five days. Adrienne and Garrison go golfing on Sunday afternoon, where crankiness and frustration ensue as usual. Doug comes by the medlab to pass David a little something to help him through his stay. Jean goes to see Charles and attempts to sooth his guilt over the events of Genosha.

Jun 11 - Jubilee posts about her love of meat before Cammie takes the conversation off into the realms of her shopping habits. Artie and Jubilee run into one another in Central Park and catch up with one another. Terry heads out to California for a break. After spending the night with Laurie Vanessa stops by the medlab to check on David. Kurt informs everyone that he and Cammie will be leaving the mansion for a few days and requests that no-one leaves the mansion without informing a member of staff. Garrison announces that as a result of losing to Adrienne he has thrown out the remainder of his clubs and a bottle of Martell Creation Grand Extra Cognac has been put in the drinks safe for her. Maddie asks Wade for a lift into the city so she can check on Doug. Cammie takes Kurt with her to do something she hasn't ever done, visit the grave of her first boyfriend, the one she accidentally killed years ago. Maddie barges into Doug's apartment and make plans to stay the night and cheer him up. Laurie spends time helping North after his overdose. Wanda comes by Marie-Ange and Amanda's to share ice cream with Marie-Ange and check in with her and Marie-Ange successfully makes tea and does not set the kitchen on fire.

Jun 12 - Matt takes Molly into the city (without permission or a chaperone), using the trip as cover for some other things. Meggan realizes Molly is missing from the mansion and e-mails Scott to alert him about the missing student. Scott manages to track Matt and Molly to a toy store in the city and asks Wade to swing by and pick them up. Wade asks Marie-Ange for help in picking up the wayward students. Having picked the kids up Wade texts Scott to let him know that Wanda was driving them back to the mansion. Angel comes across Lorna watching Disney movies in their suite and the two of them start chatting. Later Catseye finds Angel pouting in the kitchen and the two of them make summer plans. Wade and Maddie make plans to spring a surprise on Doug. Vanessa turns up at the mansion to spend another night with Laurie and runs into Garrison who is more morose than she expected. Artie and Korvus realize they need to move out and start packing. One slightly demented soldier reacts to another slightly demented soldier nearly killing himself by threatening to finish the job. Having made use of Marie-Ange's shower and bath products, Maddie begins to talk with her host. As a result, the world will never, ever be the same again. Laurie runs into Matt and apologises for blowing up at him on the journals.

Jun 13 - Scott and Warren meet up at Harry's and help one another get over some 'work' related issues. Adrienne leaves Vanessa a new coat with a bullet-proof lining. Lorna re-enters the kitchen to start cooking prompting a discussion on what does and does not count as food, including cockroaches. Father Michael Bowen stops by the charity shop where Adrienne is volunteering and asks her to go and check on his niece. Vanessa texts Adrienne a thank you for the new coat. Kurt helps Meggan experiment with her powers after she learns a new trick in Genosha. A ball-pit appears in Doug's apartment, hilarity ensues. Adrienne lets the staff know about a potential new student coming in to the mansion. Angelo asks Doug to keep the ballpit until he gets back from Muir Island. Layla questions Link's restoration of health and beds in inns on the journals leaving both Sarah and Nico exasperated. Vanessa posts a get well message to David. Jubilee asks Kurt to come watch movies on the journals revealing to everyone that they are dating. Remy drops in on a sleeping North. It seems that for his birthday this year, North gets to keep his job and possibly find a solution to his drug problem. Doug and Jubilee talk after Genosha.

Jun 14 - Scott posts a notice informing everyone that after a meeting with Prof Xavier Matt has been restricted to the mansion grounds for the immediate future, this however leads to a clash between Artie and Kurt. Matt and Korvus discuss Korvus taking over as RA, and make plans to hang out once Matt's punishment is over. Jubilee and Kurt spend some time in her apartment and a challenge is issued. After Strange unsuccessfully tries to gently wake Wanda, she talks about what their next steps will be in their search for Agatha, it's not what he expects. Layla finds a loitering Nico who decides to check up on her "protege" while she has the chance.

Jun 15 - Laurie posts to the journals about how scared she's always feeling now. Doreen e-mails Kurt asking him to not drive Artie away. Nico and Clarice make plans to go shopping. Wade asks if Laurie would like a Frenchilada. David and Sarah V. meet on the mansion grounds and talk about the stars and Star Wars. Layla stops by the medbay with food for David and they talk about what happened in Genosha, she then stops by the garage to replace her skateboard's wheels and ends up chatting to Scott when the conversation turns to singing beavers before he offers to give her a life to the city. Sarah e-mails Layla with plans to have a Star Wars marathon with David before she finds out that he's leaving. Adrienne arrives at the Bowen household and after clashing with Melissa decides to bring Tandy back to the mansion. Matt posts to the journals claiming his trip was worth the punishment leading Laurie to conclude that he hasn't learnt his lesson yet. Kurt posts an apology for his behavior with Artie and Clarice offers to help him get away. Tandy arrives at the mansion, gets a new nickname and tour by Layla. Eamon arrives at the mansion as a surprise for Laurie. Doreen complains that the TSA patted down her tail. Vanessa leaves Adrienne in her bed to go sleep in Callisto's; Adrienne tries to get to the bottom of Vanessa's sleeping habits, but is easily distracted. Before Artie moves out, Matt talks to him and they make plans to hang with Korvus later in the summer.

Jun 16 - Jessie arrives at the mansion and is greeted by Kurt and Sarah V. Jessie and Tandy post introductions to the journals. Carmilla texts Kurt complaining about people trying to get to know her. Laya e-mails Korvus asking him to help her replace the bracelet he gave her and he ends up agreeing to teach her to fight. Carmilla e-mails Layla about making excuses for her on the journals and the two get into an argument. Angel complains about her summer classes prompting sympathy from Clarice.

Jun 17 - Laurie posts to the journals revealing her happier mood. David and Kurt plan to visit Germany again. Kurt asks Clarice for help getting to Germany. A note is discovered on David's bed thanking Jean. David informs Remy and the rest of X-force that he will be taking a leave to go on holiday. Marius wakes up in the medbay and lets people know he's up again. Tabitha e-mails David to congratulate him on his escape. Sooraya asks Angel to spend a few nights in her room to help her get to sleep. Amanda posts that she's back from Muir. Lorna texts Wade to revive their plans for Taco Tuesday. Vanessa stops by Warren's office and the two get to talking about their relationship as Warren prepares a meal for her. Jubilee stops by to visit Remy in the office, looking for a little conversation. As always, it's a learning experience. Artie asks Doug to take him to the shooting range and things get ugly when Artie pushes Doug about how he's doing.

Jun 18 - Scott give Layla a singing beaver. Jubilee warns North about not harming Kurt. Angelo posts about being back and doesn’t know what to do now. Warren offers him an possible internship. Remy dispatches the troupes to start repairing the intelligence network. Professor X posts about Piotr Rasputin not yet returning from Russia. Sooraya posts about being back from Muir. Angel leaves Catseye a copy of Peter Rabbit outside her suite. Sooraya mails Lorna about helping out at the food stand on the Fair. Jean warns anyone who escapes the Medlab, will be the responsibility of Amelia. Jean angrily texts Scott about North escaping. Wanda posts about being around for a while and she and Jean agree to go drinking; drunk and angry about North, Jean bails up Remy at 2:00 a.m. and they argue. Dori and Kyle go on a date in L.A. compare their hands and feet to the famous, take pictures, eat pizza and talk over the food. Catseye thanks Angel and makes her a chocolate carrot cake.

Jun 19 - Dori posts about a crazy video from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Layla mails Scott about the beaver singing every time she moves and it driving Maddie crazy. Wade makes an announcement of it being Taco Tuesday. Maddie threatens Layla with her singing beaver. Molly texts Angelo to ask if he is coming for the tacos. Korvus gets his hands on the Blackbird for the first time while under Scott's supervision and asks to join the X-Men. Angel emails Yvette and Sooraya to ask if they are coming to Taco Tuesday. Sooraya emails Angelo about blowing up at Elpis and that she is working from the mansion for now. Scott announces Korvus has become a trainee. Jessie asks for someone to drive her into the city. Wade steals Cammie’s class rings to get her to come to Taco Tuesday. Cammie texts Wade about him returning her class ring immediately. Angel texts Lorna about the tacocopters being awesome. Marie-Ange texts Wade about him returning what he took from Cammie. Vanessa and Jessie mail about her going to work at X-Factor. Remy mails Wade about never invading X-Force living space again, otherwise he gets his hands broken. As per their agreement during Genosha, David and Kurt abscond to Bavaria where they take advantage of Stefan's hospitality and crash the Rom camp with what seems like a crate of beer.

Jun 20 - Kurt asks Wade to leave Cammie alone. Layla texts Scott and Sarah V. about going out. Laurie and Scott make plans about having a schoolwide dinner. Sooraya visits Amara and gives her a few scarves. Sarah V. visits her twin after reading her latest journal post, having somewhat of a breakdown as everything catches up with her, and Jess is a great sister as she helps her twin get through it. A Kind of Magic: A chance encounter and a small kindness from Wanda changes Billy's life forever.

Jun 21 - Amara emails Laurie, Sarah V., Callie and Yvette about how they are doing. Laurie emails Scott and Lorna about sitdown dinner plans. Cammie posts a cartoon that resembles the office the last few days. Hope Abbott manifests her astral projection powers. Maddie posts about watching a movie with the other natural redheads.

Jun 22 - Sarah V. posts about dreaming of her, Layla and Maddie being Powerpuff Girls. Artie and Sooraya talk in the kitchen. North calls Wanda on her scheming to keep him busy and away from drugs.

Jun 23 Scott emails Adrienne and North about Layla’s powers. Warren mails Lorna about a favor. Jean posts about Tandy being admitted to the Medlab. After Kyle gets home from Montana and then Cali, Laurie tacklehugs him, and then they discuss stuff. Dori posts about her and Kyle being home and having presents and when Meggan goes to collect hers, plans are made for a trip to an amusement park so Meggan can experiences rollercoasters. Adrienne texts Vanessa about going t-shirt shopping. Scott stops by Adrienne's suite bearing gifts and they talk over a game of chess.

Jun 24 - Jubilee goes to see Kurt, and to find out whether he really understands what being with someone who does the job she does means. Wade posts about there being a repeat of Taco Tuesday this Sunday. Maddie texts Layla and Sarah V. about going to Gay Pride and gets in a discussion with Layla. Adrienne leaves a T-shirt on Tandy’s door. Tandy texts, asking Adrienne if she left the T-shirt there. Wade compliments Lorna on a repeat of the tacocopter spectacle. Scott manages to get Jean to take a break from medlab.

June 25 - Layla and Korvus meet so he can give her a massage. When Layla returns to her room, Sarah is rather confused by the entire thing. Jubilee posts a strange journal entry saying that it's not the mutation that's important, but how the mutant uses it. Adrienne posts about the White Sox and baseball. Kurt texts Jubilee to say he's thought about what they talked about, and he chooses her. Newly manifested mutant Hope Abbott arrives to the mansion and, upon meeting Matt, is confused and bewildered to learn that she is at a boarding school. She later meets with Professor Xavier, who explains that her mutation can not be cured because it is not an illness. She then meets Tandy, and is confused by her suitemate's mutation. Sarah V. emails Adrienne about getting a wig. Wade grades Cammie's fight night - and isn't exactly generous about it. Amara texts Yvette and Callie, concerned because neither of them replied to the email she'd previously sent. Kyle posts in disbelief over the current Tigers game, and an intense conversation ensues.

Jun 26 - Tandy texts Layla about arranging a movie night for the mansion's resident girls. Angel, sleeping in Sooraya's room to comfort her, has a nightmare of her own and roles are reversed.

Jun 27 - Adrienne emails Garrison about fantasy baseball and trading. Jessie posts about how the fridge messes with human behavior by being full and organized all the time. Wanda makes Remy a (non-poisonous) dinner, and they catch up. Hope A., still getting acquainted with the mansion, meets Kurt. Jubilee goes to visit Kurt after getting his answer - they don't talk quite as much this time.

Jun 28 - Wade leaves a bottle of Ron de Jeremy Rum for Doug, along with a note reminding him how "dangerous" the Internet is. Doug, in return, leaves a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka for Wade, and note that reads, "Dan Akroyd>Ron Jeremy." Clarice posts to her journal saying a kid asked her if she ate the "Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Marie-Ange checks upon North after he is released from the infirmary.

Jun 29 - After Hope A. has her second projection, she can't figure out how to get back into her body, and Haller helps her. Tandy posts in her journal about a new mmo that will be released soon, then posts a little later asking of any of the female students and recent graduates would like to have a movie night. Charles and Angelo meet to discuss Angelo's release from Elpis, and Charles offers Angelo a new opportunity. Vanessa brings North a belated birthday present. Wanda and Adrienne get a little drunk, and decide tennis is a good idea. Amara posts, worried, asking if anyone has heard from Callie recently. Sarah V. packs up the rest of her belongings - more than she had anticipated - with the help of her former roommate Megan, talking about summer plans and family as they do so. Sooraya and Korvus talk about forgiveness and guilt.

Jun 30 - Laurie and Yvette discuss how they've been doing since Genosha. Amanda runs into Kurt as he's on his way into the brownstone to see Jubilee, and a discussion about Kurt's social life ensues.


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